Sunday, May 13, 2012

Div. 1 last game

Saturday was Hailee's last game of the Spring Season!  They had a awesome year :)  Jesse and I enjoyed coaching this group of kids.  Yes, it was CRAZY at times~ but they kept us laughing with their wild stories and imaginations.  Here is our team with the TROPHIES which they were all extremely excited for!!  

A big THANK YOU to our sponsor Jason Voiles!! He took the whole team and families out for Ice Cream after our game!  :)

Austin's Div. 4 soccer

Here are a few pictures from Austin's game on Saturday.  We lost 3-1.  


 Looking like he could be up to something...  

So proud of you Austin!!  :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hailee's Soccer

These pictures are from our Div. 1 soccer team!  We really had fun with this group of kids this season, they were always full of stories!!  

Hailee Brooke has really improved this year and was not scared to get in there and go after the ball a little bit!  We are very proud of her and Austin's soccer skills!!  Promise to post pictures of Austin's team soon!

Beachbody Coach

Recently I decided to sign up to become a beachbody coach!  I am super excited about this:)  Loosing weight with Take Shape for Life changed my life, but I really needed to tone up... This is where I discovered INSANITY (a beachbody program).  I completed two months of it and I have discovered I now love to workout.  CRAZY i know, but it seriously makes my day so much better!  I am setting up a June challenge and taking 6 people in this.  So if you are interested let me know and go to my website to check out challenge packs!  You won't regret it!!