Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Austin is on a Roll.

On Saturday we had a soccer game, our third one of the season. Papaw Bill, Mamaw Cindy, Hayden and Colin came to watch it. Austin sure showed the whole field his love for soccer. He was on a roll. Austin had four goals!! The score was 6-1, with Austin leading the team in goals. He is such a awesome player, and was full of grins. Way to go Austin!
After the game we enjoyed lunch at Mr. Gatti's. Then Austin and Hailee decided they wanted to go to home with Mamaw and Papaw, so they packed thier bags. Not having any kids Jesse and I decided that we would get ready for a date night. We headed of to Greenwood to shop and eat. We started at the mall, where I enjoyed shopping for some new clothing and accessories but found out that I easily get distracted and shop for my kids way more than myself. I didn't get much but my kids made out like bandits. I love Gymboree, and the Children's Place. However Austin is at that age where he cares what the tag says. Has to be name brand he thinks. LOL. So after the mall adventure, Jesse and I went out to eat. We enjoyed our meal at Joe's Crab Shack. Then off to Toys R Us to get a start on Christmas. I got alot of the things on the kids list and well my bill was large. ha ha. I am so glad to have started shopping for Christmas cause usually it is a last minute thing. Not this year I am prepared and already half way done. Oh yeah!
I will go for now, but will post pictures later. I have had computer problems and mine blew up. So I have one ordered and am waiting on delivery.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom, Vicki Wise, birthday. Mom, I hope you have a great birthday and I love ya so much. Austin and Hailee of course had to call and sing Happy Birthday to thier grandma. It is so funny listening to Hailee sing Happy Birthday cause she just tries to remember all the things that Austin has said so she can say them also. I hope you had a great day and many birthday blessings. We love ya and hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy's Home

Could it be? Daddy's home, the kids are so excited. Full of smiles, hugs, and kisses. Here they are waiting on daddy to get out of the truck!

Hailee and Austin are pretty proud of Jesse! They think that the truck is so cool...
So glad daddy's home. Hailee Brooke cant quit hugging, and smiling, and looking at him. Austin is hanging all over him also.
My handsome husband. Looks like he is so tired, but glad to be home.
Jesse had to leave to take the truck back in and get. Hailee and Austin asked a million times, when will you be back. He assured them that he ws dropping it off and coming straight back to spend time with them, and go to soccer practice with us.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Got a call tonight from Jesse, and he said that they are staying in Clark county again tonight, but he is thinking they will be home tomorrow. I didn't tell the kids, cause I want to capture the suprise look on thier faces when he walks in. They will be full of joy I am sure. He said he went and got them shirts from the Bass Pro Shop in KY. So they will love it. Anyways just a quick note to let you know where he is still, and hopefully he will be home tomorrow.

Homeschool Group

It's Monday, the weekend just flew right by. Today we had our homeschool recess group meeting at the park. It went really well. Austin had fun playing with the other family. It was nice just to meet up and be able to talk with another mom or two and let the kids play. I guess it was just good to get out of the house period.. Here is a picture of Austin and Hailee I took.
Here is Hailee doing a little pose while holding on to her baby doll. She is so attached to her babies right now.
Here is a picture of my handsome young guy Austin. He is growing so fast. He is so tall and lean.
We have had a pretty good day all in all. Still no word on if Jesse is getting to come home or not, he thought they might be tonight but not sure. We will just keep doing what we do until he walks through the door. Austin broke down last night crying cause he wants Jesse to be home. I knew he was lonely for him, and well he needs Jesse around the house cause that is what comforts him. He really leans on Jesse and loves him with all his heart. His crying for him made it hard for me but I did the mom thing and just held him in my arms and told him I was there for him and Jesse would be back soon. During this then Hailee started in with her Daddy statements. So after a few minutes of this I changed things up a bit and popped popcorn and rented a kiddo movie. I love my kids to death, and it just makes me feel so good to know that each of us play an important part in this family. When one hurts we all do, but together we pull through those hard times. We comfort each other, and always have each others backs. My family is so important to me, and I realize how much I am blessed with. God is so good!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Austin had a great time on Sunday playing football with his Uncle Clayton and the neighbor boys (Kadin, and Peyton Groover). Austin was so proud to show off his uncle and to be on his team. Here are a few pictures I took as they played football out in our front yard.
Austin and Hailee didn't want Clayton to leave, but he has to go back to work tomorrow. They put the guilt trip on him though so he promised he would be back real soon for another visit and to stay another night.

Clayton was going in for the tackle but Peyton was determined to get past him. I think Clayton may have his hands full.


On Saturday, after our game, my brother came up for a visit. The kids were so excited that he came to spend some time with them. Hailee says, "Uncle Clayton is my boyfriend." Austin just thinks he is the coolest. They both love it when he visits and plays with them. When he arrived Austin wanted him to play football with him and his neighbor friends so they did that. Austin was so proud! Then off to the back yard we went where Hailee, Austin and Clayton enjoyed a game of soccer on our new goal that Jesse and Austin built. After supper we went for ice cream then came back and watched a movie~ Drillbit Taylor. Clayton ended up staying the night and is still here sleeping. The kids are so ready to wake him up, cause they are ready to play somemore. I am sure a different face around here other than mine is nice for them. ha ha.

Update on Jesse

I can't believe it is Sunday. This mean Jesse has been working straight for a week now:( He called last night to tell the kids good night and he loved them around 9, they were getting ready to eat supper at that time. He told me he would call me back at 11 when they got back to the room. When he called then he said they were now in Clark County, where he thinks they will be for at least 2 days. From there he doesn't know? Anyways, he is doing good. Just working ALOT, and not much sleep. I know he is ready to come home and see his beautiful children. Hailee said the other day, "I miss Daddy's Face:(" Austin went and got her a picture where they sat and looked at it. They are just too cute. So hopefully Jesse will be home sometime this week, but until then we know that he has to do his job and get people's power on.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Victory!

I will make this short and sweet... We played this morning at 9 AM (Soccer), and we won. Our score was 4-2. Oh yeah! My team plays really well and works together. I am such a proud coach. Austin lead our team with 2 goals, so he was pumped up. He says that they won this game for Jesse since it is the first game he has missed. He has always went to Austin's game and not missed one, so the victory is for him. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tough times...

Well it is Friday... I will tell you, I have really struggled this week with Jesse being gone. It is really tough. I just wish everday at 345p I would see him walk through the door and say "I am home." I know that we all miss him so much and we are ready for him to be back. After talking to him tonight though, don't really know when to expect him home cause they are talking about sending him somewhere else. I have had lots of fun time with my kids, and lots of quality time. We have been busy doing homeschool, soccer, grocery shopping. cooking, baking, cleaning, laundry, mowing, playing outside, ect. It is just hard when I get the 11p phone call, and can only talk like 5 minutes cause I know that he needs to shower and go to bed. I can tell when talking to him that he is just WORE OUT... Knowing that I have lots to say, I try to cram everything in. Not having another adult here to talk to and tell all my stories is really hard. I have conversation with Austin and Hailee all day long. Just sometimes you need an adult to talk to. I know I will be fine! Gotta be tough and hang in there. LOL.

Here is Austin after playing football with the neighbor kids! He loves to go out in the yard and play football. He pretends like he is on the Colts team and he is J. Addai. Who knows maybe one day he will be a pro...

Hailee has been clinging to the baby dolls all week. I don't know if it is since Jesse isn't here or what. She acts like such a good little mommy. This is after her bath, she put on her robe and grabbed her dolls.
We have a game in the morning at 9AM... Well this is going to be a tough one to cause my kids are not early risers. Seriously they usually wake up at 10 AM. So I am going to have to get them up at 730 to get ready. I will have major grouchy children. Especially since Austin had to stay up to watch his FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN wrestling. Hope you all have a good weekend and I will blog more later.

Fun at Soccer!

Okay so we like to have fun at soccer practice. With Jesse being gone this week, it has been tough juggling everything. On Tuesday at practice our players versed the parents... well and the players won! Ha ha. After our practice, I brought a treat for everyone. Here are a few of the players and Hailee enjoying thier nice cool treat. YUMMO!
After practice Austin decided he wanted to play football with his buddies. So this is Kadin(Austin's friend).
Hailee went to play with Bethany and Audree on the playground equipment. These are two of the girls on my team. Hailee says they are her friends and she loves to sit by them at practice.


On Wednesday, we had visitors. My mom, Crystal, Trinidy and Zaden came to spend the night with us. Crystal had an appt. in Indy the next morning at 10 so this saved them a little bit of time. It was really nice to have them come and spend some time with them.
Crystal and Trinidy relaxing in the chair. Crystal found out she is having a boy!
Zaden! This is the first time the whole night that he smiled at me. I don't think he really cares for me, or at least he pretends not to. Ha ha.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


As many of you know, I homeschool Austin. He does amazing and really learns alot of things. I just want to share this short story.
Austin is learning about Capitalization and periods in Language. Also, how to abbreviate a person's first and middle initial (example: S. L. Swartzentruber). Anyways so he was working quietly on his Language paper. The last problem on the page said: Write a sentence about your father using his first and middle initial. Austin then asked me how do you spell Swartzentruber. Ha ha. So I spelled it for him, not knowing what he was doing. When he got done he turned in his paper and I sat down and went over it. As I read the last problem and his sentence I got teary eyed. He wrote: J. W. Swartzentruber is my dad, and I love him very much. Austin must of saw me with tears and he said, Mom what is wrong? I then told him that it means so much to me that Austin wrote that all on his own. He see's Jesse as a dad, and never even questioned that. I am so proud of Austin. I have never cut his real father out of his life, even though at times I wanted to. I just feel that Austin's real dad has let him down so much, and not been there for him that Austin is realizing this. Austin has turned to Jesse for a father figure and they do all the father/son things together. I am just so happy that Austin has Jesse in his life and he loves him and looks up to him. Jesse is a good role model for Austin, and I know that Austin will take all that he learns from Jesse with him for when he has his own family. Just another time that God has blessed me with all the wonderful things.


I am just so ready for things to get back to normal... I feel like I haven't seen my husband since Sunday morning. He has been working then coming to sleep for 8 hours and going back in. I maybe get to see him for like 15 minutes when he wakes up to go back to work and usually that time he is running around getting stuff ready and walking out the door. Jesse did get to come home last night at 1030P, which was nice that he got to sleep here are home during the night time with us... However there was a catch to it. He only got to come home because when he went back in this morning at 730 he had to have a bag packed again for 5 days to go to Corydon, IN. That is Harrison County I believe. So he is gone again. My kids are sad, and I am to. Hailee and Austin have both asked, "When will dad be home to play with us?" They are so ready for him to walk through the door and get back to our normal routine around here. And I am ready to have my husband back.... I really miss him! Anyways keep him in your prayers that he goes and has a safe trip there and back. Hopefully they can get everyone's power back on soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our week...

Hello All! Well are week isn't really to exciting, actually boring and slow. Jesse has been putting in 16 hour shifts, and coming home to sleep for 8 hours. He has been getting home at 730A then has to go back into work at 330P. They had told him to pack for 5 days, but Bloomington is pretty bad so he has been lucky to go there then drive home. He said today that it would probably be his last day there and then he will have to travel and not be able to come home for awhile. The kids are going crazy. They hate only seeing their dad for about an hour before he leaves. Hailee told him today, "Daddy I want you to stay with me and not go to work." I know that Jesse wishes he could be with the kids, but right now there are people without power and that is his job... We will have to do something special when everything is fixed and he gets a weekend with us. Some Family Fun Time! It is truely a chore keeping the kids occupied and quiet during Jesse's sleep time. Oh my goodness, I think Hailee has picked tons of fights with Austin just today. She loves to make him mad and for him to chase her around the house. Then tonight we had soccer practice, which was really good. After that I took the kids over to the playground and let them play for a good while. The smile on thier faces was wonderful. So far this week is kinda boring, crazy, and lonely without my husband~however I am blessed with these two kids that keep me going. They have taught me so much, and put a smile on my face everyday. These are the precious things in my life that give me that extra boost. I am so lucky to have Austin, Hailee, and Jesse!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Daddy is the Power On?

Well Jesse finally got home this morning at 7:30A from working his 16 hours. When he came in, he had woke me up to let me know he was home and that he has to pack for 5 days and go back in after 8 hours of sleep time. Not thinking Hailee was awake or even heard anything that was said, but she must of. Hailee raised up and said, "Daddy did you fix our power?" It was so cute. She was asleep last night when it came back on, but she knew that her daddy would fix the power. She was excited to find out that we had tv again so she could watch her shows, Max and Ruby, Curious George, Little Bear, Calliou, the list goes on.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh the Weather...

It was so windy here today. I couldn't hardly believe all the wind and the steady amount of rain. Goodness. Jesse faithfully watched the duke energy website cause he just knew that he would be called out to work. Austin was watching the colts game and Hailee was trying to watch cartoons, then it happened.... Out went the power. Oh my, what a mess. Our power went out around 3, and shortly after Duke had called Jesse in to work. At the time he left Morgan county had 274 people out of power, but that number went up fast. There was really alot of power outages in Indiana on this day. So off Jesse went to work, and well I was at home with my two kids, dog, turtle, hermit crabs, and our fish....oh and NO POWER! Yeah that was enough to make me go crazy. Of course the kids grab the Nintendo DS, puzzles, board games, Vsmile handheld, and a few other things. However it didn't take long for the batteries to go dead and well we can't charge them without power. What a long night it was... I heard stories over and over again that Austin loves to tell, and Hailee makes her's up to. I had to hear lots of gripping about not being able to see who won the football game, how hot it was, how they wished it wasn't raining, how they wanted real cooked food, oh and the list goes on. Typical kid complaints that I just love. Everyone in my bedroom, when one goes to the bathroom we all have to go together. ha ha. Around about 9:50P, we were thanking Duke Energy, or Dad for allowing our power to be back on. It is so hard to keep these two entertained with no power, by the end of the night I had a headache. And well Jesse is still working so Austin, Hailee and I are all cuddled in my bed... That is the part that makes it okay. Watching my two little ones sleep, and wanting to sleep in my room since Dad isn't here. They are so precious!

Father/Son time

Saturday, after lunch Jesse and Austin decided they were going to spend some father/son time. Austin loves to do all kinds of things, and loves to help. Jesse had promised him that he would build him a soccer goal for our backyard. Austin was so excited to finally get to do this. Jesse and I ran to good old Rural King and got the parts we needed in order to build this. When we returned Austin was ready to head to the garage to help Jesse. He was so funny because Hailee tried to go out there and help and Austin said, " I am spending time with Jess and I want it to be just me and him." So I finally talked Hailee into staying inside with me and doing a few girl things. Ha ha. After lots of work, they were done. Austin was so happy. He got to spend alone time with Jesse, and got a soccer goal. Jesse and I carried it out back, while the kids got their soccer balls out and practiced in the back yard.

It wasn't long til the neigbor boys came and had to try it out to. You know what... Even though technically Austin isn't Jesse's son threw blood, it doesn't matter. Jesse has taken him in under his wing and treats him like his own. Austin has been needing time with his dad, and has been let down many times... The smile on his face to have this alone time with Jesse was so wonderful to see.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


We had our first game on Saturday, 9/13/08. I was so stressed out the night before the game because I have 9 players on my team and can only play 5 at a time. So I sat down and was trying to go over my game plan and options. I know I probably take this was to serious, but that is just how I am. I wanted to try to be as fair as possible to all the players and make sure they have equal amounts of playing time. I found out how hard that is. Anyways so Saturday we arrived at the soccer field and met the team there where they got their shirts. Hailee Brooke was so excited that I ordered her one and she matched everyone else. Made her day:) The game went really great, the kids were pumped up and on their toes. We had a victory with the score 3-1. Everyone played amazing, and of course Hailee cheered her heart out yelling, "Go Bubby!" Super Cute... Here is a picture of Austin and Hailee in thier team shirts.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our 1st Practice Game

I had scheduled a soccer practice yesterday, cause we have a game on Saturday. Our first one at that! Of course Jesse had called and had to work over so I got the kids ready and headed to practice. I had to pack enough stuff to try to keep Hailee entertained while I worked with the kids. LOL. We got to the soccer field and it was sprinkling steady. Nothing new, nice soccer weather. Ha ha. We had probably practice for 10 minutes when another coach came to me and asked if we wanted to scrimage his team. Sure we would. How fun is that? So I got everyone ready and we started to play. I tell you what, my team really suprised me. I have questioned myself on things we work on, and was hoping that they were learning and listening. After about 5 minutes of playing then Jesse pulls in and is there to help, which made it nice. Each and everyone of them worked together as a team, passing the ball and shooting the ball. Our goalie's did amazing and didn't let a ball by them. It was awesome. In the end the score was 6-0. Austin made 4 of the goals but I know at least two of them he had assistance in setting them up. I was so proud of my team, and it just made me feel like maybe I am doing something right. When the game was over we did our team cheer, had popscicles and went our seperate ways. But Soccer was the talk at our house that evening. It usually is:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nice Weather!

As soon as we got home from practice and ate supper, our door bell rang. This is like an everyday event. Really. The neighbor boys wanting Austin to come out and play. The weather was so nice out, so we all decided to go out for awhile before our TV shows come on. Ha ha. So Austin went out playing with the other boys. They like to wrestle, and play football! Here is a picture of him doing a wrestling move that he has watched "Jeff Hardy" do.

Hailee being the princess that she is, decided she would do something else. She wasn't going to play with those boys... So she got out these carpet squares that her Auntie April gave her to make a hop scotch board. I need to put numbers on them, but she loves to pretend that she is doing it. She is so funny when she is trying to do this. However it is a really neat idea and keeps her entertained.
While we are all outside, I guess Jesse got the urge to organize his tool box. Probably sick of me just throwing things in that box as I find them laying around in the house or in drawers where they don't belong. See I will teach him. Ha ha. Hailee of course ask a million times, "what are you doing", "what is this", "can I help". She looks so sweet in this picture!

Before going inside, the kids gathered around me for a picture. Turned out decent. Everyone's eyes were open and looking at the camera. Shocking. I love my kids, and love little times like this when they gather around me and hug on me. I cherish it.

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

As I have said before, Austin is our little soccer star. Seriously he is really good, this is his sport. Well and Hailee has also been kicking the ball around with Austin, and for only being two I think she will be a great soccer player also. Austin talked Jesse and I into coaching this year. I know most of you are probably laughing.. I was a cheerleader not a soccer player right... Well now I am a soccer mom, and a proud one. We have had two practices now. The first practice, I came home asking myself what I got into. However we had practice last night and it went really great. We have a good team. Oh and did I tell you our sponsor is SWARTZENTRUBER TRUCKING! Yeah I bet they have fun fitting that on the back of our team shirts. I went and ordered Hailee one to cause she is apart of the team, little coach Hailee! Here are a few pics of us at the end of practice sitting down discussing a few things.

We really have great kids on the team, which is a blessing. Most of them are so anxious to play and love the sport. With Austin being homeschooled, I find this a very great opportunity to meet kids at other schools. Wish us luck from now til Nov. 8th it is all soccer for us:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Two Pea's in a Pod!

Well it's Monday already... I woke up at 6 to fix Jesse breakfast and pack his lunch for work. Just not ready to wake up I went and climbed back into bed. Around 8 I woke up again to Hailee Brooke cuddling with me in bed. Everynight we tell her to go get into her bed and she sweetly says to her daddy, " Can I sleep in your bed" and well he can't say no. So Hailee and I got up and got our day started while my son could sleep forever if I would let him. Hailee and I woke him up at 845 so we could eat breakfast, get dressed, and start school. As I was getting our lessons ready I had Austin at his desk doing his seatwork, while Hailee is at her desk saying "Mommy I want schoolwork to." I got her out a few papers so she could doodle on them. She wants to big as big as Austin and wants to learn so bad. While on the opposite side Austin just doesn't understand why Hailee wants to do schoolwork because he says there is so much to do. As they start on thier school, I just sit back and watch them. The way Austin tries to explain things to Hailee and comforts her. They are just two pea's in a pod when no one is around and watching them. They are so precious! I love just watching them play and interact daily. Hailee learns so much from watching her big brother. God has blessed me with Jesse, Austin and Hailee. We are just a like a puzzle and all the pieces fit together.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Wow! What a weekend... This weekend was one of those stressful, tested weekends. Jesse and I have been busy working on our floor in the kitchen. We started on it Friday night and finished up Sunday around 330 ish. Not something that was planned but had to get done.
Anyways, I learned alot as funny as that seems. I learned that every time I turned around I was in Jesse's way, but he wouldn't tell me that. He just smiled and pretended like I was a huge help when deep down he probably wished I wouldn't help. LOL. I tried to be a team player and help. I am just glad that the floor is done, and we can move on to other projects cause I have a list of things to do. Ha ha.
On Sunday, after supper we all got our showers then sat down for family time to watch the Colts. Austin can really get into Colts Football and well Hailee to. She is always interested in anything that bubby is. He is her idol! Here they are ready for the game in thier Colts gear!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Day

Our day started out with Jesse calling into work and taking a sick day... Yeah we are all sick. The runny noses, sore throats, and aches. So I was thinking, " I bet this is going to be a fun day." Well as the day progressed, I couldn't help but smile. Although today everyone is sick, we are at home as a family. Jesse and I did Austin's homeschool together and also worked with Hailee on a few things. I know this doesn't sound like much, but it was just a time where we were all together! I really enjoy sitting back and watching Austin and Jesse's minds at work doing science and health while Hailee is saying ,"Look mom I did it!". It's the small things in life that really let you know how lucky you are. I have such a wonderful family and I am so proud of all of them.