Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Less than 24 hours

Wow, the countdown is down to hours until we meet baby boy Swartzentruber. The kids, Jesse and I are so excited!! We just know that he will be perfect in everyway and will melt our hearts as soon as we see him. :) These last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I have laughed, smiled, cried, just everything you can think of. There is just so much going on...

Jesse came home yesterday, and said he had to work on his truck.... Yep it was broken down so of course I cried cause it feels like everything we have is falling apart. Our TV, our truck... I know these are things that can be replaced but I had to cry... Of course Jesse was on edge and I think secretly he could have cried to. :)
He spent all night working on his truck, and well it still isn't fixed so he is taking a vacation day today to get it fixed and help me out.

I have a dr. appt today at 10:45 so we will see how things go. I am kind of hoping that they will say okay lets have this baby today instead of see you in the morning. ha ha. My luck that wont happen. I will let you know how it goes. So if all goes as planned then Jesse and I will head to the hospital at 530 on Thursday morning to get prepped for surgery at 8. So we will be meeting the newest guy to the Swartzentruber family soon. My mom will be coming tonight to spend the night with the kids (which are very excited about getting to see mamaw). They have already said we get mamaw wise on Wednesday night and mamaw Cindy on Thursday!! I am glad they are looking forward to it! Hailee has checked out the baby stuff everyday for the last few months and well last night she checked the hospital bags to make sure everything was in there for her brother.

Well I better get going, I will keep you all posted. Please say an extra prayer for me and the family:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A trip to Labor and Delivery.... but....

Yesterday, I found myself timing contractions!! Super exciting! So I called the dr and she told me to go into Labor and Delivery so they could monitor them. The kids went to my friend Shae's house, because Jesse wasn't home yet. They were excited about going there though cause they love playing at Shae's house. So I went on to the hospital where I was hooked up to the lovely machine, and checked out. Jesse arrived shortly. So here is the news.... NO BABY YET!! AND I AM BACK AT HOME....
I am having regular contractions~ however they are mild ones and I was not dialated enough to where they would keep me. So they sent me home and told me if the contractions get stronger, or if my water breaks, or if I loose my plug then come back.. Geez... So we are just waiting on this little guy to decide that it is time :) The time is getting close because if I don't go before Oct. 1st then I go in that day for a csection. Oh and I have to go into labor and be dialated so far for them to keep me due to insurance?? Crazy but I guess that is the way it is...
So in a week we will have our little guy in our arms~CAN'T WAIT!! I think everyone is ready~ our parents are on standby.. ha ha.

Happy Birthday Mom

Just want to take a minute to wish my mom, Vicki Lynn a very Happy Birthday!! We hope that you have a wonderful day! I will try to have this little guy today, ha ha.
My mom is wonderful. She is always there when I need to call and vent, need a shoulder to cry on, need advice, or just need help. Thanks for being you, mom!! Love ya bunches!! We send our love, hugs and kisses to you today and always.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Any time now....

I was told to have my bags packed and ready, because it could happen anyday now. However if it doesn't then I go in on Oct. 1st and will def. have the baby then. So that is what I am doing. I have everything ready except my bag so I need to get busy. I had a dr. appt. today, am measuring 40 weeks and I can really tell. The dr. said that his head is low that is why I am having some lower pains and feeling so much pressure. Also my blood pressure was a little higher than usual but still in the okay range. My feet were also swollen but reflexes were okay so we are just watching it. Lots of putting my feet up!! Dr. orders, ha ha.

Well I think that is about it, we are just being patient and waiting on this bundle of joy to arrive. So anyday I will keep you posted!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Group meeting

Today we had our weekly homeschool group meeting with a fairly new family at their house. The kids love going and getting to play with others, while also learning about what other kids like or are into. Today we learned a new technique into tie dying shirts which was done with a spray can and was really neat. Hailee absolutely loves clothes so making shirts is right up her alley:)
Here are a few pictures I captured...
All the kids in front of the house

The house was beautiful!!

Our awesome projects!!

A few kids from our group, there are several more but they were either out of town or had something else going on!!

We had a very fun- filled day!! Now we are getting stuff done around the house (cleaning, laundry, ect.) Jesse is out mowing because who knows what could happen this week. We are getting so close so we are trying to stay on top of chores for when the time comes :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

lazy weekend

Our weekend was a pretty good weekend spent at home and the soccer field. On Saturday morning we were at the soccer field for Hailee's game at 9. She was really excited because she got to take the snacks for her team. She picked out Whales crackers and Animal Crackers along with Wild Cherry Capri Sun's. To cute! I have to say she did a great job at her game and is really proving to be such a big girl.
After her game, we ran home to get Austin ready for his game and to eat some lunch. Back to the soccer field at 1p. We ended up loosing but did an awesome job at playing. Austin made a goal so he was pumped up. After the game we ran to the gas station to treat ourselves to a Icee then we headed home. Jesse had gotten called out so it was just the three of us.
When we got home we all laid in my bed watching tv and well we all passed out. We were so tired. Yeah pretty much lazy after the games. Jesse ended up working til late so we just laid around and ate. Ha ha.
Sunday was one of those nice rainy days. I stayed in my pj's until 7p then showered and put clean pj's on. However we did get a few things done. Jesse worked in Austin's room~ rearranging it and putting the bunk beds back together. I did laundry and mopped the floors, while the kids did some dusting for me. Also I got my lesson plans ready so that if anything happens they are put together for Austin and Hailee to do. That is about it... Nothing to exciting just mostly one of those lazy weekends.
I am feeling okay, have had a little bit of pain but nothing I can't handle. I go to the dr. Tuesday so I will let you know how it goes...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Box Tops

Our homeschool group recently signed up for Box Tops to help with some of our expenses. We love to do outings and lots of projects, but sometimes money is tight with families. So we are hoping to start raising some money to help pay for things. I am asking anyone that doesn't already save box tops for someone and would like to send them our way to please do so!! If you have some that you are willing to send me just leave me a message or email me at . It is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bathtub fun with Daddy

Hailee loves when daddy gives her a bath, cause he does CRAZY things with her hair. Here is one of his masterpieces!!

Our week

Just want to give a quick update on the happenings around here. Hailee and Austin have been busy with soccer. They love it and I love watching them. Austin practices two nights a week and a game on Saturday. Me being one of his coaches, Hailee also practices with him and is really good. She is def. learning. She has games on Saturday's but no practices during the week. They practice the first 1/2 hour then do a game for the last 1/2 hour.

Jesse is on call this week so we really have had no big plans. We usually just stick around the house relaxing or doing small projects around here when he is on call. You never know when the phone is going to ring!!

Did you see the baby ticker on the side? Oh yeah 14 days!! Trust me at this point I am def. counting down those days... Sometimes I feel like I am carrying a 15 lb baby... seriously I don't know if my tummy can stretch anymore. I am just trying to get my last minute things done before the big day (cleaning, packing, getting things organized, ect). Exciting!!

Homeschool Group

Hailee with her buddy!!
Sidewalk Chalk fun!!

Austin tye dying a shirt:)

On Monday Sept. 14th, we had our weekly homeschool group. My kids love going and enjoy the fun activites!! On this day we met at one of our new families homes for lunch and tie dying shirts. Just wanted to share a few pictures of our meeting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Boy Update

Today I had a dr appt. at 11am. I am seriously counting down the days til my csection and hoping that when I go to the dr. he will say go ahead over and lets deliver this boy. I know it probably wont happen, but I am ready. I am 37 weeks but I am measuring at 39 weeks. Today at my appt everything looked good. The heartbeat was good, my blood pressure was perfect, and no change in the dialating part. The baby is still high. He also did a quick ultrasound because he wanted to make sure where the baby was (head, ect) before our big surgery. The kids were excited to see the baby on the screen:) Well that about sums it up other than I go back to the dr. in a week!!

On this day~ we want to take time out to remember Jesse's Grandpa (Pete Swartzentruber). He is with the Lord, but will always be remembered.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Cindy!!

The Martinsville Crew wants to wish Cindy(Jesse's mom) a very Happy Birthday!! We hope that you have a fabulous day and papaw treats you like a QUEEN!! Wish we were there to celebrate it with you, but we cant be so we are sending our hugs and kisses:) Happy Birthday!!

Cindy is such a great mom, mother in law, and grandma. We feel so blessed that she is apart of our lives. We love you bunches!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer begins

Our soccer season started on Saturday with games. Hailee had her first game at 10 am. She was so excited, but Jesse and I were a little nervous. She played in the spring, but was really shy and one of us had to go on the field with her to get her to play. That is not the case this year. She suprised us went out on that field like a big girl. She got in there and kicked the ball and also talked to the other kids her age. We were so proud of her!! She is looking forward to next Saturday's game because she is incharge of the snack afterwards. Here are a few pictures from her game!

Austin's game was at 2 pm on Saturday! Jesse and I are coaching his team along with our helpers Brian and Mindy Mackin. We figured we needed back up with me being prego and all. Their daughter was on Austin's team a year or so ago and they did awesome at playing together so we are super excited that they are back together. We are the navy blue team so we named ourselves the SHARKS! You know cause Sharks are tough. Ha ha. We won our first game with a score of 5-4! Got some things to work on, but our team played AWESOME!! Not to mention it was so hot out. Here are a few pictures of Austin. I didn't get many cause well I was coaching, ha ha.

So our Saturday was pretty busy with soccer, but that is how it will be for awhile now. I love it!! Hopefully this little boy inside will love soccer like the other two!
The countdown is on with 17 days until csection day... However I have had to call the dr. twice over the weekend because I have started in with lower back pain. It hurts so bad at times that it feels like I could drop to my knees. I mean seriously I am in tears when it happens. After calling twice they called me in some meds to ease the pain~I figured they would have me come in and check me but they never did. I go back to the dr. on Tuesday so we will see what happens. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Now onto the week~ Jesse is on call this week so he is telling me that I have to hold this boy in this week. Ha ha. We will see huh?

Happy Grandparent's Day

On this day, we want to say how blessed we are to have such great grandparents. So Happy Grandparent's Day to Mamaw Maggie Swartzentruber, Papaw Bill Eaton, Grandparents Roy and Dorothy Hollis, Grandparents WC and Wanda Wise. And our grandparents in heaven Papaw Pete Swartzentruber, and Mamaw Marjorie Eaton. We love you all!!

Our kids Austin and Hailee are also blessed to have some pretty fabulous grandparents. Sending out hugs and kisses to their grandparents Leon and Vicki Wise, and Bill and Cindy Swartzentruber! Happy Grandparent's Day~ love ya lots:)

Lindsey & Gpa WC

I want to wish my sister Lindsey McNabb and my Grandpa WC Wise a very Happy Birthday today!! Hope you both have a great day, we love you both and miss ya:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You will always be remembered.....

Just wanted to make note that today would be Jesse's mamaw Marjorie Eaton's birthday! She is now with the Lord, but is missed everyday. We miss and love you Mamaw Eaton.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dr. appt. Update

This morning I had a dr. appt with my OB. I was a little nervous about going and getting on those scales, because I treated myself alot this week. Ha ha. Suprisingly~ I gained no weight!! Yay!! I guess it was okay that I ate a cookie jar blizzard at DQ, a Big Mac from McD's, and ate a pan of brownies. YIKES!! Better watch it huh?
The dr. measured me and I am measuring at 38 weeks~ but I should only be measuring at 36 weeks going by the first due date. The baby's heart beat was a strong 155!! His head is still high, he hasn't really dropped yet. I can tell cause I still can't breath, but that is okay as long as he is doing GREAT! My blood pressure was okay~ a little bit higher than it usually is but nothing to worry about. The kids went with me and got to help and hold my hand, help with the measuring, and listen to their baby brother. They know the time is getting close! So with that being said only 23 days til the scheduled csection date!! Very exciting. We can't wait to meet the little guy!!
Thank you all for praying and thinking of me. Please continue to do so~ having a csection is always a scary thing or any surgery is. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Country Drive

On Saturday we met Jesse's mom (Cindy) in Spencer so the kids could go to Grandma's house. Cindy and Bill have all the grandkids this weekend. Hailee and Austin were looking forward to it and seeing their cousins Hayden and Colin. They all four always have so much fun together and are so wore out when they return home.

With them being gone, Jesse and I drove through a few car lots looking for our next car. Just not sure what I want, or what path I want to take. I am not in to big of a hurry~ thankful to my mom for letting me use one of their cars. :) Then Jesse and I decided to take a drive through the country. This is something we haven't done in ages. We drove through the country looking for land or houses for sell that we might want. We would love to move, but that isn't going to happen right away. I guess it doesn't hurt to look though huh? Gave us an idea on places we would want to go. We currently live in a subdivison and well... we just miss the country living. It was so nice to be able to drive around with my husband and have nice conversation without being interupted a millon times. Ha ha.

After returning home Jesse finished up on a few things he wanted to get done around the house while I straightened up the house and did some laundry. We grabbed TACO BELL for supper came back home and settled in with a movie. I think we both needed just some quality time together! However we ended up talking about Austin and Hailee and how we miss them so even though it hadn't been a day since they were gone. We are so blessed with two amazing children and know that the little boy will add to it!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being Sick is No Fun...

Since Monday I have been struggling with a cough, sore throat, watery eyes, and runny nose... Let me tell you it is no fun especially at night. My stomach hurts so bad from coughing so much. I feel like I am running on no sleep at all between getting up to pee twice every hour then coughing my head off, and I am beat. Last night I did sleep a little bit better until about 3 then I couldn't quit coughing. Jesse has been sick with the same thing and is still coughing. We just are hoping that Austin and Hailee don't get it. Lots of lysol and disinfecting.

Getting away from the sickness talk.... The kids are doing great. Austin is doing great with his 4th grade work, and Hailee is doing wonderful with her preK work. I am super proud of them both for the amazing job that they are doing!! I love being able to be here with them and do their schooling with them. We get lots of one on one time, and for that I feel blessed.

As for the baby boy, I am counting down the days til scheduled c~section! Only 28 days to go if I make it that long. I am wondering how big this guy is going to be cause I don't think he can grow anymore inside of me.. I am running out of room. I guess really it could be any day now that something could happen! I am really kind of nervous about my csection this time around, not totally sure why. I have had two so you think this would be a breeze but I think about it alot. So just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A trip to the Zoo...

Jesse and I took the kids to the Indy Zoo!! We usually go every year so we thought we had better get it in before it gets to late. I was a little worried that it would be to much walking, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from having fun with the family!! Here are some pictures of the zoo... The Bears
Austin and Hailee 09

Austin, Hailee and Jesse

Looking carefully for the animals

Austin and Hailee loved watching the penguins especially at feeding time!
Austin and Hailee looking to see what they can see...
Austin getting inked!

Hailee showing off her dolphins


Hailee loved the Big Elephant
We had a great time! When we left we went through Greenwood to stop at Target. I love Target!! Then out to eat at O'Charley's which was really good. It was so nice to be able to go and spend the day with our family.

Prego Bump

I am so not fond of prego pictures but many have asked for another so here is one. Don't mind my face, I didn't know that someone was taking a picture of me. This is me at 36 weeks prego with my huge baby bump. I am thinking he is going to be a BIG boy!!

Date Set

Well.... I found out that due to my insurance being so strict that they will have to schedule my csection one week prior to my first ultrasound date. According to my first ultrasound my due date was Oct. 7th. However I have had a total of 3 ultrasounds and they had said my date was Sept. 28th... Yeah so I was counting on that date, only to find out that I can't go by that date.
My csection is scheduled for Oct. 1st at 8 am. I wasn't to happy about this but what do you do?
The doctor said all I can do is wait until my water breaks or I go into labor and then I can have this baby earlier. I honestly don't think I will make it til Oct. 1 but we will see. Anyways keep us in your prayers this last month as we count down the days til delivery.

Right now I am sick... boo! I have got the sore throat, sneezing, coughing, head feels like it is about to explode thing going on.... YUCK. I am feeling awful and miserable so hopefully that will get better soon!