Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art Project

My kids love ART! They also love to PAINT... So when we went to Michael's they both picked out wooden alligators to paint.

They were so sweet working together to paint them:)

Monday, April 25, 2011


Today Bodie had his 18 month Checkup at the doctor's office. The kids weren't very excited about going cause they dread the whole Bodie getting a shot thing... However here's his update!

Bodie now weighs 26 lbs, and is 31.25 inches tall. Everytime we go I have to do a survey thing to tell if he is staying on top of things with his age, and so today when I did it and they reviewed it they said he checks out at 27 months! We have a smart little guy:)

*Lately Bodie likes to say NO, all the time to everything you ask him... The kids think it is funny so they ask him questions all the time just so they can hear him say NO.
*His appetite has really picked up! He loves to eat. When I say it is time to eat, he comes running to the table. And he is all about doing everything himself. He uses a fork and spoon by himself but sometimes he will use his hands... Yeah he uses his hands with Mashed Potatoes (his favorite) and so we go straight from table to bath...
*He is a climber... He climbs on everything. He has learned how to pull out drawers to climb. SCARY!!
*He is always on the go... Running everywhere, and keeping us running..
*He is ALL BOY!! Loves tools, dirt, sand, and cars...

Just a few things that he is doing:)


Happy Easter Everyone!!

Our Easter morning started out with this...

And ended like this...

Camping out in the new tent while watching Little Rascals, and Tangled:)

We enjoyed our day at home watching movies, eating candy, and a nice meal (Ham, corn, potatoes, and rolls). The kids had got a bunch of goodies in their Easter baskets to keep them busy, and we had a Egg hunt. Such a nice quiet day :) Hope you all had a GREAT Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Birthday Colin Brown :)

We hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bodie's new toy....

I took the kids to Walmart, and let them pick out something from Jesse and I for being good and doing their chores for the month. Of course Austin goes for the video games, Hailee goes for the baby dolls, and Bodie went for this....

A leaf blower with saftey glasses :) Of course he has watched his dad with the leaf blower, so he wanted one too! Now he can help his daddy out:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Homeschool Group

On Thursday, our homeschool group had an Easter egg hunt at the Jimmy Nash Park. So Hailee and I made some yummy cupcakes to take and share...

She loves to help cook!! And she loves to wear her little apron :)
Since we just had egg hunts over the weekend~ Bodie has became a PRO Easter Egg Hunter (occasionally he has to stop, take a break and see what is in his egg and if it is a Hershey Kiss then he eats it).

All the kids had fun hunting eggs, eating candy and treats!! Such a great time with a great group of homeschoolers:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter at Wise's

On Sunday we had Easter at my parents! We started out with a family lunch, then a big Easter Egg Hunt with lots of prizes, dessert, and just some family time:) The kids had a blast running, and playing.
Bodie Kale modeling his "TIE SHIRT" made by Michelle Lemon An intense game of checkers..
Mom and Dad decided to share their mushrooms that they all found, so here she is frying them up.
Molli and Hailee hanging out in papaw's chair
Grandma Hollis
Papaw and Bentley
Hunting Eggs... There were lots and lots of good prizes
Clayton and Lexie (and little Lily in the belly)
Crystal and her kiddo's
Lindsey and her family

After all this we headed back home, and we sure did miss home. I think we all slept really good last night. It is just something about missing our beds:)

Swartzentruber Easter

Friday~ I had our car loaded and when Jesse got off work, we headed to Washington. We took the kids and stayed at the Baymont INN so that they could swim, since we were going to be in Washington on Saturday for family pictures. They had lots of fun swimming, and being in the hot tub!! Of course Bodie was a wild man... Saturday~ We woke up and got ready for family pictures with the amazing SANDY CLARKE PHOTOGRAPHY in Washington. Seriously she does an amazing job!! Look her up on facebook, or go to her website www.sandyclarkephotography.com . I highly recommend her! After pictures we headed to Swartzentruber Easter! The kids were super excited cause their cousin told them Papaw had a suprise for them....
Hailee and Austin tried to get him to tell them the suprise early, but no they had to wait til we ate and did the egg hunt.. :) And we had cake to celebrate birthdays too! Bodie liked it!
The kids getting their Easter baskets from Mamaw and Papaw!
Colin, Bodie, Austin, Hailee and Hayden~ the grandkids!
Kisses from Daddy
Hailee Brooke

Finally after all the festivities it was time for the suprise....

Baby CHICKS!! The kids each has one, and they get to stay at Papaws and Mamaws...

Bodie had to have a lesson or two on how to be nice to the chick and not squeeze it...

Later that evening we met up with some friends at a Suprise Birthday party. Super nice to catch up:) That was our Saturday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cascades Park

Today we went to Bloomington to Cascades Park with our homeschool group. Molli came and went with us~ which the kids loved!! It was such a beautiful day for a picnic lunch/ and to play. Thought I would share some photos of our day...
My blue eyed princess~Hailee Brooke My handsome son ~ Austin Michael
Molli helping Hailee :)
Look at this sweet face~ our little Bodie Kale
Jesse and I are so proud of these three!
Me and the kids~ of course Bodie wanted to run and play...
Austin showing his climbing skills
Best Buds... at times...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful weekend

Our weekend weather didn't start out so great... STORMS on Saturday morning which caused them to cancel Austin's first soccer game... He was bummed! However my parents came up and they went to Petsmart where he got Alex. So that made his day! We didn't to to much the rest of the weekend other then enjoy the beautiful weather on Sunday. Austin had a friend over so we played outside.
Austin and Devon playing soccer Our little stunt rider...
Bodie learned to swing like this..
Austin and his friend

Now I am trying to get everything prepared and ready for a busy week. :)

Newest member

Meet ALEX our newest addition... Austin bought this leopard gecko from the pet store and named him ALEX. He has been working with him everyday and can hold him. I am not crazy about these, but I refuse to get another inside dog... So now we have ALEX!
On Thursday, we met my sister Molli in Greenwood to spend a couple hours with her. The kids wanted to eat at Chuck E Cheese... not my choice but I let them choose...
They had fun playing games, dancing to earn free tickets, and getting their prizes. After we got done there we headed to khols. I had to finalize our outfits for family pictures. I dread this part of the picture! I have finally gotten everyone coordinating outfits for next weekend.

Then we went to the PET STORE, again not my choice~but I have some animal lovers (especially Austin).

It was nice spending the day with Molli and the kids.

Later that evening~ Austin had his first soccer practice! It went pretty good~but I am realizing that it is hard after coaching so many years/seasons to sit on the sideline... I will def. be coaching in the FALL.

And I thought I would share this photo with you. He don't sleep in this bed at night (he thinks he needs to be with mommy and daddy in their bed... ), but he loves to lay in it and watch cartoons. He is rotten!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nice Weekend

Did everyone have a good weekend? I know we did! We started out Saturday early with our trip to Odon. Jesse's cousin (Kristen Smith) had her wedding shower so we met up with April and Cindy to attend it. It was beautiful!! While we were all at the shower, Grandpa Bill was incharge of all the grandkids. They had fun looking at ponies, and playing! After the shower we spent time with Jesse's parents and sister and kids. Our kids can't get enough of each other, they love playing together.
The second part of the day was spent at my parents. We got to visit with Crystal and her kids, my parents, and Clayton and his girlfriend Lexie. It was nice to get to visit. The kids enjoyed playing, and of course riding on the GOLF CART. Austin is the driver and they all pile on, ha ha.

Austin with moomoo the dog...
jaxcen and zaden

I made mom snap a picture of Jesse and I:) I love this man so much!!

On Sunday we spent most of the day outside. It was super windy but it was nice. We worked on planting some flowers and pulling weeds. The kids burnt off some more of their energy running around the yard! Hope you all got to enjoy the weekend!!