Friday, July 29, 2011

a new journey in life

Starting a new journey in life is a little scary, but also very exciting :) Many of you know that I have been trying to loose weight and get healthy. I want you all to know that I worked hard and I have reached my goal weight and I am maintaining it!! I lost 55 lbs in about 4 1/2 months and now I have been maintaining my weight for a little over a month.

Here is a picture of me now!

Here is a picture of me in October of last year... I tried searching for old pictures but the truth is I hid from the camera...

The transition is amazing! I am happy to say that this has really inspired me. I want to be someone that can help others and show them they can get the weight off and keep it off. I joined the Take Shape for Life group and I am now a healthcoach. I am very excited to see where this takes me, and I hope that I can really help people that want it!! If you want any information or want to make this lifestyle change feel free to email me at . I would love to help and share my story!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mexican Food, and Putt Putt Golf

My mom and Dad, Clayton, Lexie, and Lily joined us for supper at the Mexican Resturant. We thought we would celebrate Clayton's birthday since it was Saturday. I think Lexie got a little embarrased when Clayton had to wear this hat, ha ha.
After supper we went for some putt putt golf. It was a little hot but everyone had fun.

Even little Miss Lily enjoyed her family time. This was her hanging out in her stroller :)

After putt putt we departed and Jesse and I took the kids to scoop for ice cream. Then back to room where everyone was more then ready for bed.

Next stop

Our next stop was to Uncle Clayton's and Lexie's house. The kids wanted to meet their sweet cousin LILY! Well Bodie fell asleep before we got there.

But Austin and Hailee had fun loving on her... they enjoyed holding her and watching all her little movements.

Even Uncle Jesse held Miss Lily! She is so precious..

After leaving Clayton's we checked in at our hotel Baymont in Washington. Clayton and his family joined us for some swimming and hot tub time :)


Sunday morning we head to Daviess County... 1st stop was Bill and Cindy's to visit. We enjoyed lunch before heading to the pond. Here are a few pictures of what we had fun doing...

The kids were impressed with their dad's skills (4 wheeler wheelies, and jumping of the deck doing a flip into the pond).

Boat rides for everyone :)

And lots of swimming in the pond. They loved it!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our little girl is...

Hailee asked her daddy to take off her training wheels on the bike. She practiced for about a week, and was determined to ride with no training wheels. And now she if offically riding:)

Our little girl is growing up! Way to go Brooktini! We are so proud of your accomplishment and your determination. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July weekend!! I know we did. Saturday and Sunday consisted of swimming and grilling out at home! Monday the 4th we hung out at home, then my parents came up to enjoy the fireworks with us. We headed to the park at about 8pm for Fireworks~ they have live music there and food stands that start at 6 and play til 10. So we got to enjoy some of that before fireworks!!

The fireworks were really good! All the kids loved them, but were so tired cause it was way past our bedtimes. By the time we got home and got everyone to bed it was 11:45!! Way to late!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lily Arabella Wise

It was a long day Friday, as everyone awaited the arrival of Lily Arabella Wise, but it was definetaly worth the wait. At 8:26 pm Clayton and Lexie finally got to meet their precious little girl, Lily Arabella. Lily weighed 6lbs 12 ounces and was 20 inches long.
I have to tell you that I could of sat there all night and just watched my brother's face. Clayton's whole life has changed, because he is a daddy now! His face was glowing, and the smile on his face was priceless. I always knew Clayton would be a good daddy, and now he is showing us. Lily is so sweet, and has her daddy wrapped around her finger.
Lexie did an amazing job! I know she will be a good mommy to Lily. I wish that you could of seen their faces as they were holding their precious little girl. Congrats Clayton and Lexie~ we love you both, and we love Lily!!

Isn't she so sweet!! I already miss her!!