Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U of I visit

On Tuesday the kids and I went with my parents to visit Molli at college, University of Indianapolis. The kids thought it was so neat to get to see where Molli lived, and around the campus. Austin thinks he might go to school there, maybe but as long as he can play soccer (ha ha).
Everybody on Molli's bed Molli and my mom in her dorm
Then we decided to do a late lunch at Joe's Crab Shack since it wasn't to far. I love Joe's Crab Shack!! Of course I am eating healthy so it was a little hard to watch them eat their yummy fried shrimp, oysters, and all that good stuff. I was good though and stuck to the grilled shrimp with steamed veggies! Really it was good too :)
Bodie hanging out with Papaw!!
Molli and Bodie had to dance (it took forever to get our food for some reason so we had to keep him entertained... )

The others colored!

After eating lunch, Hailee wanted to treat herself to COLDSTONE ICE CREAM! So off to coldstone we went so they could enjoy ice cream. Her favorite is Cotton Candy and she wants to go like everyday. :)

It was nice to spend the day with my parents, little sister, and kids!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Date Day

On Saturday, Jesse's parents came to babysit so that we could do a date day! We are so thankful for them coming to babysit:) So while the kids had a blast with the grandparents, Jesse and I headed to Bloomington. We had such a great day with lunch at Olive Garden, then a movie (Hall Pass), and then to the mall for some shopping. When we got home we celebrated Jesse's birthday with Bill and Cindy. Had some cake that they all picked out, and then the kids played.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today, Jesse turned the big 30!! Happy Birthday Jesse :) We love that we get to spend the day with a terrific dad, an amazing husband, and our best friend!! Words could never express how much we truely love, and admire you.
Jesse, Austin, Hailee and Bodie The cake that the kids and Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Bill picked out!
All of us
Trying to teach Bodie how to blow out the big candle
He couldn't wait to taste it!!

Happy Birthday Jesse!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Aunt Molli

I love the fact that my sister goes to college and lives in Indy. This means we get lots of visits from her. Lately a certain little guy has been her biggest fan. Here is Bodie loving on Aunt Molli!!

He is full of hugs and kisses when he sees Molli. Also he knows that she usually has a McDonalds Sweet Tea to share so that is a bonus for him. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


On Saturday~ the kids enjoyed a visit from my parents. They stopped on their way home from cheering on the ND cougars at Semi State.

They played an intense game of JENGA. Hailee loves this game, but doesn't like to loose...

Usually everyone gets mad at Bodie cause he likes to climb on the table and knock it over...
When they left Austin decided he wanted to go spend the night so he enjoyed the night there.
Sunday~ Bill and Cindy came up for a visit. We enjoyed a trip to Ponderosa in Mooresville, then back home for some play time with Hailee and Bodie. The kids had fun playing!! Of course they never want mamaw and papaw to leave, but I think Bodie would of def. went with them at least until night time :)
Austin got home this evening so we are enjoying some family game time (xbox) and tv. Trying to get ready for our Monday full of school, household chores, and daddy back to work...

New Camera

I finally got a new camera, and am so excited about it! I ended up with a canon rebel xsi:) So while I am trying to figure it out, I decided to let daddy and Bodie have a little photo shoot. Here it is!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Field Trip

On Friday, our homeschool group took a tour of Not Just Popcorn in Edinburg, IN. We had so much fun and learned so much about this company. Seriously it was so neat. We learned that they make 315 flavors of popcorn. Some they are famous for are Chicago Cheddar, Dill Pickle, and Caramel. We got to watch how they make it, how they package it, and even have a taste test!

The popcorn travels through this so that the bad pieces fall out

making some Cheese popcorn

On to the next part of the tour with Bodie on my hip and Hailee hanging on my side!

Me and Bodie

When the colts won superbowl, the took these huge bags and filled them with Blue and White popcorn for the colts. How cool is that!

Watching them make Caramel popcorn.

My little man

Preparing the Caramel popcorn
The kids loved it! When we were done we bought a few different types of popcorn to bring home so we could share with Daddy. Molli joined us on the trip, and we know she had fun too!!
After we left we went to the outlet mall for some retail therapy (shopping). Such a GREAT day!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our trip to Boot City

Daddy needed some new boots so we made a trip to Boot City in Terre Haute! While we were there we got to sit on the sadle and do a little photo shoot. :)

By the time we got home we were wore out and sick of being in the car... Ha ha!