Sunday, August 26, 2012

Field Trip to Hunter's Honey Farm

Our Homeschooling group visited Hunter's Honey Farm last week!  The kids had lots of fun and learned some interesting stuff about bees and honey.  We did the bee hive tour and bottled our own honey bear.  Here are some pictures of our tour. 

Oh and the great thing is Molli joined us!!  We love when she is at school in Indy so that she can join us on field trip days!! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Out to eat...

Today we got the pleasure of eating at Chili's with Hayden, Colin, Bill, and Cindy:)  I love to watch all the kids together!  Austin and Colin buddy up, and then Hayden, Hailee and Bodie buddy up:) Oh and when you eat with these kiddos, forget the kids menu....  Bring on the RIBS is what they wanted! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art with Austin

Today we had Art, and my kids love PAINT!!  Austin had a leasson on different types of lines, textures, and colors.  You can mix colors together to make other colors, and that is what has them all amazed!! :)  Hailee and Bodie had to watch as Austin showed them what he learned.

My three kiddos are enjoying school online, which makes me happy.  We had a rough first week, but we are getting the hang of it and doing well!!  I am so proud of each of them! 

I just love these faces!!  Jesse and I are so blessed! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bodie Kale's request....

Bodie Kale was ready for a haircut, and his request was a mohawk...  However I am not ready for that yet, so we talked him into a fohawk!!  He loves it, and is super happy so that is what matters!!  He loves to visit Katelyn at Studio One in Martinsville to get his hair cut, entertain whoever is in there with his dancing skills, and then recieve his treat (a sucker) from her!!  He is such a character:)  Here is Bodie Kale! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dentist Appointments....

Today all three kids had to go to the dreaded dentist office for cleanings.  It was funny to listen to them in the car talking about reasons why they needed to go to the dentist office, but also why they don't like going.  Hailee said, "mom, you made us brush our teeth a million times today cause we were going to the dentist any other day we just have to twice!" I tell you she is something else. 

Austin got a good report!!  Yay, he said its about time. LOL
As for Hailee and Bodie, they both have a cavity so we are going to get them fixed up.  Hailee did really good, only a couple tears.  She is such a mommy girl, and doesn't like when I can't go back with her.  :)  Bodie did super, opened his mouth wide, and loved the spit sucker thingy!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 School Year

 First day of school was a little stressful, but now we are catching on!  The kids are loving working on the computer with Connections Academy.  Here are a few pictures... 

Hailee and Bodie hard at work on thier ABC book! 
 Austin working hard on his Math assignment.  He complains alot about this subject :)
 My 7th Grader!!  Hard to believe he now a 7th grader...  He is growing up..
My 1st grader!!  She is so SMART, and loves all her subjects!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

1st day of school

Well today was our first day back at school, and it was a stressful one...  We are trying to get a routine going, and figure out how the online school works.  I know that with time we will get the hang of it and then it will be easier!  We are looking forward to that day!! 

Austin is in 7th grade this year, I can't believe it...  Hailee is doing 1st grade, and I am working with Bodie on some preschool stuff!  He always wants to do what the other kids are doing, so I figured we would go ahead. 

I forgot to snap pictures, but I will tomorrow and post them!  Are your kids back at school yet?  Hope they enjoy thier school year! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


On Friday, mom took the kids home with her so they could spent the night before she goes back to work.  Let me tell you, they had tons of fun!  They got to spend time with my parents, and do things they love like feed the goats and chickens!!  They also got to experience Old Settlers.  They went there to play games, eat, and watch some kind of animal show.  Oh and they brought back lots of items like a small plane you hang from your ceiling fan (Austin), a small dolphin (Hailee), and a spiderman hat/toy for (Bodie). 
They also got to go visit our Hollis grandparents, and this is the picture I recieved!!  I LOVE IT!  My kids love thier great grandparents, and I love that i have this picture to treasure always!! 
Thanks mom and dad for entertaining my kids for the night.  Bodie is ready to come back to your house, lol. 


Can't believe we will start our school year in the morning!  This weekend we went and bought the kids a laptop for schooling, and they are super excited.  They have to get online daily to check thier assignments for the day, and mark them as complete.  Then they will dropbox them to the teacher.  So with our PC being SUPER slow, we finally decided to get a laptop!!  Almost got two, but decided to wait a few months to see how this one goes. 
Austin had a welcome call with his teacher on Friday.  He was super nervous!  It went great though, and it was so nice that she takes the time to get to know what each students likes and dislikes are.  Austin isn't just a phone talker though, lol.  We are still waiting on Hailee's teacher to call, but she can do so anytime next week. 
I love the fact that my kids get to be home with me daily, while we homeschool!!  It really works for us.  And we are surrounded by a great homeschool group with amazing families in it for loads of support!  So here is to a AWESOME school year!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy Summer

Feels like this summer has flown by....  We have enjoyed vacation, swimming in our pool, playing outside and lots more!!  Can't believe it is almost that time to begin our schooling again.  This year we are doing something a little different.  We signed the kids up or Connections Academy!  Its like a public school online :)  We are hoping that we will like it, but if not then we will go back to Abeka Academy!!  Wish us luck!