Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful Day

Okay so I know it is Monday~ and I don't look forward to them at all... However this Monday has really turned out to be a beautiful one. I woke up not feeling the best, but kept going. The kids had homeschool group today at Cascades Park in Bloomington and it was so nice. We got there at noon with a picnic lunch, so we ate and spent time with other kids and parents in our group. Hailee and Austin had such a great time!! The weather actually turned out to be nice to~ not to hot not to cold. I am so thankful for such a great day.

Tomorrow I have a dr. appt so be thinking of me. I have swollen feet, and have a hard time catching my breath... Just think it wont be much longer :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fast Growing Feet

We are approaching the Fall season of YMCA soccer , which starts begining of September. I thought I had better get the kid's gear out and ready. We just bought all new stuff in the Spring season so I was thinking we could use it for Fall too.... Yeah well that isn't going to work... Austin has went from a size 3 to a 4 1/2 in shoes and Hailee went from a 10 to an 11... Looks like I best get in gear and go get some new things. My kids feet are growing fast!! Ha ha.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not to much...

Well there isn't to much going on here... Just thought I would write a little so that you all know we are still here. Austin and Hailee have been busy doing their homeschool (which is going great so far). I am super proud of them both!! Also I just signed them up for soccer this season. I think their games start on Sept. 12th, so they are both looking forward to it. We are coaching again this season along with Brian and Mindy Mackin. Not sure how much I will be able to help, so Jesse will be the main person. I will be in charge of calling players, setting up practices, and having things in order. Brian and Mindy said they would run the practices obvisiously cause this prego momma can't do much on the field. LOL. Should be an interesting and fun season!!
Hailee is really wanting to start a gymnastics class, but I told her she needs to wait til after soccer and after our little baby boy gets here. Just feels like there is so much going on or that will be going on.
Jesse has been keeping busy at work. I am not complaining because that can be a good thing. I mean I am so thankful that he has a job and one he likes at that. What a blessing!!
As for me, well I am counting down my days til I have baby boy!! I am so ready~isn't everyone by the last month.
Well that is it for now, so have a great weekend to all!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just helpin Daddy...

Yesterday was such a busy day for us. We had school, then homeschool group, ran to the grocery store... then when Jesse got home we had to run get a tire fixed on his truck, get gas for the mower, come home mow the yard, put tire on truck, get supper cooked, and get the kids ready for bed. What a day, huh? Anyways I captured a few photos :

Austin just got done riding bikes with neighbors and was hot and sweaty!!
Getting ready to

help her daddy!! She wanted to mow right beside him. She was a huge help!!

Hailee with her MOOWER!

Pictures from our cookout

On August 8th, we had a cookout at Bill and Cindy's (Jesse's parents) for some of our friends. It was so nice getting everyone together and just hanging out! We had lots of fun:) We try to get together every 3-4 months, whether it is going out to eat or just getting together for a pitch in. Anyways here are a few pics that I recieved from Abbie that she took. They turned out good and I wanted to share them. Oh and it was really hot that day so I think us girls mostly hung out inside so there isn't pics of the females. LOL.

Paul and Avery Morris
Matt, Griffen Wagler, and Travis Woodruff hanging out on the porch!

Pony Rides for the kids!

Macey Wagler going to ride Callie (pony)

Jeremy and Jayle just hanging out!

Jazzy Clark (Misty's little girl)

Jayle taking a pony ride!

Hayden on the pony

Griffen Wagler (he made me laugh the whole night)

Colin Brown

Avery Morris having fun on Callie

Austin taking a ride

Sunday, August 23, 2009

36 days

As I got on my blog today, I looked at the baby ticker. 36 days til I am due!! However I should be scheduling my Csection so it should be sooner than 36 days. I can't believe it!! Today I worked on getting things ready and making list of what I need to get/ take to hospital/things Jesse needs to do!! It is getting so close. Jesse and I have also started our list on "Who can guess the weight." So much fun getting everyones answers for that, so if you want to participate then go for it!! Austin weighed 8lbs 13 ozs, and Hailee weighed 7lbs 6 ozs.

Some things that are going on in my pregnancy:
*I can lay in bed and watch him move from one side to the other. I made Jesse feel it and well he said it is kind of a gross feeling. LOL
*Shortness of Breath~ I have this alot.
*Swelling~ My swelling has went down alot, but I am still puffy in my feet and hands.
*Hungry~ Not sure why but the cravings have started back up again. Right now it has been Mexican food and Chinese (however I was told to stay away from Chinese, boo).
*No baths~ That is right, sometimes I just want to take a bath~ however it isn't very easy getting out of the tub. LOL. So I am sticking to SHOWERS for now!
*The kids have really been rubbing my belly and talking to our little guy. It is the sweetest thing ever, and I enjoy it so much!!

Well that is about all I can think of at this time. The kids came home from a weekend in Odon with Jesse's parents. I was excited to get them home. I have just been hanging out at home with them. Jesse got called out around lunch time and is still working. Better go for now. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kids having fun...

Friday evening, Cindy called and asked if Austin and Hailee wanted to catch a ride to their house with Bill cause he was going through Martinsville. It didn't take them long to say, "YES!" So I got them packed and Jesse and I took them up the Rural King to meet him. The plan was that they were coming home on Saturday, however I knew that wasn't going to happen. ha ha.
Well it is Saturday and they called and want to stay one more night, so I let them. Here are some of the pictures I recieved from Cindy's cell of what the kids have been up to.

Hailee and Papaw with the fish!!
Austin and Hailee~ they love the pond and fishing at mamaw and papaw's!!

A visit to Mamaw Maggie Swartzentruber's~ and look at who they got to visit with.... Their cousins Lily and Nolan Swartzentruber. (This is Tyson and Marisa's two children). I am sure Hailee and Austin was thrilled that there was a baby boy there to hold. They are practicing and preparing for our little guy!!
I guess they will be home tomorrow, but at least they are having fun and getting some good time with mamaw and papaw!
Tonight I was craving Mexican food. Thankfully Jesse met me at the mexican resturant uptown for supper. It was delicious:) After eating we made a quick trip to Rural King then home to enjoy the rest of this day. It felt so GOOD outside!! Jesse has been on call so it has been really quiet around here with the kids gone, but I have gotten lots done!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bye Bye Bunny

We decided that we were going to give our bunny rabbit, Chomper, away. The kids wanted a rabbit badly but haven't really played with him much. Of course rabbits can be lots of work~ cleaning out the cage, feeding, watering, oh and they use the bathroom ALOT!! So Austin decided that we could give him to a family that didn't have a pet. So nice of him!! However on the way home from dropping him off Austin and Hailee decided to go on a crying streak and talk about how much they will miss Chomper. Goodness... Today has been better and he has only been mentioned once so we will see how it goes. I told them both we could go and visit Chomper~ a girl in our homeschool group took him and they only live like 3 minutes from us so I think that helped a little bit.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a little note

I just wanted to write a few things to let you know what we are up to. Austin and Hailee are full force on doing their homeschool stuff. Austin is now in the 4th grade, and Hailee is doing Pre~school. I ordered them both the Abeka cirriculum which I really love. We are on a schedule and I am hoping that it really works for us. They are also enrolled in a homeschool group again this year that me and another lady started, Morgan County Home Educators. It isn't for them to go and do work, it is more of a social thing. We are hoping that it will grow a little more this year. There are 10 kids that go to every meeting, but there is 15 altogether. Some only go if we schedule outings or field trips. Anyways all is going good there. Both Austin and Hailee are willing to learn and are dedicated to being homeschooled so I will continue with it.

Today we had our Homeschool Group meeting at the park. Austin and Hailee enjoyed the day playing with the other kids. After that we headed to WalMart for a few items which easily turns into 15 items. YUCK!! Then it was homeward bound! Jesse is on call this week so it will be a crazy one. He worked over tonight and got home around 7ish. Both kids were excited to see him.

I go to the dr. tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4 so say a small prayer for me please. I am very anxious to meet our little guy, but only when the time is right. My swelling is still here so who knows what tomorrow will bring. I will post on it though. Goodnight to all!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catchin up!!

So I will start with Thursday night, my lil sis Molli (okay so she is 18) spent the night at our house. The kids really like it when she comes to visit and stay the night. They all had fun playing together and all that good stuff.
On Friday~ Molli, the kids and I headed to Rural King cause the kids got their allowance money and wanted these wooden gun things. Of course Hailee's is PINK!! After leaving there we came back here to pick up my mom. She brought her car up for me to drive until we figure out what we want. See we really aren't in any rush, ha ha. Anyways Thanks MOM!! We all went to Chili's for lunch~ YUM!! Then it was off to WalMart for Molli some school supplies and I needed to get a few items for Austin and Hailee's homeschool stuff. We pulled in my driveway and suprise Caleb Beckman (molli's guy friend) was here to suprise her. He is in College at Indy so he thought he would come here to see her for a little bit. So sweet!!
Then they all left.

Okay so today the kids and I ventured off to Greenwood, while Jesse stayed home to work on his truck. Nothing is wrong with it, he just is a typical man and wants it to sound good?? The kids and I went to Babies R US to get a few bottles, and little things. I really need to sit and figure out what I need. I also got a few things for myself there. Nursing things to be exact. Leaving there I took the kids out for lunch at Fazoli's~ YUMMO!! Austin loves their breadsticks! Hailee loves pasta so it was a win, win situation. From there we went to Target, which is a store I love! I found Hailee lots of stuff on the clearance rack that was either 1.54-3.40. I couldn't pass that up. Austin got some new TShirts to, but I noticed that when we got home all his shirts he picked out said / or had to do with SOCCER. To funny!! Oh well, it is about that season again and the kids are SO ready to play. When we left there we headed home. After returning home Jesse, the kids and I jumped in the pool for some relaxing time! We truely have enjoyed being able to go out to the back yard and get into our pool. NICE! Now I am wore out. I hope tomorrow is one of those days were we are all home relaxing together. Jesse goes on call next week so it will be a crazy one....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Royal Treatment

First I wanted to share a picture I took over the weekend of Austin driving the golf cart at my mom and dads. They all thought they were super cool riding with Austin and well he thought he was tuff stuff!!
Today Hailee and I went in to Studio One for some Royal Treatment. I got my hair hi~lighted and then we headed to get our pedicures. Hailee loved getting her nails and toes done:) She picked a purple color. When she was done she said I can't wait til we do this again.

I enjoyed my pedicure too!! Just what I needed for my swollen feet!! It was relaxing and I really didn't want it to end.
After leaving there we had to swing by the groomers to pick up Zeke(or dog). He looks so shinny and smells alot better!! I guess we all got royal treatment except for Austin and Jesse. Wonder what their treatment will be??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some pictures

I had mentioned that my best friend Abbie had taken some pics of the kids over the weekend. I absolutely love it when she takes their pictures, cause she does an amazing job!! I really think she needs to make this a side job :) Anyways I picked a few to share with you all. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dr. appt

Today, I had a dr. appt. I was a little worried especially since over the weekend my feet were so swollen and my hands were too. I mean they were bad to the point where there was a purplish color. SCARY!! Jesse ended up going with me to the dr today and using a personal day at work. I know that he was worried about me. He is such an awesome husband!! So anyways, I will give you the update on my appt.

The dr. is a little concerned with the amout of swelling that I have. I have orders to stay off my feet as much as possible. Also to try to get in the pool~ relieves pressure off your ankles? Watch my salt~ no pizza, canned food, or tomato sauces. He also said that he wants to watch me close so I am now on weekly appt. Oh and LOTS OF WATER~ no pop.

As far as our little boy~ he is growing and sounds great!! I love hearing his little heart beating at the appts. Makes me feel good :) So I go back in one week!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our weekend with friends and family

On Saturday morning we were packed and headed to Odon. First stop was at Abbie (Raber's) house to do some picture taking. I love when she takes pictures of my kids~ and they love her and usually cooperate with her!! She had so many neat idea's and took lots of different pictures. It is great having a best friend with a photo talent. Abbie~ Thank you so much for taking their pictures! Your an amazing person and I love ya tons!! Can't wait to see them :)

After leaving there our next stop was at Bill and Cindy's. We planned a cookout for all our friends there so we had to get things ready. Cindy did an amazing job at planning the food and cooking it. Thank You! Bill got everything set up and made us homemade ice cream~Yum!! Our cookout was at 4, and several of our good friends came. It was nice to see them with their kids. There was so much food!! Of course it was really hot so we moved the cookout inside where it was lots cooler. After eating, the kids enjoyed pony cart rides, frog catching, bouncy castle, and so much more. The men played cornhole, while the ladies sat around chatting and catching up. We all try to get together every 3 months so by then there are lots to talk about!! I hope everyone had a great time and can't wait to do it again soon.

On Sunday when we woke up, Cindy had made us breakfast!! The kids enjoyed spending some time with gma and gpa. I know they weren't ready to leave at all, but we were on to our next stop.

We went to my mom and dad's on Sunday to spend time with them. The kids had a blast on the Golf Cart. Austin drove of course, which is scary, while all the other kids piled on!! They loved it. Dad grilled us lunch, and we had some fresh veggies out of the garden~yum!! After that we all just sat around by the pool watching the kids play. It was really nice.

We ended up leaving around 3:30 to get home in time for Jesse to get a few things done around the house. With all the storms that week he was working 16's and not getting home til 1130 pm then sleeping 8 and back at it. So he had a few things he wanted to do.

After arriving home and Jesse getting some things done, we all jumped in our pool. It was wonderful! The kids had fun splashing around in the water, while Jesse and I tried to clean it. There were a few leaves in the bottom of it so we vaccummed them up. It was such a wonderful weekend with family and friends!! We really enjoyed ourselves, but it was nice to get home too!!

Now it is Monday~ Jesse is back to work while we are at home doing homeschool, cleaning, and all that fun stuff!! I have decided that today I am taking it easy though. Over the weekend I was up on my feet in the heat and wow did my feet and hands SWELL UP! They were really bad. So today Jesse gave me orders to prop my feet up and let the little things go they will always be there for me later. ha ha. Yeah when they pile up!! Hope you all have a great MONDAY!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

53 days to go

This pregnancy overall has went good. It is funny how different each pregnancy is and how different your body is with each one. I have started the countdown on this pregnancy... 53 days to go!! I am at the point right now where I am ready to get this little boy out~ however I want him to be fully developed and ready. Some things I am experiencing at this point:
Swollen Feet
Back Pain
Heartburn (bad)
Shortness of Breath
A little guy pressing on my bladder ALL the time
Can't get comfortable while sleeping
Okay so those are the downfalls, some of the things that I am experiencing that I enjoy are:
All the kicks I feel
Laying watching the little guy moving from side to side
Getting all the clothes ready
Watching Hailee and Austin talk about our soon to be baby boy!!
We are all ready to meet our newest member of the Swartzentruber Family!! It is coming quick!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tuesday's Storm

Due to being in Indy, I guess I missed the storm that hit Martinsville on Tuesday. Jesse called around 10:30 ish to tell me that he was on his way to Clarksville to work. Then around noonish Bill (father in law) had told Cindy he went through Martinsville and the power was out there. Wow. I really didn't know what to expect. This is what I found when getting home though.
This tree was our neighbors and it fell on our fence. Cindy went out and inspected it before leaving~ had to make sure that Hailee's playhouse was okay!!
Jesse got home at 11:30 making his 16 hours for the day, slept 8, and went back in. He is pulling another 16 today~ well who knows how long it will take to get everyone restored. They are out working hard though trying to get everyone's power back on!
Today the neighbor cut some of the tree off my fence and pushed the fence pieces back up til Jesse could get home to fix it. I thanked them for that cause with Jesse out working, and me being pregnant well I just couldn't do it so I was very grateful!! Hope everyone survived the storm.

Children's Museum

Well a planned trip to the zoo on Tuesday, turned into a trip to the Children's Museum. Of course we left before all the big storms, but as we get to the Indy Zoo it is pouring down rain and lightening. Cindy (my mother in law), April (sis in law) along with her two kids Hayden and Colin, Austin, Hailee and myself were hoping to enjoy a nice day but the weather had a differ plan. We tried to wait it out but there just was no waiting it out. So we left the zoo and went to eat lunch with the plan of the Children's Museum afterward. To be honest I think that everyone that planned on the zoo was at the museum cause it was packed. The kids did have fun~ here are some pics I took to share.

On our way home, we ended up having to take a detour around 37 due to water. Even detouring there was a few spots that water was over the road. I don't know what we would of done if we didn't have a Garmin to get us around. We did it though and ended up at DQ in Waverly for some ice cream. After that long trip home with Austin singing ryhmes and the kids being rowdy we thought we deserved ice cream. Ha ha.
Thanks Cindy, April, Hayden and Colin for going with us and spending the day with us. We enjoyed it!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Just wanting to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to my dad, Leon Wise!! Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day. I have to also say Thank you for being such a good dad and always being there for me. The kids also say Happy Birthday Papaw!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Austin has been going to VBS at Eastview Christian Church this week, and he has had a great time. Last night was Family Night there, so we all went. Jesse and I enjoyed watching Austin and Hailee playing games and laughing with all the other kids. We enjoyed supper, smores by a campfire, and lots of stations with fun games to play. Also alot of good singing, and let me tell ya~ Hailee really got into that. There were so many wonderful people that really made us feel welcome. We had a great time!!