Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday

Just want to take a minute to wish my mom, Vicki, a very happy birthday. We love you lots:) Hope you have a Fabulous day!! Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Weekend

On Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed to the soccer field for our first game! Our game was at 9 and them kids were pumped up and ready (well most of them). We are the orange team so they decided we should be the TIGERS, and they made a few cheers for us to chant. :) The final score was 4-3 with us winning. We had so much fun!! I was so proud of Austin for his three goals :) He is a great soccer player!
After the game we headed to Odon to visit with family. Our first stop was Jesse's parents. We had a nice visit and ate lunch with them. Bodie got to show off his new walking skills for them (he is up to about 6-7 steps). April, Kevin, Hayden and Colin were also there so the kids had so much fun playing with their cousins.
After leaving there we headed to my parents. The kids loved riding the golf cart, playing corn hole, and just getting dirty outside. It was nice to be able to spend some time with them and my sisters. My brother wasn't there because he chose to go to Indy to some truck thing so we missed him. :(
Then we headed home and went to bed. It was a FULL, FUN Day!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Just want to say Happy Birthday to Lindsey McNabb, Grandpa W.C Wise (theirs was yesterday), Christina Spore, and my mother in law Cindy Swartzentruber (theirs are today). Hope you all had a great birthday, we are sending hugs your way!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer is starting...

We are very excited that soon we will be back on the soccer field!! Austin is playing again this season and Jesse and I are coaching. Hailee decided that she didn't want to play... not sure what her sport is but she says it isn't soccer :( I got my roster over the weekend, and we start practice on Wednesday. Our first game is on Saturday!! Yay!!
We love those Saturday mornings on the soccer field watching Austin make those GOALS!! And we love coaching, have met some wonderful people / friends :) It really makes it worth the time when you meet those types of people and kids that just love ya.

Oh and on another note, we got the kids pictures taken at Cornelius photography. They are really good and I am having so much trouble deciding on which to order cause I love them all. If you all would like to take a peek go to and my password is sarah3. Let me know what you think :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend

On Friday when Jesse got home from work, my sister Molli took us to Elletsville to pick up our car that had been in the shop. Yay!! I finally have my car back:) Oh and it is running GREAT now! Molli then headed to Daviess County for the weekend (she is a college student at U of I). Jesse and I decided that we would take the kids and play some Put Putt golf. The weather was so nice and the kids had so much fun. It was really nice because there wasn't many people there! After we finished we headed into Bloomington and had supper at Fazoli's. YUM!! We all love their food and especially the breadsticks... Then we decided to treat ourself to desert at Coldstone Creamery. Of course my kids like the traditional vanilla and chocolate (or at least Austin does), but Hailee loves Mint Chip so that is what she had. Jesse and I try something new everytime.

Saturday, my brother came to visit with us. He spent most of the day here with us. The kids love their Uncle Clayton!! We didn't do alot just hung out, played playstation, watched tv, and all that fun stuff!

Sunday, Bill and Cindy came to visit. ( Jesse's parents). We enjoyed lunch together and the kids were full of energy wanting them to do everything. They babysat for us while we did a dreaded WalMart trip... They took them to play at the park, and out for ice cream. The kids really enjoyed their time with mamaw and papaw. It was so nice visiting with them :)

Today, we decided to take the pool down... Jesse worked most of the morning on it. Then of course he got called to work so everything is everywhere in the back yard. He worked the rest of the day so it will just all have to stay there til tomorrow when one of us can get out there to get it put up. My sister Molli stopped in on her way back to campus. She stayed and had supper with us, then I treated her and the kids to ice cream:) I can't believe this weekend is already over... Now I am getting everything ready for tomorrow~ Back to our normal routine! Hope you all have a great week!