Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The people I love...

It's Offical

As of July 26th 2010 Austin is offically a SWARTZENTRUBER!! Jesse offically adopted Austin. Nothing has changed other than the fact that Austin has a huge last name to spell/write, because Jesse and his whole family have always considered Austin their own. Now it is just offical!

Kisses for Mamaw...

Bodie gives some big kisses!! Kisses for Mamaw Wise:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look at Me....

Look at Bodie Kale! He pulls himself up on everything, and is always on the go... We are enjoying every minute of it though.

Bodie dr appt

On Monday, we took Bodie for his 9 month checkup. I can't believe how fast he is growing up... Everything looked great though. He weighed in at 21 lbs 15 ounces!! They had to do a finger prick to run test, and my brave little man never cried a tear. They poked him and squeezed out all the blood they needed as he sat so still and watched. We were all a little suprised at how calm he was!

At 9 months old he is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up to a stand while holding on to things, learning to eat better while using his fingers to put those yummy snacks in his mouth, trying the sippy cup with water or juice (don't really like it), getting ahold of all his brother and sister's toys!! He is something else:)

Visit from...

The kids were so excited on Monday cause grandma Wise came to visit and spend a few days!! They had so much fun playing outside, playing the Wii, and all the other stuff that they did. When it came time for her to leave on Wednesday, the kids were begging her to stay longer. She got to spend lots of time with us, and went to watch Hailee do gymnastics!! I think we have talked her into coming back for a few days next week:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Beautiful Children!

We are very proud of our children, and just think they are so beautiful!! Don't you!!

Hailee Brooke
Austin Michael

Bodie Kale

Our kids

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 4th of July Weekend

Our weekend was mostly spent poolside soaking up the nice sun!! The kids have really been enjoying the pool this weekend, and even invited the neighbor boys over to swim with them. It was such a good weekend to relax by the pool!!

On Sunday night we headed to the park where we sat and watched the fireworks. I was a little nervous that Bodie wouldn't like the loud booming noise but the look on his sweet face just melted my heart. As soon as he saw them he was full of smiles and stares. It was so cute!! We sat with our neighbor Shae and her two boys. The boys, and Hailee were hyper!! Ha ha.

Our Monday was a pretty good family clean up day. First we had went to the Abeka display to order our homeschool books for Austin's 5th grade year and Hailee's K5 year. Then it was off to the gas station where the kids got to go in and pick out candy and a drink. Hailee got a Cherry Slushie, and Austin got a Cherry Mt. Dew. They love these drinks.... Then we headed home and we cleaned the garage and mini barn before jumping in the pool!! After that Hailee and I made some yummy zucchini cake which smelled SO good while baking! It was such a good day!!

And now it is Tuesday and back to work for Jesse. He will be on call this week so it is me and the kiddos to do the errands and so forth. Hope you all have a great week!!