Thursday, April 30, 2009

We are back

We left on Friday for our vacation to Panama City Beach, FL. It was a long drive but we made it there Saturday morning. The kids did super sleeping in the car and were very good for that long of a trip. When we got there Saturday morning we went straight to the ocean and waited on our condo to be ready. I will just sum up our vacation... IT WAS AMAZING!! Our condo was super nice, seriously! It had a kid bunk room, kid bathroom, kitchen with stove, dishwasher, refridge, a washer and dryer, living room, dining room table, balcony of ocean view, master bedroom, master bathtub. AMAZING. The whole week was so nice. We enjoyed going to the Gulf Marine Park and seeing a varitey of animals like dolphins, sea lions, sting rays, turtles, birds, ect. we enjoyed an evening of put put golf, enjoyed shopping (they have like and outlet mall in pier park :) (April I thought of you the whole time!! ha ha. We enjoyed dinner at Jimmy Buffet Margarittaville ~ well Jesse enjoyed the Margaritta's while I watched him. Preggo couldn't have one... We also ate at Pineapple Willy's which was really good. We hung out at the ocean, laid out in the sun, spent time by the pool. Wow! It was great. We enjoyed it so much that we were not ready to come back to Indiana... Jesse has already said we will go back there next year for vacation! Yay!! Here are just a few pics that I took, if you want to view all my pics just send me your email address so I can add you to my Kodak Gallery and you can view all the pics. I also posted most of them on Facebook.
Hope you all had a great week!

Austin at the pool!
Hailee and daddy in the pool
Discussing the waves at the beach

Building Sand Castles

Friday, April 24, 2009

Today is the day...

While Jesse is at work today, I am in charge of finishing loading the car~ a trip to WalMart to get some food for the road and acessories~ putting a hold on the mail~ printing out stuff~ and the list goes on... We are leaving when he gets home and showers. So our plan is to be pulling out of Martinsville by 4:30... Yeah well see. The kids have been major drama because our dog left to go visit my sister for a week. I met my brother in Worthington to drop off Zeke and Hailee cried almost the whole way home... She kept saying "I want Zekee Poo" who would think it would be this hard to go on vacation.
Jesse asked me last night how I was going to survive a week without my computer. I said really I don't know, but I do have his phone so I can check my email~facebook~ and myspace. Ha ha.
So this is my last post til we get back, talk to you all in a week!! Love to all!

Happy Birthday Colin Brown

This post is dedicated to my nephew Colin Brown... HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN! I hope you have a wonderful day and birthday weekend. Uncle Jesse, Aunt Sarah, Austin and Hailee send you lots of hugs :)
Colin Brown!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So my day started out with DRAMA... Austin had a loose tooth, and it was seriously hanging by a thread. It has been loose for awhile but today it was ready to come out. Austin gets all worked up over loosing teeth. Okay so he has lost teeth before and we have to go through this everytime. He kept telling me, "mom you don't understand the pain.." Like I haven't lost a tooth before. Wow. Of course he lets no one touch it. He would push it back with his tongue and I could already see the new tooth coming through.
Well at supper he bit into a cheeseburger and out came the tooth. Thank Goodness! Yeah, no more drama over that tooth. It is his upper front left tooth :)
Enough about that~ we had a very good soccer practice this evening. The weather turned out to be nice so that was a plus. When we got home Jesse mowed the yard one last time before vacation, then we took our rabbit, turtle, and fish down to my neighbor Shae's. Going on vacation is alot of work when you have animals. I feel like I have had to find childcare for them all.... Zeke (our boxer dog) will be leaving tomorrow evening to go to Odon. Thank goodness my sister Lindsey said she would watch him. I am sure he will be mad but will get over it once he see's Dakota and Coltyn.
All is coming together nice:) Can't wait to be on the beach!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Week

This week is a crazy one around our house. On Monday, we had homeschool group at the Library and I was in charge... I had decided to do something to celebrate EARTH DAY which is celebrated on the 22nd. I had handouts about ways to keep the Earth clean and safe. It really worked out good. I also brought in water bottles, spoons, and bird feed to make bird feeders. I had got the idea from April (my sis in law). They turned out so cute and the kids had fun. For snack, well I made dirt pudding and stuck gummy worms in them. Yum!
Austin workin hard on his papers!
Hailee Brooke with her bird feeder!

Today I worked on packing the kids for vacation. I have gotten alot packed, which is nice. Jesse packed when he got home. I also have these list of everything that needs to go with us and stuff I need to get. We are looking forward to this trip.
Tomorrow we have soccer practice, I really hope the weather is nice. I feel lost because we will be missing a game on Saturday and practice next week. Austin was mad about that but he really wants to go to FL so I am sure he will not even think about it.
Thursday I have an appt to get our car checked out and oil changed, hair appt, and a run to WalMart.
Then Friday we are pulling out of Martinsville at 4pm. Or at least that is our plan:)
Please keep us in your prayers for a safe drive there and a safe return home. Oh and dont worry I am sure there will be plenty of pics!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update & Soccer Weekend

On Friday morning, I had an OB appt. The kids went with me and enjoyed hearing the baby's heartbeat. Austin said it sounded like a train. Everything looks good and I am measuring right on track! I go back on May 18th for an ultrasound and appt. That day we will be able to find out if it is a baby girl or baby boy :) Not 100% sure that I want to know, but Jesse is wanting to find out just so we can get everything done. We will see. Here is a pic of the kids at the dr. office. They took their DS, and PSP to keep entertained.
When we got home Friday it was beautiful outside. Austin, Hailee and I enjoyed some much needed time outside. Austin ventured off with the neighbor boys while Hailee and I played. Here are a few pics I got of her.

She needs a break, so she took on sitting on her ball.

She said watch me, I am a Cheerleader!!
Today, we enjoyed a nice visit from Mamaw Cindy and Papaw Bill. They came to watch the kids play Soccer. Austin had a game at 12, and they won. They did an amazing job and played their hearts out. It was really tough that we play with 6 and only 6 kids showed up. That means no one got a break... The score was 2-1 with our first victory! Here are a few shots of his game.

Our Little Soccer Players! So Cute!!
After his game, we ran to McDonalds to grab some lunch. Then back to the soccer field for Hailee's game which was at 2. Hailee is a little shy, but I think she will get into it. It is just going to take a few times. She did really good kicking the ball around the first half, but the second half she just wasn't so sure about. She had fun and did great. Here is a few pics of her.
Watching & Waiting

Stayin close to the Coach!
After the games, we enjoyed ice cream with Mamaw and Papaw. Then back to our house to play before they went home. Hailee and I both got a sunburn, OUCH! Thanks for the visit, we enjoyed it.
This week is going to be crazy. I am packing, and have a few appt to fit in before we leave for vacation. I am trying to get everything organized... We are looking forward to relaxing on the beach though!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cold Practice

Okay so I am not doing so good on taking pics. This is another post with no pics... I will do better next time.
Not alot going on here. Jesse is on call this week, and it has been pretty quiet until tonight. Jesse got home around 4, and when he walked in he looked like he was sick. I was right. He has been running a fever, coughing like crazy, and a sore throat. YUCK! Instead of him going to help me with soccer practice I told him to stay home and lay down until he gets called out. So the kids and I ventured off to soccer practice. Let me just say, IT WAS COLD OUT THERE! Brr. Anyways, practice went pretty good. I have met all my players but two. They haven't came to the last two practices, but I hope to meet them at our game Saturday. After I left there I went to pick up some milk. My kids go through milk so fast. Seriously I really think I need a dairy cow. ha ha. Then I went through the Subway drive thru for some dinner. YUM! When I pulled in the garage Jesse was getting his shoes on, he got called out on a trouble ticket. So I handed him his sandwich to eat on the road. Poor guy. The kids and I are just hanging out now at home. I so love being at home with the kids. I am so lucky to have two amazing children~ and one on the way. Truely blessed!
Well that is all for now, need to get the kids off to bed. Til next time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Movies

Today the kids and I met up with our homeschool group at Movies 8 in Greenwood to watch Hotel for Dogs. It was such a cute movie, and the kids had so much fun. We went at 1 so it was nice that the cost was .50 cents per person, however the concession prices are outrageous. Oh well, we had fun and it was nice to spend time with the kids. Hailee had a melt down before we left cause she didn't want to go without daddy. He called and talked to her and told her to go so she was okay after that. Then during the movie Austin whispers mom, I wish Jesse was here. So he was missed, which made him feel good.
After the movie, I wanted to run into Babies R Us!! Austin couldn't believe I was making him go there. He is such a boy. I picked up some maternity jeans, and looked at all the cute baby outfits.
Well I have been gone all day so now I need to get cleaning. We leave for vacation in 11 days and I have so much to do!! Til next time..

Easter Weekend

This year we enjoyed Easter at home. We did our Easter with everyone the weekend before which was nice. Austin was up at 4 am on Easter Sunday, and was in my room telling me he had a basket. I told him to go back to bed... He did go back to bed but yelled every hour , "Are you guys up yet?" Finally at 7:30 we all got up. Hailee and Austin enjoyed their baskets filled with candy and a new video game. Austin got a new game for his PSP and Hailee a new game for her DS. The Easter Bunny must of knew that we were leaving and going on vacation and wanted them to have a game for the LONG ride. Good Work!!

The Easter Bunny got a little crazy and left eggs all over the house. The kids were geared up for the Egg Hunt.
After lunch, the kids and I baked some cookies and made deviled eggs. I also layed out some Steak to marinate for supper. Austin loves steak! Jesse worked on cutting the tree down that was in our back yard. We are getting a pool this summer and the tree had to go. Hailee and I also enjoyed about a 2 hour nap, while Austin and the neighbor boys played.
Okay so here are a few pics that I snapped of Jesse cutting down the tree. He made me and the kids so nervous cause it was a huge tree and he climbed to the top of it. He had gear on for safety but still. Austin was like MOM tell him to come down, and I tried to explain to Austin~ Jesse does this everyday expect on a pole with electricity. Austin said okay I know that but I don't have to watch him do it everyday and he is making me nervous. So cute how he was worried about Jesse getting hurt.

Jesse in the tree!!

He was at the very top of it here. We were all a little scared cause the tree was shaky...


And it is down... Jesse said No Worries... Yeah look at it toward our house. Glad it didn't land on our house.
Well that was about it. Today Jesse goes on call this week with work. It is such a rainy day so who knows he might be working over tonight. The kids and I are going to the movies at 1 today in Greenwood with our homeschool group. With it rainy, I feel like I could just sleep all day...
An update on the pregnancy. Things are going great. I have a doctor appt. on Friday so I will def. post more then. I have just started to feel movement. Once in awhile I think I can feel a small kick , it is so cute. The nausea is still here and the exhaustion. I am dealing with it though. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Games cancelled

Well our games today were cancelled due to all the rain we got yesterday... The kids were looking forward to playing so they were a little bummed out. Jesse took the kids outside for a little bit while I got a good start on cleaning up some, but then here comes Austin with the neighbor boy and they wanted to watch a movie. I said I didn't care then they asked if they could have a pop so I said one. What was next, oh they needed a snack to go along with it all. Boys are so funny! Hailee decided she was laying down and taking a nap (which was awesome), but then Jesse decided he should take one to... Oh well it is the weekend and we don't have many relaxing weekends.
Not a lot going on other than now Jesse is getting ready to cut this huge tree down that is in our back yard. I am a little nervous about it cause he is just going to climb it and do it. I know that he is use to climbing poles and stuff but still I am worried. I will definately be going out to supervise and make sure he is safe. I will take some pics and upload them later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Practice

Tonight we had our first soccer practice of the season. Yay! It turned out to be a pretty nice day outside so I was glad. Didn't want to have to freeze or stand in the rain. Anyways overall it went really good. Our first game is on Saturday and Austin and Hailee are pretty excited about it! I just hope the weather is good that day!!


I really have alot on my mind today and am lost in knowing what to do. My son Austin recently has told his father that he doesn't want him to be his dad. Austin is 9 years old and has been through alot in life. He has been let down so many times by his father. He hasn't seen his dad since December the last part. A few months have went by since Austin told his father this, with no word out of his father. Until today... I recieve a text saying, " Can I have Austin this weekend?" I simply replied Austin has soccer. Austin is so big into soccer, and his first game is Saturday. Then a text back saying, "What time?" I replied, " You need to call and talk to Austin about it." He replies, " K on my lunch." I told Austin what was going on and he starts crying. He is shaky, and says I told him I don't want him to be my dad. What am I to do? I am lost on the answer but I turn to God and just pray. Meanwhile Austin is crying so I simply tell him that he has to be the one to talk to his father and decide on what to do. I can't be that person, he has to be. After listening to my son cry and be in pain I text his father back and let him know, "You have Austin crying and upset, he says nothing has changed his mind about things he said." At that it has been left.
I just don't understand how one thinks that being a parent means you can pop in and out of ones life. Um NO.
I simply am asking for some prayers to guide me and Austin with the answers. I dislike that my son has to go through this and wish I could change things. He is a great young man, and deserves the best, not heartache and pain.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend in Odon

This weekend just flew by... On Saturday we headed to Odon to celebrate our Easter with our parents. The kids got up super early and we were on the road by 8 am. Of course we had to stop and get some breakfast from McD's. The first stop was at my mom and dad's for the first 1/2 of the day. The kids loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed waking Clayton up. I think they woke Molli up to, but was nicer with her about it. Getting Clayton out of bed was a job, but they accomplished it with help from papaw. So the first pic I put, well I will probably get hurt from posting it but it was so funny. My dad had drove the golf cart to my grandma Hollis's house and well it didn't make it back. Good thing Clayton was around he gladly gave my dad a push. ha ha. Yeah and well I made sure I got a picture of it.

My brother~ Clayton!

All the kids excited to go hunt some Easter Eggs. All of them looking at me except Coltyn. Hailee, Austin, Jaxcen, Coltyn, Dakota, Trinidy, and Zaden!

My grandma Hollis came to mom's to visit and watch the kids run around finding eggs. Austin and Hailee are loving on Mamaw Hollis :)
Dakota and Hailee were playing dolls and the dolls were napping so they decided to crawl up in the recliner and cover up. They were pretending to nap also. So Cute!
Our next stop was at Jesse's parents. The kids love going to the Hillbilly's (Papaw Bill) house. We had an amazing lunch there with so much food. It was great. We also got the chance to visit with Papaw Eaton~ he came for a visit and to watch the kids hunt eggs there.
Here is some pics of the kids hunting eggs there.

Hailee wanted papaw to follow her around and hold her basket. She was to busy finding eggs to hold her own basket. :)

While there we also had cake and ice cream for Jesse's bday. Here the kids gathered around him to sing and help blow out all those candles. The room was smoky then.

We enjoyed our evening there visiting with everyone. The kids headed down to the pond with Papaw to do some fishing. They caught a few! The kids didn't want to leave at all. They had so much fun!!
On Sunday we all slept in. Then I got up and fixed everyone breakfast. We started out working outside until..... the rain started coming down. Boo:( Jesse was so mad cause there was so many things he wanted to do outside. Oh well. When he came in we all cuddled on the couch and watched the movie Marley & Me. I loved that movie, but cried like a baby. Didn't do to much other than that and pick up the house a little.
And now it is Monday.... another week! We start soccer this week and we are looking forward to it. I will let ya know how it goes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend..

We are getting ready for our trip to Odon in the morning to visit and celebrate with our families. I just got done making 7 little Easter bags for my nieces and nephews to enjoy! Austin and Hailee are super excited to be going to Grandma and Grandpas house to play. They love spending time there and playing with all thier cousins. I will be sure to take plenty of pics of our trip!
Jesse has been sick the last few days, and I don't think he is feeling much better. He sounds like he is coughing up a lung. I really hope that he gets better. He is on antibiotic, Claritin, and all that great stuff.
Tonight we ordered Chili's Carside to Go for supper. Austin loves thier Honey BBQ ribs so he chowed down and finished a full rack. Hailee suprised us tonight cause she has decided that she loves them to and also chowed down on them. Jesse also had the ribs, while I enjoyed the Chicken Crispers. YUM! Now that we have full bellies, we are going to relax and watch Friday Night Smackdown with Austin. Then off to bed for an early day tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!