Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bill & Cindy Swartzentruber

This post is dedicated to Bill and Cindy Swartzentruber! We want to say Happy Anniversary to the both of you! If I am correct in looking at the Swartzentruber calander~ you two are celebrating 35 wonderful years. They were married on June 1st, 1974. Congrats, and I know there will be many more years to come. You are wonderful parents, In~laws, and grandparents, we wouldn't trade you for anything!! Happy Anniversary!!

We love you both bunches!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

An enjoyable day

After all the games, we did find some time to be outside hanging out and working more on getting the pool ready to set. Jesse has been working hard on it, and I think it is ready for some sand and then to be set up. I am hoping over next weekend it will be done, we will see though.
Here are a few pics that I got of the kids.

Hailee loves to swing on her swingset!
Looks like I could be in trouble. Both are ready with water guns...

Austin is trying to help Jesse stomp the dirt

And Hailee, well she likes to think she is helping. Most of the time she is acting goofy though.

Trophy Girl

Just like most Saturday mornings, we headed to the soccer field. Austin had a game at 10A, and his game ended in a tie 2-2. The kids were a little mad that it was left in a tie, but hey we'll take it. We have only lost one game this season so I think we have done an AWESOME job!
Hailee had a game at 1p. She did a great job. She got out on the field and even got to touch the ball with her feet and ran with her team. Jesse, Austin, and I were so PROUD of her. This was her last game, so at the end of the game they got their trophies. This is what Hailee has waited for all season, seriously. She wants trophies like her brother and her daddy. When she got her trophy, she had the biggest grin on her face. It was priceless!! Here is my little girl with her 1st offical team trophy!!
And of course~ here is a picture of her soccer team! Her coaches were so good with children, and it was nice getting to know them!
After we left, we treated Hailee and Austin to ice cream at the Inside Scoop before heading home. Once we got home, Hailee got a washcloth and starting cleaning her trophy (has to look shiny) then sat it beside her bed. Every time she walks in her room, she kisses her trophy!!

Happy Birthday Papaw Hollis

Happy Birthday Papaw!!

We want to wish my papaw Hollis (Roy) a very Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great one:) We are sending hugs and kisses your way!! Love you bunches papaw!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Me and the kids
Me and my cake
Jesse suprised me with a cake~ a groovy one at that:)

Today was my 28th birthday, and yeah I am feeling older. The kids were really good today, and got along rather well:) I think they were trying to impress me and I did notice~ not alot of fighting today. Jesse had to be at work at 4 this morning so I treated myself by sleeping in. I usually get up at 6 every morning to fix him breakfast, so it was nice to sleep. The kids and I enjoyed our day at home just spending time together and they helped me clean the house. When Jesse arrived home, he came in carrying a Dairy Queen cake~ such a nice suprise. The kids could hardly wait til supper so they could dig into the ice cream cake!! So after supper that is exactly what we did. The kids both took their turns blowing out the candles:) Then we dug in!! Oh and did I mention that my gift is a pedicure!! Oh yeah, it is getting to where it is hard to paint my toes with my preggo belly so I am looking forward to that. I told Hailee she could go get one with me since Daddy is buying, so I am thinking we will make it a girls treat on daddy!! Sounds fun :)
I feel truely blessed today with all the birthday wishes from everyone! Thank you all so very much. I am so happy to have each and every one of you in my life. I have an amazing husband, and two (soon to be three) wonderful children. I am so thankful!!
I also want to take time in remembering that today would of been Papaw Pete Swartzentruber's birthday. He is thought of often and greatly missed.
Born 5/29/1927~ 9/15/06

Thank you

I just want to post a quick blog to say thank you all for the birthday wishes. I have recieved so many emails, cards, and facebook messages with birthday wishes. I really feel blessed to have an amazing family, and awesome friends. Thank you all for making my birthday so special. I will post more later!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not to much has been going on around here, other than the usual. I am still fighting allergies and let me tell ya it is awful. I can't breathe, constantly sneezing, and my head aches... Hopefully I will get to feeling better soon.
Things have been getting better with Austin and his new sleep routine. He has argued about this new rule, but hasn't been unbearable. He shuts his tv off at 9:45 ish and the last few nights has been asleep when I go check on him at 10:30. Also this morning he even got up on his own at 7ish. I really hope he keeps up the amazing progress. I am super proud of him. Hailee has been exhausted the last few nights and has been asleep by 9, which is really nice. Now I just need to get her to her room!
On Wednesday, we had soccer practice. I have so enjoyed my team this year and have learned so much from them. I have a great group of kids. They practiced hard~ so I rewarded them with POPSCICLES after practice. It was hot so these really hit the spot. We have two games left!!
Okay so many have asked if we have decided on a baby name. The answer is NO. I am really hoping the right name will come to us. I have a short list on my fridge but I am thinking if one of those was the right name we would know it, so Jesse the kids and I are still searching for a name.
The pregnancy is going good! I am popping out there with the baby belly.... These last few weeks, I have really gotten to feel our baby boy kick and move around. It is the neatest feeling. I just love lying in bed with my hand on my belly and my son kicking it!! We all can't wait to meet him! He has an amazing daddy, an awesome brother, and beautiful protective sissy that are all ready for him to enter this world when the time is right.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breaking bad habbits

Since Austin was real little, he has always slept with a tv on. It is like his comfort thing. Well lately I have noticed that he is still watching tv at 11:30 or later~ then he wants to sleep until 11am. I am trying to break this habbit, and let me tell ya it is soo hard... I never started this with Hailee, however I need to work on breaking her from my bed... She will go to sleep within 3 minutes of turning of the tv as long as Jesse or I are laying with her. Usually in my bed. So last night I made Austin shut the TV off at 10, and it was awful... REALLY! He fell asleep by 11:15p but he wasn't pleasant or quiet about this new rule. I let him watch it til 10 just because Wrestling was on so I gave him an hour to watch it then told him he could finish the rest tomorrow since it is DVR'd.
Does anyone else have this problem, or have any advice to make this process a little easier?

Memorial Day Weekend...

Let me start with Saturday~ Cindy drove up to pick up the kids for the weekend. Austin and Hailee were super excited to be going to mamaw Cindy's and papaw Hillbilly's house to spend time with them and their cousins Hayden and Colin. So after they left, I spent the day with Jesse getting a few things accomplished around the house. Of course he was on call, so we had to stay close to the house. We did start bringing in some stuff for the baby. We got the dresser in and I got some clothes washed. Now I just need to pick out paint before we bring the crib in. That is my job sometime this week. I am looking for a chocolate color so hopefully I will find what I am looking for. For supper~ we took Shae (my neighbor and good friend) out to eat Mexican. She had watched all our animals-the dog while on vacation so I wanted to do a little something for her! It was really good food~ and Jesse actually got to eat his full meal before getting called into work.
On Sunday~ I woke up sneezing and can't breathe!! ALLERGIES, YUCK!! It was pretty quiet around the house. We worked outside on leveling the ground for the pool, mowing the yard, and all that good stuff.
On Monday~ Bill and Cindy called and asked us to meet them at Chili's so we went for lunch with them. I missed the kids so much and it was nice to get them back home, even if they were a little grouchy.

Hayden looks so tired, waiting on her food at Chili's. Colin and Papaw are in the background.
Austin was taking a picture and Hailee grabbed my neck so I would be in the pic with her.

My little RIB eater. Austin loves RIBS, and can eat a full rack:) Of course it takes a million wash clothes to get him cleaned up but he loves em!!

After Chili's we headed back to our house, where the kids enjoyed playing for a little while. Here are some pics of them playing.

I know they all had fun, and it was a good weekend for them to be together and play. It doesn't happen enough for them and they never have enough time to play. We have heard stories about fishing, catching turtles, bedtime, and lots more!
Austin's turtles passed away and I burried them. So while at Papaw and Mamaw's he caught two tiny red eared turtles. We named Fisher, and Barry. So we welcome two new little turtles to our household. :) Lucky me, right...
My handsome little man is growing up so fast. Hard to believe he is 9.

My little princess Hailee:) She is such a cutie!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learning Early

Thursday, Hailee and I had hair appt. uptown at Studio One. We love to get our hair done, who doesn't? I went first and she foiled my hair for highlights, which I so needed. Then Hailee climbs up in the chair like a big girl. She LOVES to get her hair cut and styled. I am telling you she grins the whole time. Of course the hair dresser just get a kick out of her!! Her daddy is going to have his hands full and will be paying for all of Hailee's many addictions. (Hair, nails, clothing, and SHOES!!) I know he don't mind though :)
Today has been a busy day too. The kids and I went to Walmart for our biweekly trip. We had to get groceries cause the cabniets were bare. Of course Austin and Hailee had allowance money and they wanted to spend it. Hailee got another baby doll~ one that goes in the water. Austin got some Star War figures. After that trip we headed home to get started on cleaning the house. Of course no one wanted to help me cause they were tired from the trip to WalMart. Ha ha...
Jesse got home around 345p but was called out at 415 due to a plane crash in Martinsville. Yeah I said a plane crash~ not sure on all the details but Jesse said it clipped some electrical lines and the plane landed on top of some cars in a used car lot. I guess there was fuel running in the road. Sounded like a mess. Anyways it is about 10p and he is still out working~ he said it will be a long night. I think he took some pics with his phone so I will have to download them tomorrow and try to post them.
We had team pics tonight at 720. I hope they turn out good!! Not to much planned this weekend, due to Jesse being on call. Will probably just hang out around the house! Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and be Safe!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda

Today is my Aunt Linda Stites Birthday, and we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous one :) The Swartzentruber's send hugs your way!

Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A very sad little boy

We have had a very sad night.... Austin found his two turtles in the aquarium dead. His heart is broken and he doesn't understand why they died. I had to sit him down and have the discussion with him concerning why animals/people die sometimes. Let me tell ya, Austin is a big animal lover and is crushed when he looses an animal. So he is very upset tonight. I told him we would have a funeral for them tomorrow.. We will be putting Freely and Franklin to rest in the back yard. Be thinking of my little man...

Monday, May 18, 2009

A busy week ahead...

We have a super busy week this week, but I am not complaining cause it is such a blessing to watch my kids do things that they love. Today Jesse started his on call week, so he has to carry his pager everywhere~ drive seperate in the Duke truck~ and leave when he gets a call. This pretty much means the kids and I are on our own and he will help when he can. Tonight he met us at the soccer field for Austin's game. Here are some pics in the car before the game.

Hailee is such a princess. She is always saying CHEESE, take a picture of that mommy!!
Jesse~ waiting in the car with us before the game.
I have to say I am so proud of my team. As of now we are undefeated!! Yay!! Tonight we played an awesome game. The score was 4-3. Austin had another amazing night. He tied the game with a goal and then in the last quarter scored the winning goal. Way to Go Austin!! I love watching him score goals and throwing his hands up in a V~ like Victory!!
Austin getting warmed up before the game!!

A picture of Hailee and Austin after the game. So darn cute!! Hailee is so proud of her bubby and is his biggest fan!
Tomorrow we have pictures for Hailee's soccer, then Austin has another game. Sounds like tomorrow will be another busy day, but I LOVE IT!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Our day started out with Jesse leaving for work at 5 am, due to the rain and storms~ a few were out of power. He got home around 9 and we were all getting ready for soccer. Austin had his game at 10 A. The field was a little muddy, but we played in the mud and all. The game was awesome, the other team did a great job and kept our kids on their toes. Austin shot the goal that tied us, and also shot the winning goal. He did amazing, and I am so proud of my little soccer player. Mamaw Cindy and Papaw Bill even showed up at the end!!
Hailee had a game at 1, so we headed back to the soccer field for her game. She plays pee wee so the first half of the game is practice. Austin got out there with her and really got her involved. She had fun kicking the ball and making some goals. Next thing we knew it was game time. I absolutely love watching this age group, they are too cute. Hailee decided she would set out the first quarter, but did go in the second quarter. She even kicked the ball a few times. Then she was done for awhile until.... mamaw Cindy bribed her by telling her that if she would go back out there and play when they got done she would take her to WalMart and get her a BOY baby doll. Yeah that worked, Hailee was ready to play a little longer. The funny part was that as soon as she came off the field and the game wasn't even over yet she looked at mamaw and said okay lets go get the baby now. Ha ha. Things that we do to get our kids involved. So after the game we headed to WalMart. Austin got a few Star War figures and Hailee found a baby BOY doll that actually wets his diaper. It is really cute.
After mamaw and papaw left, the kids went out to play and I got started marking some yard sale stuff. A pretty good Saturday at the soccer field!! That is all for now!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Names....

Since we found out that we are having a little boy, Jesse and I are on a name search. The result is~ well we have a list of possibilities. Ha ha. All the names that I love, he doesn't like. For instance I love the name Preston, and he said NO WAY. I was hoping that we could decide on a name that way while I am talking to my baby in my belly I could use his name. Hailee recommends that we use the name Dunston. Okay so that comes from the movie Dunston Checks In and Dunston is the monkey. Yeah that isn't happening. I laid in bed the other night naming off some boy names and she would yell NO, I don't like that name. Austin has his own list going. Who knows, but hopefully we will come up with a name for this little guy soon.
Sheena Wagler (my dear friend) has been hounding me for a pic of my baby bump. So this is for you!!

What a night...

Yesterday, it rainned here like all day. Jesse has been digging out our back yard trying to make level ground for our pool that will hopefully go up soon. With all that rain, Hailee looks out into the back yard and says " My silly daddy, he made up a pond mom" so cute. Jesse got home and got a few things done before running up town to get some MILK. I am always running out of milk. When we got back we sat down to eat supper and well the phone rang. Jesse went to work and worked for about 2 hours. When he got home it really started storming. Austin and Hailee had lanterns ready and were in my room, preparing for the storm and our power to go out. Ha ha. Just always seems like it does go out. Finally around 9, Austin went and crawled in his bed with Zeke (his dog). Around 10 the rest of us went to bed. I think we got to sleep til about 1 before the phone rang and Jesse had to go back in to work. He worked all night, so we are hoping that he will get to be home at 3:30. When he is out working in those storms, I just don't sleep very well. I am a worry wart and he has a scary job. I am thankful that he is able to help restore power for all the families out there without power, though.
Today, there is much on the agenda. Austin is enjoying his summer break even though it isn't going to last very long because I want him to start 4th grade a little early due to having a baby in September and all that. Hailee has been enjoying playing with her babies, dress up, and all the stuff little girls love to do. I am hoping to clean the house and do all that daily stuff. Hailee is suppose to have a soccer game so I am waiting to hear on that. Well better go for now. Talk soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Private Blog

I recently switched my blog to private due to some personal reasons. There have been several people mention to my mom that they follow my blog. I have opened it back up long enough for those of you who want to follow my blog to send me your email addresses. If you already have recieved an invite and have logged in to see my blog I don't need your email address again. Just the ones that want to follow it and haven't been able to. I will switch back to private by Monday. If you don't want to leave your email address on here then email me at . Thanks bunches.

Cascades Park/ Sprinkler fun

The kids and I enjoyed our Tuesday at the Cascades Park in Bloomington. We met our friends from our homeschool group there and enjoyed a picnic lunch and several hours of play time. Here are a few pics of the kids enjoying the day!

It was really a nice warm day yesterday. When we got home, we relaxed for an hour until Jesse got home. When he got home Hailee talked him into hooking up the sprinkler so they could run through it. Of course the neighbor boys had to come an join, but they all had fun!
Austin is offically finished with 3rd grade. YAY! He is taking a small break and then we are going to start back up with 4th grade. He is very proud to accomplish another year of school. I have to say Jesse and I are super proud of him and his grades. We can tell a huge difference in him. Keep up the good work Austin, we love you.
When I start Austin up, I am also going to start Hailee in 4 year old preschool stuff. I am ordering a kit for her to so hopefully we will love it. Hailee is one that wants to do school everyday. She loves to write, color, sing ABC's, pretend read. Hopefully she will really get into it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's A Boy!

Today we went for our ultrasound to find out if we will be having a boy or girl. At first the baby wasn't cooperative, but toward the end decided to let us find out. We are very excited to announce that we are expecting a boy!!
So when the Ultrasound tech said it's a boy, my precious Hailee started crying. She then stated I don't want a boy I want a SISTER... Oh my! I am hoping that since we have a few months that we can open her mind into having a brother. We will see.
Everything looked great at the dr. and I go back on June 8th!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A wonderful Mother's Day

After working outside most of the day~ the kids, Jesse and I came in and got ready so we could head to the Texas Roadhouse. This was Austin's idea and his fav. place to eat. Here is a picture before we left. Of course Zeke had to be in the pic with us.

The food was really yummy! I know we all stuffed ourselves and was ready to get home and stretch out. Ha ha. I have to say the simplest things in life put a smile on my face. I love to sit back and watch my kids play together. This evening I looked out the back door and the kids were outside with Jesse. All I could see was Austin carrying Hailee across the backyard in her undies just so she didn't have to walk and could be out there with her dad and brother. They can just be super sweet sometimes. I am so lucky to be blessed with this wonderful family that I call my family!!

The Start of My Mother's Day

What a beautiful day it is today! This morning I woke up to Jesse standing over me in bed holding a plate of breakfast and a glass of sweet tea. I just love my husband, how thoughtful and sweet. He got up and made some cherry turnovers and fried some yummy bacon. Thank you honey for being so sweet. A little later I recieved my Mother's Day card from Austin and Hailee. It was a handmade one and I will treasure it. One the inside it said, We are taking you for dinner at Texas Roadhouse! I also recieved a new Chi flat iron because over vacation mine started smoking so Jesse got me a new one. I love it. I am just enjoying the day around the house. I mowed the front yard while Jesse is working on the tree's in the back and the kids have been playing so good. Such a beautiful day. I will post more later with pics.
Until then GET OUT AND ENJOY YOUR MOTHER'S DAY!! Love to all!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Jesse and I are blessed with two very special mother's. They both mean the world to us, and are there for us always. We feel so lucky to have these two great people in our lives, and our children's lives. So on this day we want to say Thank You for just being yourselves, and we love you so very much. Happy Mother's Day MOM's:)

Leon and Vicki (my mom and dad)
Bill and Cindy (Jesse's parents)

We hope all the mom's out there have a very special Mother's Day!

Soccer/ Projects

To start off our day today, we all headed to the soccer field. Austin had a game at 11 am today. I just have to say I am so proud of my team, they do an awesome job playing together and working as a team. The final score was 9-4! Our team winning, yay! Austin had 3 goals and was pumped up after his first one!! Here is a few pics of my team, Go Gold!!

Our team enjoying a snack after a great game!!
Sammy, Peyton, Austin and Hailee after the game
After that game, we went up town to grab some lunch at Wendy's. I think everyone was thinking like us cause that place was packed... We ran home for a minute then headed back to the soccer field for Hailee's game. This is her first year and she is trying to get the feel for being around other kids her age and playing soccer. She always wants her daddy to stand out there with her, and with it being only peewee he can do that. It is so funny cause at home she is so different, a go getter and there she is so shy. We are hoping she comes out of it, cause she loves to play soccer at home and with her brother.

Hailee getting ready!

She has to make sure I am watching and taking pics!

When the game starts though she is usually hanging close to her dad. He tries to tell her to go out there and have fun, but she isn't going without him!
After her game, it was home to get started on our weekend projects... Trust me nothing can be easy. Our project is getting things ready to set our pool. As you can see we have cut down trees, moved a wooden swing set, and well today we are trimming more trees. Jesse has me a nervous wreck just watching him.. Here is why:
Jesse on top of the mini barn cutting down some large branches.

All the branches that he has cut down..
Hopefully after the branches are done and moved out we will start trying to level for our pool!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My kids

Everyday I feel that I learn something new about my kids. Where to begin... I will start with Austin. Austin is one that can talk forever about absolutely nothing. On the way home from FL I honestly think he talked the whole time from FL til Indiana before falling asleep. About what? Well mostly animals. He is so funny, he will ask you something and then argue with your answer. He loves animals and loves to talk about them. I have learned that he is also a worry wart when it comes to animals also. I am thinking he may be a vet or a scientist when he grows up.
Hailee, well I have learned is very jealous. Last night Austin went to give me a good night kiss and hug. She waited til he was done then gave him that evil look as she said mommy hold me and kiss me. It was very cute but I don't want her to feel jealous cause they are both my precious children and there is so much love for them both. I also learned how much Hailee loves clothes. Jesse says he will go broke for Hailee's addiction to clothing. She is always wanting to try on her dresses and loves to get new clothes.
I feel very blessed to have two terrific kids, and one on the way. I also am very blessed to be able to spend everyday with them. They are my life and they put a smile on my face daily. I love it.
On another note, we go on Monday to get an ultrasound to find out if we will be having a little girl or a little boy. Alot of people have told me their thoughts on what we will be having, and well we are split here. We will see and share with you all soon.
Thank you God for giving me all these wonderful people.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The project around the Swartentruber house for May is getting up our swimming pool. Now most would think this would be easy, but oh we can't have anything easy... The first thing was to cut down this huge tree~ Jesse accomplished it but scared us all to death. The second thing was looking at the back yard and making a plan~ Jesse and I accomplished that. Third, moving the swing set... which lead into the swing set being in 3 pieces~ Jesse accomplished this. Here are a few pictures.

Next on our list is to trim some branches from some tree's. This is suppose to happen over the weekend~ weather permitting. Then it will be time to set the pool. That is going to take some work cause we have NO LEVEL ground. Of course we don't so we will see what happens. I really hope that we accomplish this soon!!
Other than that not to much going on. Hailee and Austin have enjoyed playing outside and the weather has been beautiful, until today. Rainy... YUCK. Hope you are all having a great week!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Field Trip/ Getting back in the groove...

It was hard this morning to get back into the groove of things after being on vacation all week. I got up and fixed Jesse breakfast and packed his lunch, then headed back to bed to sleep another hour or hour and a half. When I got up, I went in the bathroom and found a sweet little note that simply said I love you from Jesse on my mirror. That really set the day, I love his little notes and am excited when I get one cause they are rare.
Austin had to start back up on his schooling today and it was hard for him to stay focused. He did get it all in though, so I am thankful for that. At 2 P we had a field trip planned with our homeschool group to go to Cikana State Fishery in Martinsville. It was really neat to see how things are done, and was educational for the kids. Here are a few pics I took while there.

Austin and Hailee
Enjoying their snacks~ goldfish and gummy worms. How creative huh!! Thanks Kristal for a wonderful field trip.

The group at the fishery

Walking to the ponds.

Austin was really focused on what was going on. He was full of great questions!

Jesse pulled in right after we arrived home. The kids were excited to see him. Now he is out working on putting the swingset back together. Hopefully that will be done tonight, I know that is his goal. Well I am off to fix supper and enjoy some time with the kids.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nice Sunday!

What a nice Sunday it has been! Jesse, the kids, and I took a drive through some car lots today just looking. Didn't really find to much that I liked, but hopefully something will catch my eye. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at Hardee's before heading home. When we got home we headed to the back yard to do some measuring to figure out where we will be putting our pool this year. So all this lead into Jesse taking the swing set apart and moving it. He is still out there working on it but it is in 3 pieces. We have it figured out though so now he is putting it back together. I think next weekend is going to be spent trimming up some huge trees then possible setting up the pool or at least getting it all ready. The kids are so ready and Hailee asks daily if she can wear her swimsuit and floaties. This summer should be fun!!
Tomorrow we will be hitting the books again with Austin. Also we have a planned field trip with our group to the fisheries at 2.
Well I better get off here I laid some steaks out to marinate and need to get them on the grill!! YUM:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Start of the Weekend

Things have been kind of busy since returning home from FL. Friday, we had to run to Bloomington to get Jesse's blood pressure checked for his CDL physical. He went on Thursday and it was a little high so he had to go back in on Friday to see if it lowered. Great news~ it did... He had me a little worried, so now I am relieved. While in Bloomington, we went to the Pet Store to look for a floating log for our turtles. We ended up finding one and it is working great! Then we enjoyed some lunch at FAZOLI'S!! YUM~ I have been having a craving for some good fazoli's breadsticks. Here are a few pics of the kids in the car. Hailee is wearing her new shirt she got from FL. She is pretty proud of it.

Austin with his headphones on. They were watching a movie!! That DVD player is a lifesaver at times.
Our soccer games were cancelled for today... BOO. That was a bummer, but we did enjoy the day at home. We grilled out for lunch, then Jesse mowed the yard, while the kids played outside. Then we took Zeke to the groomers for a full treatment. I have to say I really think he enjoyed it, and well I did too. I always dread giving him a bath so it was nice to drop him off and pick him up a few hours later CLEAN! Here is a picture of our dog Zeke.

When he returned home he acted like a new dog. He must of felt pretty good. I think I will def. be taking him back to the groomer's monthly.
For supper we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and just hung out around the house. I need to do a little bit of cleaning but I will do that tomorrow.
So far it has been a pretty good weekend at home with the people I love.