Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

We got to Trick or Treat on Saturday from 6-8 in Martinsville and my kids were ready to go! They had so much fun walking around in our subdivsion....

Our little stinker!! Bodie was a skunk!

Hailee was Snow White!

And Austin was an evil warrior!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Let the carving begin....

On Sunday, we went up town and picked out some good carving pumpkins. The kids love to carve pumpkins so we always make it a family event! Molli got to join in on the fun since she stayed the weekend with us :) Here they are scooping out the guts! Hailee wasn't sure about sticking her hand all the way in there.

Then they put their stencil on and carved away. Here are the finished pumpkins...

Hailee's kitty

Bodie's face

And Austin's spooky skull pumpkin
After we were all done, Molli roasted the pumpkin seeds for us. The kids didn't like them at all, but we did! Such a great Sunday with the family!

Apple Works

On Friday, we took a trip with our homeschool group to Apple Works in Trafager IN. We asked my sister Molli to join us for the day, and she did! The kids had a great time with all the info about the apple orchard, a tour of the building (freezer and the bakery where the goodies are made), a wagon ride, a yummy snack, feeding the goats, the maze, the playhouse, and the pumpkin patch! Here is a few pictures:

Austin and Hailee waiting patiently :)
On the wagon

feeding the goats OATS

the brave goat on top of the roof

The kids :)
After we were done we went to the gift shop to get some Apple Dumplings and Cider to take home! We all agree that they were delicious :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoying Outdoors

Our little guy loves being outdoors! Of course Austin and Hailee do to, but they are to busy playing with their friends for me to capture their pictures lately. So this post is about Bodie loving the outdoors!! He loves to walk in the yard and often hollars at the neighbor dog to get.
He is enjoying the leaves! Often times he tries to eat them....
And he loves to SWING!! He is full of laughs and giggles while swinging...

And of course he loves when daddy pushes him in the swing!! He loves DADDY!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Shoot

We had schedule a fun little photo shoot with our homeschool group and then they were going to do family pictures for those who wanted them. Well of course Jesse had to work over so the kids and I participated! Here are a few of the pictures:

We had a good time, but hopefully next time Jesse can get off work in time to join us :)

Our Little Model

At the begining of this month I recieved a hat that I ordered for Bodie Kale. I ordered it from Twysted Yarn (she is one facebook and on We absolutely love her work and have ordered from her several times. After I posted this picture on facebook, I recieved a message from her asking if she could use this picture to Market her hat:) How exciting that she wants to use this picture of my son to sell her hat!! Then yesterday she sent me another message saying that she is naming her hats now, and would love to call this hat The Bodie Earfap Beanie :) We are so flattered:)

If you love the hat please check out her work on (Twysted Yarn).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Overnight Guest

Our weekend started out at the soccer field where we met up with Jesse's parents Bill and Cindy. We were all there to cheer on the Orange Tigers (GO AUSTIN!)
As she cheers for her brother she also plays with her Barbies:)
Our team

We ended the game with a tie of 2-2! Way to Go Orange!!
After leaving the soccer field we came back to our house so the kids could play with their grandparents (which they had a blast!). While the kids enjoyed their lunch, wagon rides, basketball, and all sorts of other things, Jesse and I decided to go on a lunch date. We don't get to do that to often so it was so nice to sit down and enjoy MEXICAN food and talk. I love my husband so much:) We then came back to enjoy the rest of the evening with Bill and Cindy and our kids. It was a great weekend!!
Here are some pictures of Bodie showing off all his new bday toys:
Sharing with Austin
Yummy~ Resse Cup
So many toys...
Austin and Hailee had fun playing with them also!
Sunday morning after we all woke up, Jesse and I went to breakfast together while the kids went with Bill and Cindy to McD's. From what I hear, Bodie had a terrific time at the playland and showed everyone he isn't scared of anything. Ha ha.
I know we had a great weekend! Hope you all did as well:)

More pictures of our ONE year old

Here are a few more pictures I wanted to share of our precious one year old.

Bodie Kale
Another cake

Football with Uncle Kevin


Auntie April reading Bodie a book :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Bodie can say several words, but his latest obsession is now the word APPLE. He walks around saying Apple constantly. My guess is that he has heard Hailee's A is for Apple, B is for Ball CD a few to many times. It is too cute!

This week has not been such a great week, but that is okay. The kids are so ready for their dad to be home from work so that we can enjoy this weekend together. Not much planned, but that is fine just how we like our weekends. Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Tomorrow Jesse and I meet with a specialist to figure out what they are going to do with his shoulder. We aren't positive on what they will be doing, and if he will be off of work so we are hoping to find out some answers at the dr.
Please say a prayer for him:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A full weekend...

This weekend was a crazy busy weekend.... but included lots of family time:) Molli came to our house on Friday night to spend the night with us. The kids loved having Aunt Molli come visit. Then on Saturday we woke up and headed to the soccer field. Austin's team lost their game, but they played an amazing game. Austin had an assist and a goal! We are so proud of our little soccer star:) He was really super excited when the other coach pulled him to the side to tell him how good of a soccer player he was. His smile was HUGE!! I guess it is always better when other recognize your skills! After the game we headed to Daviess County for the weekend. Our car was loaded down and we even squeezed Molli in there. On Saturday we went to Bill and Cindy's for a cookout with the Swartzentruber family. Lots of people, and they all seemed to have a good time. The kids played and even had a pony ride!
Then on Sunday we spent the day at my mom and dads. My grandma Hollis, and grandparents Wise came to help celebrate Bodie's bday. The kids loved playing and riding the golf cart before we headed back home.

Now we are back at home and trying to unload the car.... There is always so much to do when you come back from being gone all weekend, and we are all extremely tired..
Somewhere I have lost my camera so if I find it, I will upload the rest of my pics! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1 year checkup

Yesterday, Bodie Kale had his ONE year checkup at the dr. office. He had an excellent check up and is growing GREAT! He of course didn't want to sit still, he wanted to show off his walking skills. Oh and he is a huge flirt with a couple of the nurses :) His shots are always the part I dread, but he did okay. He cried for a minute then I calmed him down as we ran for the door, lol.

Bodie now weighs 22 lbs, 14 ounces at ONE year of age! :)
Here is a picture of the kids at the dr office

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bodie Kale

With Jesse being on call this week, we decided we would do a little celebrating on Bodie's birthday but his parties will actually be on the 9th and 10th!! So here is how we celebrated it at home...

Some cake and presents...

He would tear a piece off then hand it to us. :) He loved it though...

Going to show daddy what he got!!

A fun learning and ride toy!!

A Birthday cupcake.. YUMMY!!

Daddy decided to help a little bit!
On Saturday, Bill and Cindy (Jesse's parents) came to visit, watch Austin's game, and bring Bodie his big bday gift! We enjoyed our visit!! The kids loved having them at our house.

Sunday we decided to go outside and get some use out of the new gift Bodie got. So we bundled up...

He loves his new wagon! He loves the fact that it has a door, has seats with seatbelts, and even has cupholders. SO COOL!! He loves to climb in and out of it, and he even shares it with his big sister. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bodie is ONE

A year ago to day is when we expanded our family by welcoming a beautiful little boy. Not sure where the times has went because it doesn't seem like he should already be turning one.

Bodie Kale~ Happy 1st Birthday!! You have brought so much joy to our family. You are the sweetest (most of the time) little guy. We love watching you grow, explore, and discover. There is almost always a smile on your precious face! We love you so very much!
Some of the things you love: Outdoors, Austin's room, cuddling with your mom, when your dad walks in the door from work, wrestling with your brother and sister, getting into all the drawers and cabniets, tents, MUSIC, and food :)
Happy 1st Birthday Bodie Kale!!