Wednesday, December 29, 2010

11 years ago...

11 years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Over the past 11 years I have watched him grow into a handsome young man!! We are so proud of the young man that you have grown to be Austin. We love you!!
Happy 11th Birthday Austin

Christmas Day at my parents

Christmas Day we spent it at my mom and dad's. We had a fun day full of good food, presents, dirty santa, and bingo.

Jesse and the kids playing pop the pig
Hailee and Dakota

Bentley and Bodie

Papaw Wise with his two buddies


My brother Clayton with his girlfriend Lexie

My grandparents

The Bingo players
We all had such a great day!! Hope your families had a very Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning, look at what all Santa brought us!!

Austin, Hailee and Bodie were full of excitment on Christmas morning when they saw that Santa had been and left them lots of goodies!! Austin loves his xbox 360 kinect, Hailee loves her Big Barbie house, and Bodie Kale loves all his toys (I think he likes Austin and Hailee's more though).

25 Days of Joy~ Day 25

Day 25

Christmas Day with my family!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

25 Days of Joy~ Day 24

Day 24

Bodie recieved this from Mamaw Cindy and Papaw Bill for Christmas this year, and we love it. This "Sock Monkey in a Box" brings our whole family joy!! The kids gather around this thing and turn the knob round and round, giggling until the monkey pops out! It is so cute to watch them get so excited over this. So thank you Cindy and Bill for this gift that brings us joy!!

25 Days of Joy~ Day 23

Day 23

These two sitting around the table, creating birthday cards for their cousin brings me joy. I love listening to them discuss what they are drawing, and laughing.

25 Days of Joy~ Day 22

Day 22

My little kitchen helper!! She is ready to make some yummy puppy chow:)

25 Days of Joy~ Day 21

Day 21

We treated ourselves to an early Christmas present, and let me tell you we are enjoying it. It brings me joy when we are all cuddled up on the couches and recliner with blankets watching a family movie!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enjoying our break

This week has been so nice so far. We decided to take a break from school for the week, while Jesse is on vacation and at home. We usually don't take to much time off at Christmas, but I decided that we needed it! So we are all enjoying our break:)

Our goals for the week was to organize and clean closets.... I so dreaded this project but it needed to be done. I finally got Austin and Hailee's closet's organized!! Now if it would just stay like that. Everything is organized in totes and marked...

We also treated ourselves to a new TV!! So Jesse spent some of the day yesterday putting together our new stand and hanging the tv, along with hooking everything else up. The kids are loving the BIG tv, and well so are we :)

Hope you are all having a nice start to the week! Can't believe that Christmas is in 4 days...

25 Days of Joy ~ Day 20

Day 20~

Family Game Night!! We love getting new games to play as a family!!

25 Days of Joy ~ Day 19

Day 19~

Look at this cutie in his new Colts hat that he got for Christmas from Mamaw Cindy and Papaw Bill. This face brings me joy everyday along with his personality!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas celebrations

Saturday we had a full day of family Christmas get togethers. We started out celebrating with Jesse's parents. It was so nice to get to spend the morning til afternoon visiting with them, eating yummy food, and watching the kids have fun opening presents. Here are some pictures I got!
Austin opening presents
Me and Hailee

Bodie's new 4 wheeler!!

Hayden and Colin opening presents

Colin :)

Bill and Cindy opening their gifts!
Jesse, Hailee and Bodie
Hailee Brooke
Hailee and Hayden ~ i just love this picture of them..

After leaving there we headed to the Odon Lions Club for the Hollis Christmas party. There was Bingo and more food. It was so nice getting to see everyone, and cousins that we don't see often.
We had such a great day full of family time!!

25 Days of Joy~ Day 18

Day 18

It brings me joy to see this picture. Cousins that are also Best Friends!! I am so thankful that my kids are able to spend time with their cousins and be best friends also....

25 Days of Joy ~ Day 17

Day 17

Look at this silly face!! How could this not bring me joy? She is always ready to make me laugh. I love you crazy silly girl!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Out to Eat

On Wednesday evening, my parents and sister Molli came up and we headed to Greenwood. We went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. We love eating there, or at least Jesse and I do!

Molli and Jesse had to wear these cute BIBs cause they were eating Snow Crab:)

After we got done we made a trip to Toys R Us because Austin and Hailee were wanting a Hex Bug battle arena. And this is what Bodie Kale found....

He loved this Cadillac, and didn't want to get out of it. Who knows maybe he will need one sometime soon??
Then we headed home so they could put their Hex Bug arena together..

25 Days of Joy~ Day 16

Day 16

We went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack last night. Such a joy it is to go out to eat as a family!! Jesse had to wear the bib since he was eating snow crab... To funny!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 days of Joy ~ Day 15

Day 15

Seriously, how could these faces not bring me joy? Jesse and I are so proud to be their parents. What a blessing we have!

25 Days of Joy ~ Day 14

Day 14
These two bring us joy also. My in~laws:)

25 Days of Joy~ Day 13

Day 13~

My parents bring us joy!

25 Days of Joy~ Day 12

Day 12

My little sister, Molli, is attending college at University of Indianapolis, which means she lives close to us. This brings me joy for several reasons. 1. We get to see her alot! 2. She can babysit whenever we need her. Love ya Molli!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

25 Days of Joy ~ Day 11

Day 11

Building Forts brings us joy :) I love watching their imaginations run wild while they create things. So on a cold, snowy winter day build a fort in the living room:)

25 Days of Joy~ Day 10

Day 10

I love TASTE OF HOME recipe books:) They really have some great yummy recipes, so I recommend you try them out if you haven't already. Good food brings joy to my house!

Friday, December 10, 2010

25 Days of Joy~ Day9

Day 9

Bodie tries to be just like his Daddy! He wants a coffee cup just like daddy:) We put a little bit of juice, milk or water in his though.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days of Joy ~ Day 8

Day 8

My kids have a terrific dad! It brings me joy to watch my kids with their dad. I love the fact that Jesse will lay down in Bodie's little bed and try to get him to sleep in it... But the joke is on daddy cause Bodie always ends up in our bed right in the middle all cozy with his daddy:)

25 Days of Joy ~ Day7

Day 7

Isn't it so nice when sibbling play together and get along? This isn't always the case at our house, but Hailee and Bodie like to play Indians together. Austin will join occasionally. I love to sit and listen to thier imagination run wild.