Saturday, November 29, 2008


When I woke up this morning, I wasn't sure how the day was going to turn out. One of those kind of feelings that you just have somedays, but it ended up being a FABULOUS day. Jesse got called out around 11 today, but shortly after he left... my brother pulled in. I didn't even know that he was coming today, so it was a suprise. I was so thrilled to see him, and the kids were to. Hailee says that Clayton is her boyfriend-she loves him so much. We watched movies, made cd's, played playstation, uploaded pics... all that fun stuff. Hailee didn't want him to leave tonight, and her and Austin tried to talk him into spending the night.. They can't wait til his next visit:)
Here is a picture of Clayton!
Hailee cuddling with Uncle Clayton on the couch. She couldn't get enough of him:)
Austin and Clayton were in deep conversation. Austin looks up to Clayton alot, sometimes I wonder if that is good. Ha ha.
Austin and Hailee with Uncle Clayton!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The morning started out at 5:45 am with the phone ringing, Jesse getting called out to work a power outage. I couldn't sleep from there so I got up started laundry, cleaned a bit, and got stuff set out for my lunch. I started cooking around9:30 and by 11:45 our Thanksgiving Feast was prepared. Still no Jesse though. So the kids and I got our plates, said our prayer and discussed all the things we are thankful for everyday. Our meal was so good! I just wished Jesse could of been there to sit at the table with us, but I know that work needed him. After lunch, the kids and I laid around the house watching movies, playing games, and just talking. Jesse finally got home around 1, so I warmed him a plate.
We had a great Thanksgiving, but did miss our visits with other family members. We usually are trying to visit a number of households on Thanksgiving, so this was a little different for us. I am so thankful to be blessed with such a terrific husband~ Jesse, and two amazing children~ Austin and Hailee. They are my world, and I don't know what life would be like without them. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things, and I am so thankful. I feel like everyday should be Thanksgiving. It isn't about the food, but about being with ones you love and really thinking about all the different things you are thankful for or blessed with.
Even though I had a great day, at times my heart would just be sad. Austin had a great day, but did mention that his dad didn't even call him. How does a father do that? He hasn't talked to him for awhile now, about two months. I just don't understand, on Thanksgiving Day you think of all the wonderful things you have in your life. God blessed Michael with a wonderful son, and I feel that Michael is to blind to see it. Austin is amazing, such a terrific son. His heart is so big, he is so forgiving, so loving... I am so thankful that God gave me Austin, then put Jesse in my life, and blessed us with Hailee.
Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As most of you know, Jesse's grandma Marjorie Eaton has been in the hospital not doing so good. As I was preparing pies tonight for our family Thanksgiving at home, I recieved a phone call from Cindy (mother in law) with news about grandma Eaton. As she began to talk, she said well the news we got today was good. Thank Goodness! Grandma Eaton's cancer has NOT came back:) Yay! However she does have a broken bone between the shoulder blade area, and 2 vertebrates are almost fused together. This is painful for her, so keep praying that it will heal. She also has trouble with breathing, and it is said that it probably wont get better. Cindy also said that someone would come to the house to work with her on things that way she won't have to get out to go to the hospital. This is such a great relief knowing that the Cancer isn't back. I guess that Grandma Eaton also told them that she got her Thanksgiving early, and was thankful for that. Everyday should be Thanksgiving, and we should be thankful everyday. Thank you to all that has kept the family in your prayers. God is so good to us all!

Here is a picture of Marjorie, Bill, Bill, Cindy, April, Hayden, Colin, Jesse, me, Austin, and Hailee at Christmas last year. Kevin was working so he isn't pictured, but was in our thoughts..
Here is a pic of Marjorie and her girls: Cindy, Connie, Ginny and Libby.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Getting Ready for Turkey Day!!

The turkey is thawing, pies are ready to be baked, homemade noodles are made... Wow, there is so much cooking to do even if it is just the four of us. This is our first Thanksgiving meal at home. We usually always go to my mom's for my Grandma Hollis's thanksgiving, and I will really miss that this year. Jesse is on Call this week and I don't want to travel alone so we are staying home. I am excited about cooking all this good food, and lounging around all day long with Jesse and the kids.. Hopefully I can pull this off without burning something. SERIOUSLY! I will let ya know how it all goes:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The start of the week...

Sunday~ Mom, Crystal, Trinidy, and Zaden came up to spend the night with us. Crystal had an appt. in Indy on Monday morning so this would be easier and closer. Austin and Hailee were excited that cousins were staying the night. They had lots of fun dragging out toys, making forts, watching movies... To cute. Here is a picture of the fort they made in Hailee's room. What a mess..
We also watched the COLT game together. WOW, we were all on the edge of our seats screaming. Austin really gets into the football games and was hollaring. He is so funny. His love for sports amazes me.
Hailee played, and played. Here she is all hot and sweaty hugging my mom. LOL.
Jesse had to work Sunday night for a scheduled outage. He had to go in at 11 pm, so Hailee was mad that he was going to leave while she was sleeping. She expects him to be in his spot all snuggled in next to her. Ha ha. Then on Monday was Jesse's first time going on CALL. Wow. You can't go on call til your a 4th year Lineman. He will be 4th year in July, so they are starting him on Call with another Lineman til then for the experience. We are all so proud of him!
Crystal made it through her doctor appt. Things looked good on Monday with the baby so she has to go to the Bloomington doctor on DEC. 5th, then back to INDY on DEC. 12th. I made her get a pic taken to show off her baby belly. She is due the first part of Jan. if she makes it till then. They said the baby weighs around 5 lbs now...
Well today is Tuesday, and I want to wish my good friend Jessica (Cornelius) Bowman a happy birthday. Need to get off here now and get school rolling. Talk to everyone soon.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Our Friday was packed full of running around, and spending time together. We left our house at 8 am that morning headed to Owesburg to Tieman Tire... Jesse had a blow out on his truck and has been in search for a tire. I know just go to a tire shop, NOT that easy. Of course his rim has to be a odd size so it took us awhile to find the ONE he wanted. He wont just settle for anything.
After leaving Tieman's we headed back toward Bloomington, where we went to SAM's. I could look and shop in there forever, but it was so crowded that I was ready to get out of there after like 15 min... People hogging the isles and not moving over. WOW...
Then we went and enjoyed a lunch before the movie. The movie started at 12:40, and the kids were so excited. This was Hailee's first trip to the movies, and she was such a big girl. We went and watched Bolt, very cute. Austin was on the edge of his seat alot and full of laughs. Hailee well she liked the movie and only took her eyes off the screen to eat Popcorn, Crunch Bites, Junior Mints, and Raisinets.. Yeah they enjoyed the snacks. Hailee made sure to take of her shoes and socks at the theatre. She is so funny and loves to be comfortable. It was nice that there was us and one other family watching the movie.. That was it, so we could stretch out and us a whole row of seats if needed.. Here is a picture of Austin and Hailee before going into the movies.
Jesse's vacation has been wonderful, and I am not looking forward to him going back to work. We have gotten alot done, and just been able to kick back and spend time with our two wonderful children. I know Austin and Hailee will be lost come Monday when Dad is back at work.
This week has been so great, and I have sat back and looked at how bless'd I am with this terrific family. Family is so important to me, and I enjoy the time that we spend together. Jesse, Austin and Hailee amaze me everyday. I feel so lucky to have them in my life~ God has put these wonderful people in my life and I thank him for that. God is so Good!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Prayer Request... PLEASE

Please keep Marjorie Eaton in your thoughts and prayers. Marjorie is Cindy's mom, and Jesse's grandmother. Your prayers for the entire family are much appreciated during this time. Thank everyone for thier love and support always.


Okay so I am just really curious about everyone and thier WALMART Bill... Mine seems to be like outrageous. Jesse and I went to WalMart to tackle our list. We usually go every two weeks and get our groceries. Seriously I just can't figure out how my bill is high, yet I don't really have a lot or well it doesn't look like I do when I get everything put away. I usually can't leave there without our bill being from 150-200 dollars every two weeks. Goodness. I mean I do cut coupons, not alot, but some. Anyone have any advice or am I just like everyone else with kids and a husband.

Realizing that Sibling are growing up...

I come from a family of 5 kids. I know what was my mom thinking... LOL. I have always been close to my siblings (some more than others) and love them all. However, I am realizing that they are all so grown up. Not so sure that I am ready for that or know how to let them. I am the oldest, and I felt it was my job to watch over them and protect them.
Crystal was blessed with two children, Trinidy and Zaden. Oh and she will soon be blessed with another. She is having a boy. She is in Plainville living as a single mother and raising her kids by herself. I haven't always agreed with her on things, and I let her know it. We argue often, and have drifted away. We still talk and all just not as close as we once where... That really saddens me, cause I feel that Crystal needs me. I probably should learn to keep my mouth closed at times, but I just can't stand the fact that she lets people walk on her.. She has changed so much. She is a good mom, and a good person. I am always there if she needs me and will continue to be no matter what...
Next is Clayton... WOW. He is such a handsome brother that I love to death. Clayton and I are very close. It has been a rough two weeks for me because he has moved out of my mom and dads and is living with a few friends renting a house in Washington.. I have learned that I don't always get to control the situation. Clayton is a grown man, with a great job, but I can't help but worry about him. We just have this bond and always have. I worry about him getting up in the morning, what he is going to eat, how he is getting laundry done, if he is sleeping, if he has money... I am just such the sister. LOL. It always makes me feel good to talk to him, which happens alot. Ha ha. I have to call to check on him... And he always says at the end of our conversations.. SIS I love ya. That makes my day. He will really make on heck of a husband and a father one day... Seriously..
Lindsey is also blessed with two children, Dakota and Coltyn. I think she has her hands full with Coltyn. What can I say, he is a little Brian McNabb. Lindsey and I have grown close. I enjoy our phone conversations weekly sometimes more.. Also she is my myspace and facebook buddy. She is the sister I can call, when I want to be nosey and know what is going on. I love the fact that she just tells things how they are and doesn't beat around the bush. She was young when she got pregnant and has been through alot. She has never given up though and stays determined. She is a wonderful mom to her children. I am so proud of the person Lindsey has became. I know that I don't have to worry so much about her, but I still worry about her a little..
Okay now for Molli. She is ten years younger than me, and alot wiser. Ha ha. I have to laugh though because if I can wanting to know things, she is one that wont tell anything. I always know not to call her for info or gossip. She often tells me I am nosey. Molli is an amazing person with such a big heart. She is one that often gives great advise, but then at times I want to say "Molli use that advise that you give others". Molli is a super person, and a wonderful sister. I feel that she is closer to Lindsey than to me, but that is okay cause I live in Martinsville. I had to pass her to Lindsey so that Lindsey can keep an eye on her. Love ya Molli.
As I think of my siblings, I am amazed. It feels like just yesterday when I was driving them all to school(which at the time I thought was totally unfair.. I had to ride the bus they should of to). I am so proud of each and everyone of them for who they are and the person they have became. We weren't the richest, so we have learned that we have to work to get what we got. I feel our parents have done a good job raising us, and I wish I told them that more often. I am blessed with a wonderful and caring mother and father who no matter what would do whatever they had to for me. I thank them so much. And with all this I am realizing that my siblings are grown up, and they mean the world to me. I just want them to know that... Love you all.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vacation... and nice visit!

We are really enjoying our week with Jesse being on vacation and at home. It has been a big help to me! On Monday we slept in a little, then Jesse worked out in the garage. Hailee helped him out a bit. Jesse said yesterday, " I have so much respect for you staying at home all day with the kids." Wow, I was touched. I think they had stressed him out just a little that day. I love being at home with my children but they do have thier days were they are extra wild. LOL.
Today, I enjoyed a nice visit with April (Shake)Stilwell and her kids. It was so nice to sit and have conversation with a friend. Her kids were so good, and played. I think Hailee and Parker are friends, they had thier times but in the end they got along good. And her little girl Sydnee, I could just hold her all day. So SWEET! Thanks for coming by April and we will have to do it again when you come back to Indiana.
While we were doing our thing, Jesse was in and out of the house. He is trying to get lots accomplished while he is off, he is doing a good job at it to. Then around 330 he went to the park and volunteered his time hanging a few Christmas Lights with some of the guys he works with.
Now I am sitting here trying to figure out what to have for supper. Sometimes I feel like I fix the same ole thing, and nothing really sounds that great. I am going to have to get some cookbooks or something... Well the rest of the week should be great, we have alot going on! Also so excited about Saturday... Going to Edinburg with April (my fabulous sis in law) to do our annual Christmas Shopping. We always have a great time and tons of laughs! Hope I get lots of great deals... Til next time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting Ready...

This weekend was such an amazing one. Times that I can be at home just doing little things with my kids and husband are the best. Our weekend started with some cleaning, which Jesse was a slave driver. He was ready to help, no matter what he had to do, and didn't quit til it was done. I have a great husband, seriously... Today I picked up the house, and we started on our Christmas decorations. The kids were so excited to put the tree up, hang on decorations, and lay out the stockings. I know-people are telling me I am doing it to early, but I am in the Christmas mood:) The kids ate dinner, took baths, and were ready to decorate...
Here is a pic of Austin and Hailee in thier jammies getting ready to decorate.
Thank goodness my tree is PreLit! I love that and it saves so much time. Austin and Hailee were so big on helping put the ornaments on.
After we got most of the tree done, we did a few Christmas Crafts. It was so much fun, all of us gathered around the table discussing all kinds of things. Austin and Hailee made these cute little "Wish List" booklets to hang on the tree. Here is Daddy trying to help them out.
After the booklets were done, we also did a snowman ornament. So cute. Here is Austin and Hailee showing off what they made.
Here is the tree, finished for now, until my next trip to WalMart. Now all it needs is some presents under there.
We really spent alot of good times together this weekend. It was so wonderful doing all these fun things together, and just watching Austin and Hailee discuss Christmas. Hailee has asked several times, "Where is Santa at?" and "Why don't we get to see him?" Austin explains everything to his lil sis, over and over. Jesse also got our lights hung up outside and they are all ready to be lit the day after Thanksgiving.
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Jesse is on vacation this week so I am sure I will have lots to write about this week. Til then...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun Times

Well this week has felt like it has went so slow. Our days have been kinda long. The kids and I have been on our own several nights this week, due to Jesse working over. All this rain, gives him some Overtime. Ha ha. The kids are so ready for next week, because Jesse is on VACATION. They are ready to spend some quality time with thier dad!

I have been working really hard this week on getting ahead on school. I am wanting to be able to kick back and relax a little next week with Jesse. Austin has been doubling up on school cause I don't want to get behind. He is doing amazing with homeschool. I had to record his grades today and he has all A's except for in Math he has a B. He works hard and is really paying attention to what he is learning. I am so proud of him!
Here is Austin sitting at the kitchen table doing some of his school work. Isn't he just so handsome.

Hailee has been extra talkative this week. Wow, I don't think a minute goes by without her saying something. She is to funny and keeps us all laughing. She acts so much older than she is. Here is Hailee banging on her new piano:) Look at that face!

While Austin is busy with school work, Hailee thought she would she if she could distract him. She seriously was hitting the keys as loud as she could and saying, "Bubby can you hear me?" Austin would get so mad at her, but she didnt care. I think she thinks it is her job to see if she can make him mad so he will chase her around.
Hailee loves wearing her daddy's hat! Here she is acting so silly:)
Our dog Zeke, sits by both of our door looking out to see if he can see Jesse. It is to cute.

The kids and I have been doing lots of fun stuff this week. We have watched lots of movies(kid ones), and done lots of playing. Things are going good here, just the nights feel long when Jesse doesn't walk through the door at 345p. Oh well, we are getting time to ourselves and lots of it. As for next week, Jesse is on vacation so we are going to try and get alot accomplished and also find lots of relaxing time. Hopefully we can fit both in.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cold Tuesday...

Well I thought today would be a great day, since Jesse had the day off and all. I was so wrong. Jesse got up this morning and ran up town to by stuff for his truck, and has spent the day out in the garage. So much for the good family time... The kids were excited that he was home today, but they really didn't see him much. I know he wants to get stuff done to his truck and all, I shouldn't grip but I can't help it... I am aggrevated.
Austin had a fit this morning cause I made him do his school work and he just didn't understand why he had to do it when Jesse was home. So after sitting him down and explaining things to him, he decided he would do his work and not complain. THANK YOU!
Hailee spent her day playing. She is such a girl. She loves carrying babies around and dressing them. Also she was busy on her new Barbie piano that my sister Lindsey sent her. Thanks Linds... she loves it, and I think I have a headache from it all.
I did the usual thing today. I cleaned, laundry, homeschooled, picked up some more, all that good mommy stuff.

Oh and my good friend, Jessica (Cornelius)Bowman is a pampered chef consultant now.. Yey! However she talked me into taking up orders and doing a silent party. So if anyone is in need of some pampered chef, let me know. Email me or something.
Hope you all had a good Tuesday, and wasn't too cold..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Santa Claus....

The kids had a great time at the Grandparents house over the weekend. Of course I think they were also glad to be home. Hailee was full of squeezes, hugs, kisses, and Austin to. We heard all about the busy time they had playing with thier cousins, Hayden and Colin. It is so cute hearing them tell about all they had did. I am so glad they went and had fun!
Laying in bed last night, and Hailee always amazes me. She was laying there and then said, "Dear Santa Claus-Please bring me a big doll house with a mommy and a daddy and a kitty and a doggy like the one Hayden has. That is what I want for Christmas." How cute like she was saying her prayer to Santa. Now I am going to search for the Loving Family Dollhouse. LOL.
As Christmas is getting near, Austin and Hailee's list is long. Oh and expensive... WOW. I have gotten most of my shopping done and wrapped. Yeah I am on it this year. Well I better go for now, just wanted to share that story with you all. Love to All:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nice Weekend.

On Friday, the kids and I enjoyed the day with Cindy (Jesse's mom). She decided to come visit us and try to help me get some stuff accomplished after the bad week I had. What a help she was. The cleaning was great that she did, and the kids had a great time helping her out. Hailee kept saying, "I am a helper!" Austin was big on helping out to... Now why don't they want to do the cleaning stuff with me? What is the problem? Seriously...
Hailee took all she could take and then she crawled in bed with the remote and took a nap. Here is my little princess asleep:)

While she was napping, Austin kicked Mamaw's but in a game of chess. He loves to play games, and of course he loves to win. He rubbed that in the whole night. Here he is waiting patiently for Mamaw to make her move...

Later that evening, we all were in the Living Room and Jesse and Austin had got the Rockband out. To funny! We really get into this. Jesse and myself are on guitars cause we have two, Austin and Hailee are drums and singers. Our own little Swartzentruber Band. Cindy couldn't help but snap pics while we are all doing RockBand. LOL. I took a few pics.
Here is Austin and Jesse:)
Hailee focused in while trying out the guitar.

Austin is rocking on the drums. He is really good at it.

On Saturday our soccer team played thier last game. Well and we were UNDEFEATED. YEAH! My first time coaching and what a wonderful year it was. I so enjoyed all the kids, and meeting all thier wonderful parents. Can't wait til the spring, then Austin and Hailee will both be playing! Here is a pic of Austin and Hailee with the trophies.
Austin was so excited that his team did so wonderful, and Hailee to. She never missed out on any of it.
After the game Austin and Hailee were determined that they were going home with Mamaw Cindy. I got them packed and they headed toward Odon for a fun evening with Papaw, Mamaw, Hayden, and Colin. Oh and did I mention the pony? Yeah Bill and Cindy welcomed a new pony to the family, and all the grandkids are so excited. That is all we have heard about since Monday is when are they going to see the pony... Hope they are having fun.
As for Jesse and I, we enjoyed Saturday around the house. He worked outside, while I cleaned and done laundry. Then off to enjoy dinner at White Castle. Of all places to go without kids, that is where we ended up. Yum, Right?
Today we have just been working around the house doing odds and ends. Nothing big.. Just anxious for the kids to return home. I miss them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."
Hebrews 11:6 (NIV)

This whole week, I have really clung to my Bible. I have found many verses that I have hung on to and read over and over daily. I know that God is here helping me to be strong, and I have to remember to have faith in him always. I believe that in the end things will work out.

Today has been a pretty good day for us here. I am getting back to my normal routines even though at times when I stop for a break all I think about is the precious baby that I lost. I am getting through it though with God, and my family, and friends by my side. I have so much support and help, and I am so grateful. Today the kids have been super wild, but that is okay cause they keep me going. I just love them to pieces. I am ready for Jesse to be home just so I can talk to him, or go outside and help him get stuff done. At 5 Austin has his last soccer practice. I am ready for that, but need to get my game plan figured out for Saturday. This season has been amazing, and I couldn't ask for a better team. I have had so much fun coaching and am looking forward to doing it again in the spring. So it sounds like I have a busy night ahead of me, but I am looking forward to it. I found that keeping busy helps a little.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Better Day

Hello to All! Today has been a little better than the last two days. I am still cramping alot, but have actually gotten up and moved around today. This morning I slept til 8:45 then was awoken by Hailee saying, "I gotta pee!" After that I was up. I took my shower, fixed the kids breakfast, and even started laundry. Right now I am waiting on Austin to finish up with his home school work so we can get back on track. When we miss a day I feel like we get behind, even though technically we are ahead of schedule.
Many friends and family have called, and I do kinda get choked up when talking, but I feel like I am doing alot better and not as emotional as I have been. I still think about it like all the time, and probably will for some time. I love being pregnant and now I am not...I know that it can happen again and we do plan on trying.
I just wanted to take some time and update you all that have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. It really helps to know that so many people are out there thinking of us and praying for us. Your all amazing and wonderful people! I feel so lucky to have so many friends, and family that care about me and my family. Such a great feeling that it. Love to all, and until next time:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You!

I feel so bless'd to have such wonderful friends and family. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support through this tough time. I have recieved lots of emails, phone calls, and flowers from different people and it has meant so much to me. Please continue to pray for us, and thanks again for everything.

Prayers in Need

Yesterday, we found out that I lost the baby. It is really a tough time right now for us all. I feel like I am just on an emotional rollercoaster, and my heart just breaks. Jesse is trying to be the strong shoulder for me to cry on, but then I look at him and there are just tears flowing. It is so hard to go from being so excited about expecting a baby to this... The kids are full of questions about Why and how this could happen. Austin wanted a baby really bad, I didn't realize how much he wanted one until now. Hailee is just to little to understand. She is very concerned though and wants to know if everything is going to be alright... We do plan on trying soon, but need to get through this first. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers...

Monday, November 3, 2008

At my mom and dad's

After leaving Bill and Cindy's we went to my parents. We stayed the night at my mom and dad's. The kids were wound for sound and not ready to go to bed. Austin loves to sit and watch movies with my dad, but can outlast my dad. Finally we got them settled down and asleep. On Sunday, after breakfast we dressed the kids up and headed over to my grandpa WC's and Wanda's for a visit. It was so great getting to see them, and my uncle Wendell was there. The kids found willy worms and insisted on collecting them in a jar. After leaving there we went to my Grandpa & Grandma Hollis's house for a visit. When we got there, my aunt Linda was there visiting also. It was so nice to sit down with all of them and just share a few stories and get updated on everyone. While we were there Austin and Dakota kept thier dog Rio company, which he loved... Then it was back to mom and dad's for lunch with the whole family. I mean everyone (Mom, Dad, my family, Crystal and her kids, Lindsey's family, Clayton, and Molli). After lunch mom and dad took the kids outside to play while we cleaned the kitchen. Then I went out to take pics.
Here is a picture of my mom and dad with thier grandkids, and the dog.
Just the cousins! Austin, Hailee, Dakota, Coltyn, Trinidy, and Zaden. Soon there will be two more.

Here is a pic of Dakota and Coltyn!
Trinidy and Zaden taking a break to smile at me!

We really had a great weekend, just busy and not long enough. We are back home now and trying to get all the laundry caught up... That is a job. Well until next time.

Busy Weekend at Jesse's Parents

What a busy weekend we have had! On Saturday, we were at the soccer field for our 11 am game. We had a victory with a score of 2-1. Austin had a goal, and overall just an awesome game. As soon as the game was over, our durango was packed and loaded down to head toward Odon for a full weekend. We stopped at McDonalds and enjoyed lunch on our way there cause for some reason when our kids see a McDonalds sign they are starving. LOL. Never fails really... Anyways we started the weekend out at Bill and Cindy's (Jesse's parents). We had family pics scheduled with all the family, and Abbie Toy (my amazing friend) came out to take them. She did a great job, I loved the pictures. Here is one I took before she started of the kids.
Austin, Hayden, Colin, and Hailee :)
The kids did great during the pics, really. During the pics though Hailee had to stop and pose with her Auntie April, who she just loves.
After pictures, we celebrated November birthdays. April and Kevin are the November birthdays! Happy Birthday you two! Cindy ordered a cake and we had ice cream. During this time, most of the kids were way to busy playing to eat.. However Hailee Brooke made sure she had cake and ice cream. She sat by Kevin and picked on him most of the time. Usually she just isn't real sure about him, but this weekend she loved her Uncle Kevin!
It didn't stop there. Since we were down, we decided to do our trick r treating with the family. We headed to Gma Swartzentrubers to trick r treat. Here is Hailee in the car kissing Papaw Bill, while she makes sure Mamaw Cindy is looking. She loves making Mamaw Cindy jealous.
When we got to Gma Swartzentruber's the kids were ready to check out the cats at the barn. They are all animal lovers. They also had to make sure to get apples. Austin loves trick r treating there because he says she has the best apples. To cute.
From there we headed to Gma and Gpa Eatons. It was getting kind of late, but they were ready for us. Hailee fell asleep on the car ride but woke up enough to visit. The kids got loaded down with candy, and pop. It was so nice to see everyone!