Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Off to a Slow start...

Hello to All! Well there really isn't to much going on here at the Swartzentruber household. Although I feel like this month is going to be packed with lots to do... This week all the school kids are on Spring Break up here. With me homeschooling Austin, I decided that we were not taking a spring break and let me tell ya all the kids don't think that is fair. Oh well~ The way I figure it is Austin will be done with 3rd grade at the end of April or early May. Yay! Then I am letting him have 2 months off and we will start 4th grade a little bit early. I am doing it this way due to we will be having a baby at the end of September and will need a little bit of a break.

Yesterday, we didn't do to much other than schooling. We did make a trip to WalMart for groceries... dread that trip. Then everyone had baths and ready for bed around 8. Okay so no one went to bed at that time, but it was nice that it was done. Jesse and I laid in bed and watched some Monday night shows like Two and a half Men, Rules of Engagement, How I Met your mother, and CSI. It doesn't happen to often that we can lay and watch all those shows, so it was really nice. At 9, Austin was in the living room watching wrestling (Monday Night Raw). He is a faithful fan and DVR's to watch it over and over. Hailee was back and fourthd between rooms. She would go in the living room long enough to pester Austin then run back to our room. She only lasted til about 930 or 10 then she crashed.

Things are good! This weekend we have a trip to Odon planned to visit with my mom and dad, and then Jesse's mom and dad. We are doing our Easter with them this weekend. Just feels like our next few weekends are all planned out. The weekend of the 11th, we have our first soccer game and then Sunday is Easter. The weekend after that the 18th, Jesse is on Call with work so we have to stay here and then we have a soccer game. Then the next weekend, the 25th we will be arriving at Panama City Beach, FL. Yay. Feels like we are going to be super busy with running and getting stuff ready!! But we are looking forward to it all :)

Oh one last thing I want to share. As I am sitting here at the computer desk, I look down and see a bunch of names written on a paper. As I read them I figure out that they are possible baby names. Let me tell you, it is Jesse's handwritting. It melts my heart that he has been researching possible baby names. What a great dad!! I haven't really even thought about names to much. I have still been nauseated all the time. I am starting to pooch out, and sometimes I think I feel like flutter movements. Hummm... We are all very excited. While at WalMart yesterday there was a lady holding a baby. Jesse was pushing Hailee in the cart while I was walking with Austin behind them. Hailee looks at her dad and says lets just take that baby home dad, I think it is a baby sister.. We started to laugh, she is so cute at the things she says. She is determined that she is getting a baby sister and will have no talk of a boy. That makes Austin made cause he wants it to be a brother. Guess only time will tell!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night

I just got home from a wonderful evening out with my amazing husband. Jesse and I went to Greenwood this afternoon to celebrate his birthday and for just a little get away. We ate at Joes Crab Shack, we love the Coconut Shrimp!! YUM! We also went to Babies R Us, the mall, Khols and Target for some shopping. Trying to gear up for our vacation, and I am trying to prepare myself for this pregnancy with some maternity clothing. After all that shopping we went throught the drive through at Culver's for some ice cream. I love the Banana Foster while Jesse loves the Carmel Cashew Sundae.
My mom and dad came up and babysat the kids. When we got home they were wound for sound. Hailee and Austin were wrestling with my dad, and climbing all over him. Hailee and Austin wanted them to spend the night. They miss thier mamaw and papaws, and don't get to see them like they would like to. Anyways, thanks for coming and watching them!
Well that about sums up my evening. I am going to lay in bed with the kids and Jesse and watch a movie, while listening to the rain...

The countdown is on!! 27 days til we leave for Panama City Beach, FL. We are ready for some fun in the sun!!

Visitors for Jesse's Bday

Last night, a couple of Jesse's friends came up from Odon for a visit. Travis Woodruff, Jeff Wagler and his wife Marilyn along with thier two children came around 7 pm. I think Jesse was a little shocked that they came~ it was going to be a suprise but Hailee blabbed it out. We enjoyed Pizza that I ordered and Ice Cream Cake! Yummy! The kids had lots of fun playing with all the toys. Well while Jesse, Travis, and Jeff played the Wii ~ Marilyn and I got to catch up on some stories. Thanks guys for coming!! It was so nice to see you all and get to visit for awhile.
Today we are getting stuff done around the house before my mom and dad arrive. Then it is date night for Jesse and I! We are so looking forward to it :) I'll post more later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 28th Birthday Daddy

Happy 28th Birthday Daddy!

Today is Jesse's birthday, and he is 28 years old!! The kids are excited for him to get home so we can celebrate with some cake and presents. Jesse is a wonderful husband and father to our two children and one on the way. He is amazing and we feel blessed to have him in our lives. Honey, your the best! Tonight we are celebrating at home with the kids, and then tomorrow my mom and dad are coming to watch the kids while Jesse and I have a date night. Our night will include dinner at resturant of his choice, then a trip to the mall (Austin needs shoes, and I need some maternity clothes).

Anyways Happy Birthday Babe! We love ya lots:)

Field Trip/ Playing

What a nice day we had today! The kids and I along with our homeschool group met up at the Firestation for a field trip today. We wanted to tour it one last time before they transfer to the new Firestation that was just built. We are looking forward to touring it in the Fall to see how different it is. The kids had lots of fun and learned so many things about Fire Safety. Here are a few pics of the kids watching our Firefighter.

When we got home, we decided to enjoy some time outside. It is a beautiful day. The kids played basketball, and rode bikes. Here is a pic of Hailee taking a water break.

Austin~ he is growing up so fast. He enjoyed playing ball with the neighbor boy.
I also flagged down the Schwan man while he was in our subdivison. The kids love the Sherbert push ups. And well Jesse and I have lots of favorites like the Apple Pie Ala mode, gold nugget ice cream bars, stuffed pretzels and cheese, and the list goes on and on. ha ha!
I got our Soccer packet today with my team kids. So exciting. Every year we have been teal or green, thankfully this year we got a differ color "Gold". Okay so I don't really like that color but it is something different. Well I better get busy, have a few presents to wrap, and some planning to do. Jesse Birthday is tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A friendly visit

On Monday around noon, Misty Wagler and her little girl Jazmine arrived at our house for an overnight visit. We took the kids to McDonalds for lunch and let them play in the playland. They had lots of fun climbing and slidding. Afterwards we headed home for visiting time. Hailee was so excited that a little girl was in our house to play with, however she wasn't to sure about sharing all her toys. Austin also was a big helper, and tried to play with Jazzy. Later that evening we took the kids out back to play in the yard and on the swing set, while Jesse grilled marinated turkey breast and made supper. Yeah, Jesse cooked!! Okay so that doesn't happen very often but when it does I appreciate it!! Thanks honey!
Tuesday when we got up, the kids enjoyed playing some more. I think they really had fun. Later we went to lunch, and to the park to play. Here are some pics.
Hailee, Jazmine, and Austin
Austin at the park. He has grown so tall~ last year he couldn't reach these and this year well look...
Hailee is one that loves to swing. She is always asking to go swing!!

So I had to chase Jazmine around to get a pic of her. She was always on the go!! Here is a picture I thought was super cute!!
Here is a picture of Jazzy trying out Hailee's scooter. Of course Misty had to push her around on it, but I think she enjoyed it.

When leaving the park, we say some Duke Energy trucks pull in. They were going to fix a light so we turned around and went to talk to Jesse so he could see Austin and Hailee. Hailee said "her dad looks funny at work", I think it was due to the Hard hat he was wearing. Then we did a quick WalMart trip for a few goodies. Okay so maybe not quick, but the kids did get goodies. When we got home Misty and Jazzy headed home. It was a really nice visit and the kids really enjoyed playing. Thanks for coming Misty!
Today when I woke up it was raining... Oh fun. ha ha. I think it has pretty much quit but it is wet outside. Hailee has already asked to go out and play! Hopefully it will be a quiet day. We have started on our homeschool and hope to have that done soon so we can enjoy the rest of the day. Tonight we go pick up our Soccer packet to see who is on our team. EXCITING. Soccer starts next weekend and the kids are pumped about it!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Look at Baby Swartzentruber

here is a look at our bundle of joy!! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful weekend...

We enjoyed such a beautiful weekend filled with lots of outdoor activities! Jesse, Austin, Hailee and I spent some time Saturday at Bill and Cindy's (jesse's mom and dad's) visiting with them, April, Hayden and Colin. We enjoyed our lunch at the Essen Haus:) Yummy cooking that we don't get in Martinsville. Ha ha! Then it was back to thier house for some fishing, four wheeler riding, and horse back riding. Here are a few pics that I took while there.
Colin fishing while April is watching. He wasn't as lucky as the others, but he enjoyed casting his pole lots.
Hailee and Daddy fishing! Waiting patiently for a fish!
Hayden and her fish. She caught like 13!

Austin with his big catch. I think his total was 10. He so loves to fish or just be outdoors!!
Enjoying some four wheeler riding.

This is Bill and Cindy's dog Tigger. She was so funny wanting Sugar Cubes that we were feeding the horse. Yeah she is suppose to be on a DIET says Papaw. What papaw doesn't know wont hurt him. Ha ha....
Here is a pic of Hailee on the horse Calli. Auntie April had to hold on tight to Hailee while Mamaw Cindy pulled her around the yard.
Auntie April and Hailee were best buds over the weekend!!
The kids talked us into letting them stay the night, so they could spend more time with Mamaw, Papaw, and thier cousins Hayden and Colin. So Jesse and I headed back to Martinsville without the kids. When we got back to Martinsville we went to the Mexican Resturant. I love Mexican food. We had a great meal and I watched Jesse drink a Strawberry Margaritta. Yeah it looked great, and he said it tasted delicious. Oh well!! Then we headed home. We ended up laying around and watching a movie before both of us crashed out. Such a nice evening with Jesse!!
Today the kids got home around 4 ish. They were full of stories of what all they did. I know that they had a great time. They also brought daddy home a ice cream cake from DQ for his birthday which is on Friday. Guess we will be eating cake all week. Yay! We spent the day mostly outside cause it was so nice.
Tomorrow I have an ultrasound at 3:20. I am taking the kids so I think they will enjoy seeing our precious baby. I will fill ya in on details.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dr. Appt

This morning I had a doctor appt. with my OB dr. The kids and I really enjoyed this one because we got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was so exciting and precious. They said things sounded good, and he set me an ultrasound for Monday! I can't wait. I had one ultrasound done at 6 weeks due to me spotting but I didn't get to see much other than a dot. As soon as I came out of the office I tried to call Jesse to let him know the good news~ but I got voicemail so I called my sis in law April to share the exciting news. I could tell Auntie April was excited that I heard her future niece/nephew's heartbeat!! Anyways, the day has been off to a great start hopefully the rest will be nice to. Just wanted to share my news with everyone. Love to All!!

Oh and I want to say Happy Birthday to Saylor Spore!! She is 3 today! (This is my cousin Christina's little girl). Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Say a Little Prayer

Tomorrow morning, I go for my next dr. appt. Everything has been going good with the pregnancy so far. I have had lots of nausea and always feel exhausted, but that is part of it. I would just feel better if everyone would take a second and say a little prayer for me and baby!! I will let you know how everything goes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Enjoying It!

We have all been enjoying this nice weather. On Tuesday the kids and I went to the Park uptown with the homeschool group. We had such a nice time. The weather has really been great the last few days. Here is Austin at the park!
Hailee having some fun!
Hailee is gearing up for her soccer season. She has had her soccer ball out and is really good for only being three. I am so excited that she is playing this year.
Austin and Hailee playing good together! Wish that would happen more often.
Today I turned in our soccer papers and our season begins on April 4th. That is really soon!! The kids are ready for it. It will be so nice watching them in sports again. After we left the YMCA we went to WalMart because the kids both had 7 dollars to spend. They didn't want to save it this week so they went and spent it. Austin got a Star Wars figure and Hailee got a My Little Pony thing. They are to funny when it comes to thier allowance money. When we returned home Jesse was home waitin on us. It wasn't long after that when it started to rain... Then the phone rings and he has to go to work. With him at work the kids and I decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream from our Inside Scoop. It was really yummy! We have just been enjoying the last few days and not to much has really happened here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quiet Weekend

Jesse, the kids, and I really enjoyed our weekend. Jesse was on call and did get called out a couple of times but not for anything to big. On Saturday we cleaned, then headed outside to play. The kids enjoyed playing with the neighbor kids while also trying out thier new skateboard and scooter.
On Sunday, my day started out with Jesse wanting me to run to Hardee's for breakfast at 7 am. So I went and picked up breakfast, came home and everyone ate while we sat to watch a movie. It was so nice just hanging out watching a movie. When all that was done we headed outside for another full day of playing. Jesse and I worked in the landscaping~ fixing bricks, and pullin some weeds. We headed in around 7:00 for supper, baths, and bed. The kids were wore out. Hailee even got a little bit of a sunburn on her face.
Not to much happening today. Austin and Hailee have both been doing school, and hopefully will be done in the next hour. Other than that it has been pretty quiet around here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Wheels...

The Chore Chart at our house is in full action. Austin and Hailee have been doing so wonderful at getting thier chores done lately, sometimes even without me having to remind them. They have had some money saved up burning a hole in thier pockets, so they decided to go shopping. Thier purchases were:
Hailee~ a nice pink scooter! She loves it so much. She drove it around the house today and then when daddy got home he took her outside to enjoy it.
Austin~ A Tony Hawk Skateboard!! He has been wanting a skateboard for awhile and found the perfect one!! He and the neighbor boys spent the afternoon skateboarding in our subdivision.
Today really turned out to be a good day. We stayed outside til about 7 this evening, then came in for supper. The kids were wore out and it took Hailee no time to fall asleep, however Austin is my late owl. I know he is tired but he will not admit it especially on a weekend night. So funny how 9 year old can be!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Visit!

Jesse has been on call this week and it really hasn't been to awful busy. However our power did go out yesterday morning. It was nice though that it happened right when we were getting ready to leave. The kids and I headed to Odon for a little visit yesterday. We went to my mom and dad's. We got there around 10 am, and had a nice visit. The kids enjoyed playing with Dakota and Coltyn, visiting with Mamaw and Papaw Wise, seeing Clayton-Molli-Lindsey-and Grandma Hollis. We all went out to eat at the Essen Haus for lunch, Yum! We miss that good cooking! While there we ran into Jesse's grandma Maggie and Aunt Sharon. It was so nice to see them and the kids were full of hugs and stories to share with them:) Then after lunch I ran into a few stores to stock up on some stuff! I had orders from Jesse to go to Sparks for some Hot Pepper Jelly (he loves that stuff over Philly Cream Cheese), then to Dutch Pantry for some Ham Salad (another one of his favs). I also went to the Odon Locker and stocked up on some meat for our freezer. Those are three places I wish we had in Martinsville. The rest of the day we just spent at mom's.
Here are the kids playing a game!
Hailee and Dakota!
My grandma Hollis came to mom's to watch some Soap Opera's with me :) We really get into them!

Here is a pic of Molli, Hailee and Clayton.
My brother with his car.
We ended up getting home around 8 pm and Jesse was waiting on us. I think he missed us! Today the kids and I went to Mr. Gatti's with the homeschool group. They had so much fun, and we enjoyed lots of great pizza.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not to much happening...

Well not alot is going on around here, this week. Sunday the kids enjoyed playing outside when it wasn't raining. Jesse cleaned out our vehicles (mine really needed it). Well I watched the kids play, picked up the house, and was pretty much lazy. I think we all laid down and took naps, even Austin. The time change messed us up.
Monday, the kids and I enjoyed our day at home. We got school done early and cleaned. Austin and Hailee decided to start back in on thier chore charts (they are wanting to earn some money). Isn't it funny how things are these days? I did have tons of chores when I lived at home, but I don't remember getting paid to do them. No allowance. Oh well! When Jesse got home we went out back and enjoyed some playing time. Austin and Hailee played on thier swingset, and practiced with thier soccer goal. Jesse started "On Call" again this week so we are pretty much staying around the house.
Today I don't have much planned need to run up town for some errands and to grab a few things from the grocery store. That is about it other than the usual things~ homeschool, cleaning, laundry, ect. Hailee has been really interested in doing school papers so I need to find her some and print them off. Well gotta run for now, hope you are all having a great week.

I want to say Congrats to Tyson (Jesse's cousin) and Marissa Swartzentruber, they just found out that they will be adding a little boy to thier family. I am sure Lily will make a great big sis!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fabulous Family Day

What a beautiful day it was today! Today was one of those days when I feel blessed with such a fabulous family. Our day started out with all of us enjoying breakfast together~ something we don't do often cause we all wake up at different times. I fixed bacon, eggs and toast! Yum~ right. Jesse told the kids that today was thier day and we would take them to do whatever. Well the final decision was Build A Bear :)
Here is Austin and Hailee fluffing thier bears. Hailee chose a Panda~ Sasha, while Austin chose a dinosaur~Rex! They are so cute and add to the rather large collection of build a bears that they already have.
The kids also enjoyed time outside. Such nice weather to be outside in. They have been riding bikes, playing basketball, soccer, and playing with neighbors.

Today we also enjoyed a late lunch at the Texas Roadhouse. Austin's favorite resturant:) Hailee took the pic of me and Austin together in our booth. It was a dark pic so I had to turn it into Black and White. Still cute though!!
Hailee has been a daddy girl alot lately. I think alot of it is due to him working so much, so she grabs the opportunity to have him wrapped around her finger. Today at the Roadhouse she told Austin that he had to sit with mommy cause she was sitting with her daddy... Usually it is the other way around. The whole day she walked beside him holding his hand, was really glued to him. He enjoyed it though. Here is a pic of Hailee and Daddy. Oh she is holding a peanut that she just had to crack. She always cracks them but wont eat them.
We enjoy time in the Mall at Dick's Sporting Store. We picked up Austin and Hailee some new soccer cleats, socks, shorts, and ect. It is Soccer Season and this year both of them get to play. I have debated on coaching this year. I did coach last year and loved it! Of course this year I was a little worried cause Austin will move up to Division 3 and that means differ rules, and with me being pregnant I didn't know if I should try to coach or not. However I decided that I am going to Coach Austin's team for the Spring season with the help of Jesse. I am also going to be an assistant for Hailee's team. I didn't know if I wanted to attempt to teach a bunch of 3 year olds soccer skills. Wow. Anyways, before we know it, it will be back to the Soccer field. Yay!!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!! Til next time...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nice Day!

Today has been such a nice day. The kids and I enjoyed lunch at McD's today then headed to the YMCA for our homeschool group. We were working on commercials and advertising stuff which was fun!! After we got the commercial taped we enjoyed some nice time outside on the playgroud. I think this was just what my kids needed. It was nice to be able to be outside without having to bundle up in layers. After we left there we headed to the Library to get some new books, and one for Austin's next book report!! Then it was home to open windows and get some cleaning in. Jesse is working a little late tonight, but I hope not to late. Austin is craving some steaks on the grill and well I am out of propane so I am in need of him to get home before supper to run and switch tanks. So hopefully he will get home and Austin will get his steak. He is such a meat eater!!

Jaxcen (my nephew) is still in the hospital. They are keeping him another night and still running test on him. He is still running a fever and they want him to be fever free for 24 hours before they release him. Please say a little prayer for the little guy. He is only two and half months old so it is really hard.

I am still researching our vacation! I have booked our hotel, but am looking into the attractions and things to do wtih the kids. If anyone has been to Panama City Beach FL and has some fun ideas for us to do please send me a message. We are counting down the days and so ready for some alone family time away from here. ha ha.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Please keep baby Jaxcen Long (my sister Crystal's little boy). He went to the dr. this morning, and ended up being admitted in the hospital. He was running a high fever. They have been running test on him and checking him out. I think he will be released tomorrow, but just keep him in your prayers. Crystal has been staying with him and she is really sick also. So if you think about it keep them in your prayers.
This week has been kind of slow, not to much going on. On Monday, Jesse called and told me to pack him for 7 days that he had to go to North Carolina. So I got him packed and he came home to visit with the kids and me for a little bit before pulling out at noon. So after he left, the kids and I ate lunch and went about our day. Not much later I get a call saying the North Carolina trip was cancelled... Okay so I did all that packing for nothing. Packing him is a job let me tell you. I was glad that he would be at home though cause I don't really like when he is gone, but I know that it is just part of the job. And I am so happy that he has a great job and one that he likes!! Here is a picture of Austin, Hailee and Jesse relaxing!!
Hailee is a big daddy girl, and loves to follow him around and is really clingy to him. So here she is hanging on her daddy. She is so funny cause if I am beside Jesse, she will make sure that she gets in the middle.
Yesterday, I woke up with a fever. Not sure what was going on but I also thought I was going to freeze. I couldn't get warm... I dislike being sick. I did get plenty of rest and today I am feeling a little bit better. Hopefully it was just a 24 hr. virus that has went away. Today I have lots to do and get caught up on. I have Austin already started on school, and I am suppose to be doing laundry... you see that I chose to blog instead. I just can't help it. Anyways so I am off to clean and get laundry done. Til next time!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update much needed....

It feels like it has been awhile since I posted, so let me catch everyone up on our lives. On Thursday the kids and I went to our weekly homeschool group, where we learned a little about advertising. It was neat to learn about. Then we recieve our homework... We are to find a product and make a commercial about it, and take it in on Thursday. Then they will each be recorded for us to watch with our families. FUN FUN. Austin and Hailee are still thinking about what to do so it will be interesting. Here are a few pics I took before group cause we were the first ones there.

This was during the discussion, and Hailee was just lookin so serious. To cute!!

Then on Friday our day started super early, as we woke up to babysit at 6:45 Am for Jaxcen and Zaden. Hailee and Austin was super excited about a baby being in the house. They each wanted to hold Jaxcen a million times and they needed a pic or two of them doing it. Here is my little mother hen Hailee holding Jaxcen...
Austin's turn to hold him!
On Saturday, I had a tupperware party and it was a huge sucess. Thanks everyone who ordered off of me. I am really excited to get all my free tupperware! Jesse worked on Saturday but did show up for half the party to entertain Austin and Hailee. My mom also came up with Lindsey, Molli and Caleb (Molli's friend). I got to see Molli in her prom dress which is beautiful. I wanted to take a pic but she wouldn't let me so SORRY. We will be on vacation during Prom so I can't be there to watch her so I got to view the dress early.
Today I have been lazy. I did clean a little, then rested alot, then off to WalMart for a few items, got Long Johns came home ate almost got sick from the smell, then watched Girls Next Door while balling my eyes out. Jesse of course laughing at me cause he doesn't understand how I can cry by watching TV? Seriously, I cry all the time while watching TV. Anyways, now I am getting ready for bed cause I am exhausted.
I am asking for everyone to say a little prayer for my mom and dad during this week. My dad has a court date on Wednesday~ I don't want to get into it but it is over something that happened 3 years ago. We just pray that things go okay, and that God watches over my dad at his court date. It is going to be a rough week. Thanks.
Well better close for now, need to get some sleep cause I have a full day of school with Austin tomorrow. (And of course Hailee too, she has been working on lots of stuff). Good night!