Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick R Treat

What a crazy day it has been, seriously. I had lots to do today, and still feel like I have tons more to go. I had to finish up Austin's costume, just the head piece, which was a bad experience. I figured out I am not near as talented as I thought I was. Austin decided he wanted to be a mummy for Halloween, and I thought I could make that costume. The body part wasn't to bad at all, but then there is the head piece. I started out by hot glueing strips of sheets on a ski mask. Well I got done and though wow I did a great job, so I told Austin to try it on. Well he couldn't get it over his head. I got the pieces to tight. So I cut it off and started over. This time I told him to put the head thing on and I would glue it that way. So I tried that and well, he couldn't get the mask off. At this point he was flipping out. I had to cut it all off again. I finally figured out what to do, and suceeded at it on the third attempt. LOL. Here is Austin and his mummy costume.

Hailee is going as a chicken for Halloween. I bought a costume, and I thought it was so cute. She loves trying it on and walking through the house making chicken noises. She is thinking she needs some eggs to carry around because Chickens lay eggs. Wow a two year old and her ideas.

Here are the kids together in thier costumes. Our trick or treating isn't til Friday night, but we did a trial costume try on tonight. Looking cute, HUH?
So the kids are looking forward to getting the goodies from our neighborhood and families. This weekend is going to be a crazy, fast weekend. Saturday we have a soccer game then headed to Odon for family pics. We are spending the weekend there in Odon, and going to try to get everyone fit in to our schedule. Until next time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold Tuesday

So I thought I would let everyone see the finished products of our pumpkin carving. Austin's is the witch and Hailee's is a kitty. I will have to try to take the pics at night when they are lit up.

What a chilly day this has turned out to be. I was so ready to turn on our heater, but Jesse said "Put more clothes on." It hasn't been to bad in our house, since we put all that insulation in. It has usually been about 70 degrees until today. Today it was like 67 degrees in our house, but I haven't touched the heater. ha ha. We have all had sweatshirts, and pj bottoms on. We are trying to tough it out til Jesse says "Let's turn on the heater." Hope you all are keeping warm and cozy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Fun

This weekend has been a good weekend. Jesse has tackled a few projects around the house. The kids have played great together and with the neighbor kids. I finally got my house clean, laundry caught up, and papers graded and recorded. On Sunday we did our family pumpkin carving fun. The kids were so excited to carve them. I took a few pics of the kids, and Jesse.
Austin minus a front tooth:)
Hailee "Brooketini" watching Austin do the dirty work...

Yeah Jesse really gets into the carving. He is getting really good, and usually ends up finishing everyones pumpkins.

Austin and Hailee showing the brother sister love.

Will it be a masterpiece?
Austin and Hailee cleaning the guts out of the pumpkins. It is a messy job but someone has to do it, right Austin?
Jesse, Austin, and Hailee on the front porch.
The kids are looking forward to halloween and dressing up. Hailee is going as a chicken, and Austin is a mummy. I made Austin's costume, and I was wondering why I didn't just buy it. LOL. After lots of time I have it completed. They both look adorable in the costumes and I will post pics on Friday, so be looking for them. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tooth #4

Well with the help of Hailee, Austin finally lost his fourth tooth. His tooth has been loose for about a month. A dog jumped up on him playing and knocked it loose. Anyway Austin wouldn't pull it or let anyone near it, and it really drove me crazy. Hailee and Austin were in my bed argueing and she went to push him away and hit his mouth. Out came the tooth... Anyone that knows Austin, knows that he hates the site of blood so his first reaction was a panic. He is so funny about that stuff. All is fine now and he is walking around with a wet washcloth in his mouth. Now he is thinking the tooth fairy will be bringing him $20. Yeah he wishes! I told him when I was a child I got maybe 50 cents. So we will have to wait and see what the tooth fairy blesses him with. :)
As for Hailee she is asking us to make one of her tooth come out. She wants to be just like Austin. So she also is walking around with a washcloth like she is in pain. These two really crack me up.
Austin also is thinking that since he made honor roll he should really get something big. We will have to see about that. I was thinking maybe 10 dollars for the honor roll but he is thinking much larger. WOW, kids.. They sure aren't cheap by no means, however I wouldn't trade my two for the world.

Busy Friday

Our outside fun times. Austin and Hailee sitting by the pumpkins that Mamaw and Papaw Wise gave them. They were so excited about them.
Austin and Hailee standing by the house. Being goofy.

Austin Michael, our little man!

Hailee Brooke, our princess!

Well the day started out with rain and it was so cold outside. I knew I had a busy day, but wow am I exhausted... Hailee and I had hair appts at noon today. Then off to McDonalds for lunch. That is always fun, right? I then had to go to WalMart, but Austin was not going... Then of course Hailee wanted to stay wherever her bubby was going to be. So Austin and Hailee went to thier friends house, my neighbors. I headed to WalMart solo thinking I could get in and out. Oh was I wrong. I thought I didn't have the kids so I would Christmas shop a little more for Hailee cause I need to even out presents. So I found two cool things that she wanted, and they were on sale. Yey! Done my other shopping, which took awhile and left walmart. After picking up the kids I tried to sneak in Hailee's toys. Well I threw them in my closet and shut the door, I didn't know where she was but I didn't see her so I figured she was playing in her room.. Ha ha ha. In walks Jesse from work, and I am on the phone but he heads to the bathroom with Hailee. She said daddy look at Hayden and Colin's toys in the closet... Then she says but I wanted that. I take off running toward the closet but it is to late.. She already seen it, and had tears in her eyes. Jesse said I didn't know that was in here and she wanted to show me Hayden and Colin's toys for Christmas. Not sure where she got that from, but they were actually hers.. She is crying so hard and said, "Mommy I wanted that." Yeah she is a proud owner of a little Mommy doll (the one with the potty, and sink). I am such a sucker... Let me tell ya though she hasn't put the doll down since she got it though. She loves it. Would of made a great Christmas gift.
We spent some time outside today around the house. The kids played with the neighbor hood kids for awhile. They love being outdoors and playing with others. Hailee takes charge and bosses all the boys around. She is actually getting really good at doing that.
After that I headed to Kroger with Hailee to grocery shop while Austin and Jesse stayed home to get some stuff done around the house. Jesse has all kinds of projects that he says he needs to get done before winter. Not so sure that that will happen but he is trying to tackle them. Hopefully this weekend won't be a rush around one. We don't have soccer this weekend due to Fall Break so at least it isn't early games or nothing. Hopefully it will be a relaxing one full of good family time. Maybe even carving some pumpkins. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I went for an ultrasound yesterday. I don't know why but I just have been so nervous about everything. Jesse met me at the hospital at 345 for my appointment. I went and had a ultrasound done, and during the whole thing not a word was said... Which scared me alot. I know that they aren't the doctor but... wow give me a sign... Seriously. When I got done she said the doctor will call you with results tomorrow. Do you know how stressful that is, to not know anything? Anyways as of today everything is looking great and progressing very well. All good news... I am so thankful for that. I had to go back in and get blood drawn today to make sure my numbers are increasing and they are. Austin has been so worried about me going to the doctors and getting blood drawn, he is full of questions. Today he asked, "Mom, is this baby going to be okay?" It really touched my heart to know that my 8 year old son is so worried about this little one growing in my belly- a person he has never met yet he loves the baby already. Hailee also talks about babies daily and every night while laying in bed she raises her shirt and says see my baby in my belly. Kids are so full of amazing things, which I learn so much from. I can't say how blessed I am to have Jesse, Austin, Hailee, and the bun in the oven growing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Expecting a little one:)

Jesse, Austin, Hailee and I want to announce that we will be adding a new addition to our family. Oh and we are way excited about it. I found out on Thursday that I am pregnant! I went and got bloodwork done and everything is looking good. My due date is the first part of June. We told the kids on Monday that we were going to have a baby. Austin is excited and wants a brother... He also informed us that he wants to name it Jake? Hailee is excited also but wants a sister really bad, so we will see. We let Austin and Hailee call and tell Bill and Cindy, and Leon and Vicki (our parents). I think they were all shocked but happy. Oh course I called and told April (Jesse's sister- the best sister in law in the world) and I think she was mad at me that I knew since Thursday and kept it a secret during our long phone conversation on Friday. Ha ha. However she was also happy for us.
Jesse and I can't wait to experience all the things that come along with being pregnant, and feel blessed. Sometimes we think we are going crazy with two kids, and now we will have three! Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where does time go?

It feels like the weekend has just flown right by... Seriously where does time go? On Friday I had to get up at 330A, to take my brother Clayton to the airport. Let me tell you he better be thankful to have a sister like me that loves him so much... I had never drove to Indy or in Indy so I was scared to death. However we got there, dropped him off then headed back home alone. Yeah I missed my exit had to turn around and find it again, but I did make it home safe. I was so tired that day though. Ha ha.
On Saturday we were at the soccer field in the AM. Austin had a game and won again 3-2 was the score. This season has went so good for us. We are all enjoying soccer. My mom and dad came up for the game with Dakota. After the game we came back to my house for lunch and let the kids play.

Hailee Dakota and Austin
Austin flying a plane...
Hailee throwing up the peace signs!
My mom with Austin and Hailee...
Austin decided he was going to stay the night with mom and dad so he went home with them, but Hailee just wasn't so sure. She passed on going but cried so hard for her brother. It amazes me how much she loves him and he loves her. I am so blessed for both of these wonderful kids. On Sunday I went and met mom in Spencer to pick up Austin. Hailee was thrilled to get her bubby back. Then Sunday night Clayton's flight landed so Jesse, the kids and I headed to Indy to pick him up. Let me tell you I know that Clayton is growing up but I was so scared and nervous for him to leave and go to Mississippi to see his friend Derek Fowler. I didn't sleep good until last night, I don't know why... Just a sister worry I guess. I was thrilled when I seen him at the doors and he walked to get into the car. Just knowing he was safe. I know I know I sound ridiculous. Oh well though.
Today is Monday... Already, another week. Hopefully this week will go by kind of quick so that maybe we can have a relaxing weekend....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sick One...

Hello All! Hailee has been sneezing her head off, and a runny nose. Poor thing just sounds terrible. I am sure that it is just the weather, but I just hate not being able to do anything for her. She looks drained.
Everyone else has been lucky not to be sick, so hopefully it will stay that way. Hope everyone else is avoiding the sickness:)
Today we have kept busy with schooling, cleaning, and that fun stuff. Feels like that is an everyday project, cleaning up. Wouldn't have it any other way though. I love being able to be home with my two children. They keep me busy.
Tonight we have soccer practice, looks like it will be a decent day for it! We had a game last saturday and we won. The score was 3-1. Austin had one goal, but did amazing. We are looking into doing a traveling soccer for him so that will be interesting. Soccer is his sport, and is what he loves to do.
Until next time...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cookout at the Morris's!

Saturday evening, we headed toward Odon for our a cookout at Paul and Denise Morris's house. Of course Austin and Hailee really wanted to stay at the grandparents house, so they went to Bill and Cindy's for the evening. Jesse and I went to the cookout, which was lots of fun. It was so nice to see friends that you don't get to see very often and be able to catch up with them. There was lots of good food, good laughs, and lots of stories shared... Oh and a Cornhole tourney, which I had no clue what it was. I know I know, who doesn't know what that is.. Anyways I played and now I want my own boards... Here is a pic of Jesse and I at the cookout.
Abbie and Max was there, who I miss lots. Here is a pic of Abbie and I. It was so nice seeing her, and we are going to have to get together more often. We met a month or two ago in Bloomington at Fazolis and got to spend awhile talking. After that Hailee talks about Max and says he is one hottie tottie. LOL.
Sheena Wagler, Shawna Miller, and I posing for a pic. It was good to see you two. We got to share several stories of our kids. Griffen Wagler was at the cookout, and him and Jesse are now buddies. He was so cute. Well and Macey went to her own get together somewhere, so I missed her. Then Miss Allison Miller, was way cute. She was full of little sayings that would just make us all laugh.
Jesse and Travis sitting gossiping. ha ha. Travis is a really good friend of ours. It was nice seeing him cause we don't see him near enough.
We really had fun, and thank you Paul and Denise for putting this on and inviting all of us. These were just a few of the pics I took, but there was alot more people there. I loved getting to see all of them with thier family. Hope we can do it again real soon. Miss you all.

Fall Festival Parade

Over the weekend, Martinsville had thier Fall Festival. On Friday night we went down around the square and let the kids ride rides, eat, and play games. They had lots of fun and had smiles across thier sweet faces. Austin is all into the games, and well Hailee has to do what her bubby does. On Sunday they had the Fall parade, so we went downtown to it. Let me tell you, that parade lasted over 2 1/2 hours. We didn't stay for it all because it was hot and Hailee was getting a sunburn. Here are some pics I took at the parade.
Jesse and Austin trying to stay cool under this little tree.
Daddy and the kids. Still waiting on the candy to come.
Our handsome little man. He just keeps growing and growing.
Austin and Hailee, having fun at the parade.
Yeah I think she has the wave down. She did this to everyone that walked by. To cute.
We had a good time at the parade and the kids have way to much candy. Such a busy weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Supper Topics...

The one thing we always do daily is sit at the table and eat supper together as a family. I think that is just wonderful. I know sometimes it is hard to do, but we do it almost daily. It is one of my favorite times, and I learn about different things during this time. The night before last we went around the table telling what we love about each other. With an 8 year old and a 2 year old it gets interesting. Austin and Hailee are so close, and really look up to each other. I love it. Last night somehow we got on the topic of babies. Hailee shared with us that she would like for mommy to have a baby sister. No I am not pregnant so I am not sure where this came from, I haven't said anything to the kids about us wanting another one right now. Although we do! Austin had to argue that he wants a baby brother because Hailee is the only sister he thinks he can handle. It was so cute listening to them. Austin said, "Well it will be a boy cause it goes boy girl boy girl... " Don't you wish it were that easy. I told him that isn't how my family went cause there are two girls then a boy then two girls. He looked at me and said well your family isn't normal. LOL. I knew that. Well I am looking forward to supper tonight so I can see what is in thier little minds. It is always something different, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay so my grandpa is doing better. He went in for surgery today at 1, and I haven't heard anything yet. My mom, Linda, Gary, and Grandma have been down there by his side. I am sure he is feeling so blessed to have his wonderful family there with him. Keep him in your prayers.
Jesse's grandma, Maggie is at Jasper. I think she will be there for 20 days to do therapy and recover from her surgery. She will be thankful when her time is up I am sure. Keep her in your thoughts. All is going okay.
Jesse's grandma, Marjorie, is still at Vincennes I believe. I know they were putting fluid in her cause I think she was dehydrated. Keep her in your prayers also.

As for here in Martinsville, things are okay. We are doing good! Just keep wondering if it is going to rain today or not. We have soccer practice at 5...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Say a Prayer

My Grandpa Hollis is in the hospital. Please just say a prayer for him. He is having trouble with his gallbladder. He is having surgery on Tuesday to get it removed. Keep him in your thoughts along with my grandma.

Great Day!

Today we spent the day at McCormick Creek State Park. We went there for my friend Lindsey's little boy , James birthday. We all really had fun. We enjoyed a hay ride, and just nice scenery. Then the cake and ice cream was great to. Hailee and Austin loved being out in the woods. Here are a few pics I took.

Austin on the hay ride wagon!
Me with the kids.
Jesse and the kids.
It was a fabulous day for a hayride. The weather was amazing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pictures from Soccer

KC Wizards, my soccer team! These are a few pictures of my soccer team that I took..
Austin, my little soccer man.
Austin posing for a picture. He is such a natural.
Hailee is apart of our team to. She loves to play soccer. Here is a pic I took of her with her soccer ball.

Saturday Craziness

Today has started out to be a crazy Saturday morning. We had to be at the soccer field at 745A for our pictures, which with two kids is early. Austin and Hailee both are sleepers so this was a challange getting them up at 615 to get ready. We were on time though! So after pictures we had a soccer game at 9A. The kids were pumped and ready to play. Our game went well and our kids were amazing. We won with the score being 8-0. Of course we have like Soccer Drama out on the field.. That itself is one long story that gives me a headache thinking about it. Anyways our team is undefeated at this point. I stress though that no matter what happens as long as they give it all they got and have fun that is all that matters. Austin did super, and really is a natural at soccer. He scored 3 goals!
We are home now and the kids are out playing with the neighbor boys. Jesse and I are working around the house trying to get things accomplished. Tomorrow we are off to McCormick Creek for a birthday party. Austin's friend James will turn 6. Happy Birthday James.
Please just keep Maggie Swartzentruber in your prayers. She had hip surgery and is in the hospital at Jasper where she will be recovering and taking therapy. Also keep Marjorie Eaton in your thoughts and prayers. She has been sick and is going today for a catscan. These are both Jesse's grandmothers.
Until next time...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So we recently added two rabbits to our family tree. Austin's rabbit is black and white, named chomper.

Hailee picked the grey and white one, and named it RUBY.
Here is a picture of the two of them in a cage. They enjoy carrots and the kids love feeding them.
Austin and Hailee together posing for a picture!
Here is the cage we had to purchase from Rural King. Of course we had to have the fancy one and no cheapy... Anyways so the rabbits are adjusting very well, and the kids are doing thier part in taking care of them every day.
This week has been crazy, but is getting better. Today we had soccer practice and it went very good. Of course Jesse had to work through this practice, but I have alot of awesome parents that help out. Makes it super nice. I am still awaiting the arrival of my computer so hopefully it will be here next week or soon. Homeschooling is still going good and we are hitting the books super hard. Austin has a game on Saturday early, so we are all looking forward to that. I will post how that goes at a later date.