Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling better

Today I woke up with the same ole lump in the throat, and nausea. However I know that is just the pregnancy, I experienced the same thing with Hailee Brooke. As the day went on though, I am really feeling lots better. I have got alot accomplished today so that makes me happy!! About a week ago I took Hailee to get her haircut, and I wanted to share some pictures of my cute little princess. She loves her hair and I do to!! So here are some shots of her.
Side view~
Back view~
Front view~

Also I wanted to post Austin's bunkbeds. Hailee and Austin have so enjoyed climbing up and down these things, scares me a little. So far not to many accidents. Austin has yet to sleep on top bunk~ to be honest I think he is a little scared to sleep up there. I know that will change.
Hailee climbing up to top to be with her bubby!
The kids have been hyper today, and fighting like crazy. I am hoping they will calm down soon. I don't know what it is but I am pretty sure it is just from being cooped up in this house. We are so ready for some nice weather so we can get out and play. Even better we are looking forward to the end of April for our trip to Panama City Beach !! Some fun in the sun by the beach !!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not off to a good start...

This week has not really been off to a good start at our house. I have just been so sick feeling, and not really in the mood to do much. Monday, Austin and I started out great and got all our schooling done early which was wonderful. As the day went on, I just started feeling terrible. Jesse had to work late, so when he called I just told him to go pick up supper for him and the kids cause I didn't feel like cooking or eating. They enjoyed Burger King while I thought I was going to get sick over the smell of it. Oh well, that happens alot. I went to bed early and slept for 12 hours. When I woke up today I thought I felt pretty good, but after cleaning, mopping, and schooling I am feeling drained. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel lots better and get some pics taken or have something nice to write about, but not today. I hope everyone else is having a nice start of the week, and well I hope mine gets better.

My tupperware party is on Saturday, so if anyone wants anything let me know.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

This post is dedicated to Hayden Brown.
I want to wish Hayden (my niece) a very Happy Birthday! She is turning 9 today, and I hope that you have a great day. Austin, Hailee, Uncle Jesse, and I send hugs and kisses your way.

Here is a picture of Hayden!

Here is a picture of Austin and Hayden when they were little. Look at how much they have changed.

So Miss Hayden, this one is for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love and miss ya and hope to see ya soon. :)

Meeting up with Friends!

Last night, Jesse and I met up with a group of friends for dinner at the Crazy Horse in Bloomington, IN. It was really nice to be able to sit down and catch up on others lives while sharing stories about your own. We really had a nice time and look forward to doing it again soon. Here are a few of the pictures from our night.
Looks like they are in deep conversation. Jesse, Woody, Matt, and Larry.
Me and Jesse at the Crazy Horse!

Group shot of a few of us Girls~ Sheena, Denise, Misty and Me.

Misty Wagler, haven't seen her in a long time and it was so nice to catch up with her and enjoy a evening together.

Denise and Sheena enjoying the evening!
We really had a nice turnout! Paul and Denise Morris, Larry and Janet Wagler, Jeff and Marilyn Wagler, Casie Williams, Summer Carmel, Misty Wagler, Travis Woodruff, Matt and Sheena Wagler, Jesse and I. Looking forward to our next gathering:)
After we left the Crazy Horse, Sheena and I decided to take our husbands and go bowling. However, when we got to the Bowling Alley there were people waiting to bowl so we settled on going to Steak and Shake and enjoying Milkshakes. So much fun just sitting and talking, thanks Sheena and Matt for going with us.
The kids had a blast staying at our house with Bill and Cindy (Jesse's parents). They brought Colin (our nephew) up to spend the evening with our kids. Hayden had a birthday party for all girls, so Colin decided not to stick around for that. ha ha. Anyways the kids enjoyed the time with the grandparents and thier cousins, and they are asking when they can do that again.
Not to much going on here, just doing a few things and laying around.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Checkup

So I am back from the dr, and things look great! I am scheduled to go back in 4 weeks. I ended up switching dr's and I am now going to one in Martinsville. I went to Bloomington with Hailee, but decided to switch because I have heard wonderful things about the OB dr.'s here. The drive is nice to, I am at the dr office which is located in the hospital in like 4 minutes. Yey! Austin and Hailee went with me today and was so excited cause we got lots of goodies in a bag and a pitcher for water. Thanks for all who said a little prayer for me, I so appreciate it. God is Good!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Upcoming Dr. Appt.

Tomorrow, I have a ob dr. appt in the morning and I am still a little nervous. If anyone has time or thinks about it please just say a quick little prayer for me that all is going well. I haven't had anymore spotting since last time, but that is still a scary thing. I will post and let you know how it goes:) Thanks

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still going

Last night, Hailee (our princess) had a little episode. She got so angry at Austin that she bit him. I am just stuck on how to get kids to quit biting? Any help? Someone told me to put mustard on her tongue so if it happens again I will try that. Last night she was in serious trouble, and had to sit in a time out. She cried and cried and told Austin, me and daddy how Sorry she was and that she was going to quit being mean. I guess we will see how the day goes, but if anyone has experienced a bitter then let me know how to get it to stop.
Here is a picture after the incident of Hailee trying to get in good with her bubby again.
Her eyes are a little red from crying, but she is trying to be sweet. She kept telling him that She loves him and she is so sorry. I just hope she means it.
So Jesse started on Saturday re doin' Austin's room. The paint is finally done. Here is a picture of the painted walls. He did an awesome job. Being pregnant and all, I am not suppose to be around paint fumes and even when I would walk by that room wow the smell was strong. So I am so thankful to my wonderful husband for doing all this. He is the best.
Last night Jesse started putting Austin's bunk bed's together. There were so many pieces. He didn't get started til 8pm so they aren't all the way finished. We are hoping they will be together tonight so Austin can sleep in there. He has been sleeping in Hailee's room. Here is a pic of Jesse hard at work while Hailee is trying to keep him company. She always wants to help Daddy:)
Well I am hoping to have a better day than yesterday. I have just felt so nausea and exhausted. Today I am up cleaning, doing laundry, and of course blogging. Austin is starting school and Hailee is in cartoon land, no fighting yet. Hailee and I go today for haircuts and we are so excited about it. :) Til next time!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tupperware Party

I will be having a tupperware party on Saturday February 28th at 2pm. The location will be at the Duke Energy building~ please park in the back parking lot located behind the building. If you can't make it but want to place an order that would be awesome. Just send me a message or an email with what your wanting. I will get you a price so that you can mail me a check or pay me. You can go online and check out the Spring 2009 catalog.
Thanks bunches!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's weekend!

Our weekend started out on Friday night with Austin having his friend to stay the night. They had so much fun playing the Wii and watching movies! Then Saturday morning they woke up and we fixed breakfast, and got the kids packed. We had to meet Bill and Cindy in Spencer to drop the kids off cause they were wanting to spend the night with grandma and grandpa and thier cousin's Hayden and Colin. They were really excited about going, and well Jesse and I were a little excited to have an evening alone:) After dropping them off, Jesse and I headed to Bloomington. We went into Target (love that store), to look for some bedding for Austin. Then we enjoyed lunch at RED LOBSTER, yummy. It was so nice to sit down and be able to talk to my husband. Such a great Valentine treat. After leaving there we were stuffed but had to go to Sams. We spent alot of time in Sam's stocking up on some freezer stuff and other things we needed. Then we headed home to get started on Austin's room. We got him a new bedroom suit cause for some reason he wanted bunk beds? Let me mention he had a queen bed, but insisted that we get bunk beds.
Jesse worked all weekend on painting Austin's room and I think the painting part is finally done. However now tonight we have to the beds put together and get everything back in place. Fun, fun!
The kids returned home around 5 on Sunday and it was so nice to see them. I enjoyed the squeezes and the "love you's". They told us all about the fun time they had playing with thier cousins and mamaw and papa. Hailee even rode the new pony, and she says "i wasn't even scared." To cute!
I will try to post some pics tonight of Austin's new room! Hopefully we will get things done tonight:)

On Valentine's Day and everyday, I continue to think of Chelsa Knepp and her family. We said an extra special prayer for baby Andon as he is in heaven. Chelsa, Ryan, and Brycen my heart goes out to you. Andon is looking down on you in heaven and smiling, and he knows what a great family he has. There are so many things that we will never have answers for and often we find ourselves asking "Why", but it is important that we remember that God is there for us and he will take care of us. Keep your faith strong Chelsa, and always know that your surrounded by so many people that love you ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Party

The wind was crazy here last night, but luckily our power stayed on. I ordered Mr. Gatti's pizza around 5, and shortly after I ordered it Jesse called to tell me he would be working late. I figured with all the wind that he would be busy working to restore power. The kids and I enjoyed pizza and put the rest in the fridge for daddy when he got to come home. At 11:30 pm Jesse finally got home and told me he was to pack for 5 days. YUCK. So we got him packed, but we don't know if he will be gone for 5 days or not. We will have to wait it out and see.
Today the kids had thier Valentine party with our Homeschool Group (Morgan County Home Educators). Austin decorated a football box, and it turned out really neat. Of course this was Jesse's project with Austin but it was put off til last minute, so last night at 730 Austin and I made his box. Austin is a huge Colts fan as you can tell.

I kept Hailee box simple and sweet. Here is a picture of her and her box. She was so proud of it!

The kids loved passing out valentines, playing games, and decorating thier own cupcakes. Of course Hailee loved all the candy :) Here are some pics of the group.
Here is Austin playing with a few friends.
Not sure what I was doing, I think I was talking to Austin so I am making a wierd face... However Hailee is having fun decorating her cupcake. Yummy!
The kids had to pick a heart candy out of the conversation heart box and make a complete sentence. An example someone picked out the heart that says "Ask Me" so they said "Will you ask me out on a date? " It was really cute to listen to them come up with sentences.
So Jesse just called and said he will be home tonight around 11:30p. I don't think it got as bad as they thought so that is good. Not to much really going on here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nice weekend

This weekend was such a nice weekend around home. Jesse was on call and worked most of the day on Saturday. On Saturday the kids got up and helped me clean a little bit. Austin and Hailee washed down the chalkboards that we use for school. They also both had a rag and bucket of water and went threw the house wipping off the trim for me. This needed to be done bad and I was so thankful that they helped me. I was a little under the weather on Saturday, so after we got this done we enjoyed a movie and popcorn in my bed. The kids and I watched Parent Trap (we love this movie), and Jesse came in and caught the last 1/2 hour of it. It was nice just to lay around with the kids and Jesse.

On Sunday, it was a nice day outside. We opened some windows to get fresh air in the house and the germs out. After picking up a little we all headed outside. Jesse had a list of somethings he wanted to get done, and the kids wanted to get Chomper (our rabbit) out of the cage and play with him. He has really gotten BIG. Here is pics of Chomper.

The kids had lots of fun playing outside! Austin played football with some of the neighbor boys, while Hailee and I decided to come in and bake some homemade Sugar cookies. She loves to help and eat the dough as we go. Later that afternoon Jesse did get called out to work again, thank goodness it was his last day on call. I know he is ready for a little break and some resting.
Well I don't have alot planned this week, on Thursday our homeschool group is having a valentine party so we are working on our valentine boxes. Then on Saturday Jesse, the kids and I are going for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Bloomington then off to Sam's for some restocking. Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good News!

So I have put the whole Weight Watchers on hold now, due to some exciting news. Jesse, Austin, Hailee and I are proud to announce that around September we will be welcoming a new addition to our family. I found out a few weeks ago that I was pregnant, but was a little nervous about saying anything due to a previous miscarriage. Well I couldn't keep it a secret any longer and wanted to share our news with the kids. Austin and Hailee are super excited about a new baby. Anyways just wanted to share our news with our family and friends. I haven't went in for my first dr. appointment but will do so in the next week or so. I will be sure to keep you all posted!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sickness GO AWAY

Last night was definately a long rough night at our house. Hailee has been a little sick for a few days now, mostly congested stuff. She has recently started taking breathing treatments to loosen all that junk up and get it out. I could tell that it had been helping , and she had been spitting out mucas stuff. Yesterday she sounded alot better so I thought yey, finally she is getting over this sickness.... Then last night around 11:50 pm it all began. She started coughing which lead into the vomitting. Jesse jumped up and grabbed a shirt for her cause he knew she wasn't going to make it to the bathroom. Wow, she didn't. It was awful. After cleaning up that episode and stripping the bed, we were up two more times doing the same thing. I am so ready for the sickness to GO AWAY.
For the last few days, I think I have sneezed a million times. I don't know what it is but I can't quit. Even when I am done sneezing I still feel the need to and I really dislike that feeling. I am still sneezy today.
Not to much has been going on this week due to the sickness, and Jesse being on Call with work. It has been pretty quiet around here. Today I am going to clean and disinfect this house. I cracked a window just for a minute to get some clean air and the kids about had a fit. "What are you doing, it is cold outside." That is what I heard. Oh well. Hopefully next post I will have some better news about not being sick and some good pics. Till then stay healthy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today has been a day that really makes me think of all the wonderful things and people I have in my life. As I watched Jesse outside cleaning out the rabbit cage and shoveling snow, he still had a smile on his face. Everytime he would look up he would smile and wink at me. Then watching Austin and Hailee outside playing in the snow. Hailee was a little scared and Austin picked her right up and helped her to the swing set. As I watched him pushing her on the swings, then he helped her down, and helped her back to the steps. When they were cold they came in and turned the bed warmer on and cuddled. A bit later I walked in the living room where they sat and put a puzzle together. All I could do is just sit back and smile. God has put these wonderful people in my life to be my family and I am so blessed to have them. I don't want to take that for granted.
Somethings don't go the way you want them to, or as you planned but I have learned that we have no control. GOD IS IN CONTROL, not us. It was so hard in November when I had a miscarriage, and I don't really understand why it happened but god has a plan for me. I just have to trust it, and lean on him.
Today has been really hard, because a family member is suffering a loss. My heart goes out to her and aches for her and her family. She was around 34 weeks pregnant, and lost her precious baby boy. Please keep the family of Ryan and Chelsa Knepp in your thought and prayers. She is such a sweet person, and an amazing mom. I pray that she will find comfort.

Prayer Request

Please keep the family of Ryan and Chelsa (Chamberlain) Knepp in your thoughts and prayers. I am not sure on all the details, but know they need prayers. Chelsa is my second cousin.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Papaw Bill

Happy BirthdayPapaw Bill (aka: Papaw Hillbilly). We hope you have a great birthday today and Mamaw treats you like a King! Hailee and Austin say, " Papaw your our Hero!" We love you lots and send many birthday hugs and kisses your way. Happy Birthday!

For those of you who don't know~ Bill is Jesse's dad. He is def. one of a kind, I mean that in a good way:) Austin, Hailee, Hayden and Colin look up to him and worship the ground he walks on. Yet some of us often question the things he comes up with, we still love him and hope he has a great day! Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Visit from Papaw Bill and Mamaw Cindy!

The kids and I enjoyed a nice visit today from Papaw Bill (aka Hillbilly) and Mamaw Cindy. They came and took us out for a nice lunch at Chili's! Austin is my little meat eater, and he showed everyone that he could eat a whole rack of honey bbq ribs. I don't know where he puts it but he ate every bite. I know we all had a great time! After lunch we headed to WalMart, because I was looking for Hailee a snow suit (no luck). Of course we go to the toy isle and Hailee works her charm and ends up with a Dora head doll where you fix its hair and it goes in the tub. She has really enjoyed it though. Austin got some Ben 10 things to play with also.
When got back to the house, Papaw went out and done some shoveling of the snow. A big thank you for that!! Then we all enjoyed playing outside. The kids loved throwing snow balls at Papaw, and I think Hailee might of even got Mamaw once. Of course they made snowmen, a family of four, and attempted to make an igloo. Here are some pics of the fun we had!

The kids with the Snowman family!

Austin and Hailee hard at work perfecting thier masterpiece!

Hailee and Mamaw Cindy's mini snowman. Cute huh?

Serious laser tag time. His target was papaw!!

Hailee and Mamaw doing hair.
Thanks for coming up and spending the day with us. It was nice to have some company!!
I just got a call from Jesse and he is on his way home, yey! So he should be arriving at about 9pm tonight. The kids will be so excited to see daddy!