Friday, July 31, 2009

Prayer Request

Just asking for you all to say a little prayer for Tyson & Marisa Swartzentruber. Marisa is going in on Monday to have a c-section. She is expecting a little boy! He will be welcomed home by his sister Lilly which I am sure that she is ready to meet him. So if you think of it just say a prayer that all goes smooth on Monday! Thanks to all!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Way to Go Hayden!!

I just want to say Way to go Hayden on your 4 H projects. We are so proud of you!! Hayden has one project that she is champion on and it will go on to State Fair. She also is Reserve Grand Champion on two other projects!! Super Job!!

Just a quick note

Hello!! Just wanted to let you all know what is going on here at the Swartzentruber household.... Austin has been going to VBS all week with the neighborhood kids. He has so enjoyed himself. I tell ya I am super proud of him, he has been catching the VBS bus and going. Austin can be very shy so this is huge!! Way to go Austin~ we are so proud of you not only for this but for all the many things that you accomplish. We love you so much!!
Hailee was a little mad because she wanted to go but didn't want to go with the neighbors, ha ha. I however have enjoyed some one on one time with her this week. She is such a character and I love watching her play, laugh, and her sweetness shinning through. We love you too Brooktini!!

Jesse has been on call this week~so he is tied at home. It has been a slow week so we have got to enjoy lots of time with him also!

Yesterday I went to the Chiropractor, which I was nervous about. He said he believes I have a rib out of place that we will have to work back into place. He popped my back and iced it. When I left I felt good for about 15-20 minutes, then it hurt again. He is wanting me to go back on Friday, but I am just not sure. We will see. While I was at my appt. Cindy (my mother in law) came to enjoy the day with the kids. Austin and Hailee got treated to a trip to Bloomington and came home with another Build A Bear... Like they needed that, ha ha. They loved it, and had so much fun. Thank you Cindy so much for coming up and watching them!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Park Day

On Monday, the kids and I enjoyed some time at the park. We went early to get some pics and to play before homeschool group. Here are some of the pics that I got to take. I wish my kids were always this sweet to each other...

A little Crush

Hailee has always said that her Daddy, and Uncle Clayton are her boyfriends~UNTIL NOW... She has informed us that the neighbor boy named Levi is her new boyfriend and she thinks he is HOT!! Really it is so funny. She blushes when talking about him and has wrote him little notes that say HI and has drawn some pics for him. She told me that I can have Daddy back because she has a new boyfriend. So here is a picture of Austin, Hailee and Levi.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr. Appt. Update

Today, I had my dr. appt with my OB. First stop was the scales...yuck! I was suprised though to only gain 1 pound, heck yes!! I think I made up for it last month when I gained almost 10 pounds. Yikes. Anyways~ my dr. visit went good. My iron is low so I have to add two iron pills a day, and hopefully that will take care of it. Don't want low iron when going into surgery for a csection so I am going to work on that. I am still having massive back pain so they referred me to a chiropractor (sp?) I go on Wednesday! Hope that goes good and will help. Other than that things are good. Austin and Hailee get so excited when they listen to their brothers nice strong heartbeat. He even moved and they could hear him. It is so sweet to watch their faces as they are listening~ and for Hailee to say "hey bubby, that is our brother!" I am measuring big so they are going to watch it and possibly do another ultrasound just to make sure they are correct on the date. That is about it. I go back in two weeks!! Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly. Love to All!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

66 days...

As I looked at my blog today, I noticed my baby ticker is down to 66 days!! Yay! We are all ready to meet this little guy~to hold him, love him, hug him, kiss him, and spoil him. Austin and Hailee talk about the baby everyday and look at all his stuff daily. Hailee even trys some of his things on or uses them to try them out. Jesse and I have decided on a name~we think~and the kids love it. That doesn't mean that we wont change it again, that is just how we are.

I want to thank Denise Morris (a good friend) for letting me use some of her maternity clothes. I got them on Wednesday and it was like Christmas in July!! I had some maternity clothes but toward the end I felt like there were just a few outfits that I always wore, and I really didn't want to buy any. I would rather save my money and buy clothes after the baby arrives. Anyways Thank You So Much!!

I go to the dr. on Monday, so say a prayer that all is still looking good. My back is still aching and painful, and I am swelling a bit (I think alot, but that is just me). The baby is still kicking like crazy and I can lay in bed and watch him move~i love it. That is such a great feeling.

Not much new. Til next time....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One of those days...

Today has been one of those rainy lazy days where I could just nap!! Yeah but with two kids that isn't happening. I spent the day doing some school papers with Austin and Hailee~ so far so good. Austin is doing some refreshing the memory work (espec with Math), while Hailee is working on colors, counting, and ABC's. She knows most of them but we want to get them down pat. I am really proud of them both. Austin is currently in 4th grade, while Hailee is in preschool stuff.

I did most of the cleaning yesterday so I just had a load or two of laundry today. Thank goodness!! So I didn't really do to much today other than watch the kids play, color, and watch some soaps. I know I know~ SOAPS... What can I say?

For supper tonight the kids and I hit the McD's drive thru, healthy right. Jesse got called into work, and I had to go get milk so I figured while I was out I would just go to McD's. It satisfied everyone for awhile so I thought I did good.

When Jesse got home this evening, I had told him I needed him to load some tables in the back of his truck so I could meet Bill tomorrow and he could take them back home. Well this led into realizing that he locked the key in the truck... Oh and we have no spare. So currently he is outside with a hanger, and a flash light working on that. I told him I could call someone to come unlock it but he is determined he isn't paying it cause he can do it. Hopefully it don't take all night. Lesson learned~ Quit talking about getting a spare done and just go do it!!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their rainy day and has had better luck then us! :) Til next time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This weekend has been one of those nice weekends when you stay home and enjoy some time with your family!! Those are the kinds I LOVE!! The weather hasn't been real hot so the kids have been playing outside like crazy. I got to clean most of the house yesterday, while Jesse tackled some project he has been wanting to do to his truck. It has been pretty quiet around here. Yesterday we made a quick trip to Rural King but that was about it. Hope everyone had time to stop and enjoy their weekend:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun at Chuck E Cheese...

On Friday, my mom came up with Dakota so that we could all go to Chuck E Cheese for lunch! The kids were so excited to go. Mom, Molli, Trinidy, Dakota, Austin, Hailee and I loaded up in the car and headed to Greenwood for a day of fun :)

Enjoying a snack!! Yummy dreamscicle pops:)
They love Sidewalk Chalk!!

My kids have been to Chuck E Cheese alot, and sometimes I dread this trip however it was fun but CROWDED. Molli and my mom had never been so they were in for a real treat. I know Molli had lots of fun taking a few tokens from each kid to play games herself!! Here are some pics I took of the fun!
We of course had to have these cool cups!!

Trinidy was so happy to win some tickets! She had a blast:)

Dakota and Austin were hitting the jackpot on the slope game:)

Austin and Hailee being silly with their cups!

Ready to eat PIZZA!!
When we left there we went through the drive thru at Krispy Kreme cause the HOT Doughnut sign was on and calling my name. YUM were they good. So we all had pizza and doughnuts, healthy combo right?
After getting home, shortly my mom left with Trinidy and Dakota along with Molli following her. It was so wonderful to spend the day with them, and I am thankful that we got to do that.
Our house is getting back to normal now and back on routine!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trinidy's new do!!

This week, my niece Trinidy has been here to visit and spend some time with us. We have really enjoyed her being here and have had lots of fun. I just wanted to share that, well me being such a great aunt that I am, I decided to take Trinidy to get her hair cut. Last time I did this my sister kind of flipped out so this time I made sure to ask her. Ha ha. She gave her approval so I went for it. Here is Trinidy's before shot of her long hair:

And after:

Trinidy absolutely loves her new hair style. She actually wanted to go Shorter, but I didn't want Crystal to um never let her come see me again so I thought the length I went was reasonable. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Clayton Leon Hollis Wise!!
Today is my brother's birthday and we want to wish him a happy one!! So this post is for you:) Clayton is such an awesome brother, he is one that I can always count on. He has been there for me through lots of things, and we have really grown close to each other. No it hasn't always been that way, but I am thankful that it is now. I remember when he was little we would dress him up in girl clothes, make him wear girl swimsuits, well we were just a little mean to him but hey he was the only boy so... Ha ha. Clayton thanks for being not only my brother, but one of my best friends, I love you!!
Clayton is also one heck of an uncle. Austin has always looked up to Clayton, and well Hailee just loves him to!! The kids love when Uncle Clayton comes to visit them, and plays games with them. I am so glad that Austin and Hailee have an amazing Uncle Clayton :) So we (Swartzentruber's) send our love along with hugs and kisses to you on your birthday!! Hope it is a good one! Love ya Always.

Happy Birthday Clayton!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

28 week appt.

Okay so if you have been pregnant then you know about the 28 week appt. You know the one with the glucose screening~ drinking that orange drink then waiting an hour to get your blood drawn. Sounds fun huh? So I got the drink down and was waiting out my time but the last ten minutes was the worse. I felt nausea, dizzy, clammy, yet had beads of sweat running down my face. After they got the blood, I had to sit there for 10 minutes taking deep breaths, and sipping on some Orange juice until I finally felt a little better. I am glad that appt is over with... The dr. visit went good~ nice strong heartbeat and measuring good. I go back in 2 weeks on the 27th.
Jesse made sure that he called to check on me today, I know that he worries about me. He is such a good husband and daddy!! I know he feels better when he hears things are going good. Baby boy will be here before we know it.

This week, my niece Trinidy has come to visit for a few days. Hailee and Trinidy are getting along good but this is only day 2, ha ha. Austin gets fustrated with them cause they drag out the toys, and whine about cleaning them up. Not really sure why he cares cause he doesn't have to pick them up, but it bugs him for some reason.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Weekend..

The kids enjoyed their Friday night at Grandpa Hillbilly's and Mamaw Cindy's. They also got to enjoy some time with their cousins Hayden and Colin!! They went Fishing, swimming, rode Cali (horse), visited with the newest members of the Cow family, and played!! When they got home on Saturday evening they were full of stories from their weekend, which I am still hearing about today. Ha ha. Like how papaw blew a tire on the horse cart, and how a story was told of Jesse breaking his leg when he was a little boy. They are to cute and it is so fun to hear them telling the stories!!
While they were gone, I spent some time by myself. Jesse worked alot since he was on call however he did bring me some supper home on Friday night. McD's Sweet Tea, and a McChicken sandwich~ such a good husband! Of course after supper the phone rang and he had to go out again on a trouble call. So I just relaxed and did a few things that I needed to get done.
On Saturday, Jesse got up in the attic to get some more baby items down. He got the swing, bassinet, diaperbag, and a mobile down. Hailee was so excited. I washed them up and we brought them in the house~currently they are being occupied by many of Hailee's baby dolls!! She is such a mother hen!!
Sunday we spent our day outside, cleaning out the garage. I am hosting Homeschool group at my house today (Monday) so Jesse cleaned it up. We are going to have a balloon toss (water of course), play a few games, sprinkler fun, and enjoy some yummy frozen treats. I hope it goes good!
The whole baby name thing is a major topic at our house. I just can't believe that we don't have a name yet and can't really decide on one we both like. This is something we have been talking about since I found out I was pregnant, and still isn't set in stone. Ha ha. Just when I think we have a name picked out Jesse changes his mind. I keep telling him we have to come up with a name!! Hailee of course comes up with names like Cocoa, and Flower so those are obviously out. Austin says Duke, Luke, or Bo off of Dukes of Hazzard and those are a no. Who knows hopefully soon to all those who are curious we will have a name!
I go to the dr. tomorrow so be thinking of me and keep me in your thoughts. Also please say a little prayer for my Grandma Hollis she is going to the dr today for a stress test on her heart. I hope the results are good.
Well that is all for now, need to get ready for group!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Not to much to update, but I wanted to share a few pictures of the kids with you!! So here they are, ENJOY!!

Hailee Brooke sittin on her skateboard!!
My skaterboy Austin!!

She is as beautiful as the flowers :)

Austin and Hailee~ July 09

He is growing up so fast!! I am so proud of him.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So after getting the results, I am being treated for a kidney infection. YUCK! However I am thinking that there is more to it. I go to the dr. on Tuesday, and I am full of questions and concerns. My back is killing me, and I am starting to swell (feet, face, hands), and a few other concerns I have. If you think about it just say a prayer that things go okay. I will keep you posted on it.
As for baby boy Swartzentruber~ he is full of movement. I lay and watch my belly cause you can see him moving around. He is constantly kicking me often my bladder which makes me run to the bathroom. Seriously I should probably just live in the bathroom.
So that is all I know for now, I will keep you posted on everything. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cute little story...

Hailee always suprises us with things she says or things she does. She is one that can be so sweet and innocent, but also one that runs the show.
She is getting very excited about our baby coming, which thrills me cause she has had mixed emotions on it being a boy. We try to let her pick things out for the baby, and Austin too. I really think this has helped her.
So the other day Jesse and I was standing in our room just talking, when she comes up to me and lifts my shirt up to look at my belly. She said, "MOM I can't wait to see our baby" I told her it is going to be a little bit longer. Then sweetly she hugs my belly and says, "MOM do you think our baby can feel me squeezin him?" I answered yes. Then.... She smacks my belly and says, "Well do you think he felt that?" Wow, sweet moments to this.
Jesse is on call this week, so it is pretty much just the kids and I. When we see him it is a hit and miss thing. He worked pretty much all Monday day and through the night. He came home at 11a on Tuesday for some sleep time but left again at 345p. He was back home around 6ish though to join us for supper and to play with the kids before bed. Let me tell ya they love their dad, and look forward to him being home :) Melts his heart, I am sure!!
When Cindy came up over the weekend, she brought me some Zucchini! YUM!! So on Monday night, I made Zucchini cake (which was delicious). Tuesday night I cut some up long way and breaded them to deep fry (so good with Ranch dressing). The rest of it I froze so that later I can make some more cakes. I told Jesse we NEED a garden next year, we just aren't to sure on where we would put it. If you have seen our back yard you would understand.
Not alot is going on here, just kind of hanging out at home. The kids have been super busy playing inside and outside with the neighbors.
Currently I am waiting on the dr. to call cause I am having MAJOR back pain and I think I have a kidney infection so I called my OB dr to see what to do. Trying to be patient, but it really hurts. I think I am a whinner though. ha ha.
Well hope you are all having a great Wednesday!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th of July Weekend

This weekend marks our 4 Years of living in Martinsville. It has been amazing and I feel like we have accomplished so much. I want to also say Congrats to Jesse cause on July 5th is his hire in date with Duke Energy. The first four years they go through an apprentice ship then they are considered an LINEMAN. Jesse is offically a LINEMAN!! I am so proud of him and all he does:) So Jesse~ the kids and I are so proud of you and we love you very much!! Congrats!!
Our weekend started our Thursday when Jesse got home. We did the WalMart/ Rural King thing. FUN~ ha ha. Friday~ Jesse had off and we enjoyed our time at home around the house. I cleaned the house (with a little help from the kids), while Jesse worked on some stuff outside. We did get lots accomplished. Then that night Jesse started painting.
Saturday~ Bill and Cindy(Jesse's parents) met us at the new resturant in Martinsville TEXAS CORRAL. Happy rainny 4th of July! It rainned all day long. After lunch we came back to our house but decided to all load up for a trip to Greenwood. YAY!! We went to Ashley's Furniture, and Value City Furniture in search for a certain piece of furniture but no luck finding it. We still had fun looking around though.
Then Bill and the kids went to Toys R Us while Jesse, Cindy and myself went to babies r us. Yeah Bill is a brave man doing the Toys R Us thing, ha ha. Jesse, Cindy and I found lots of cute outfits for this little guy (who still doesn't have a name). Also Hailee had picked out the bedding when we were looking online so we found it and Cindy made that purchase for the little guy! Thank you~ we love it!! We all had a Great time~even with the Martinsville fireworks being postponed due to all the rain..

Hailee ready to go eat with her Vera Bradley purse!!
Hailee Brooke

Austin with his PSP!
Going to meet mamaw and papaw on this rainy day. Hailee had to wear her RAINCOAT!
On Sunday Jesse continued working on painting, while the kids and I played and laid around. It was a lazy day for us. Then Sunday night we headed to the park for the fireworks and to listen to the band. It was past our bedtime considering they didn't start til 10 oclock. The kids enjoyed them though!! Hailee said I will go to see fireworks everynight if we can. :)
Daddy's girl!! Hailee enjoyed laying on daddy watching the fireworks!!

Austin before fireworks, he was ready!

Before the fireworks began, Hailee in her chair!
Well and now it is Monday... Boo! Jesse is back to work and is on call this week. This is his first week on call by himself. :) The kids and I are just hanging out today at home!! Have a great week to all!

Crib Set/ Painted bedroom

So to start this post I have to say, Jesse you're the best husband in the world!! Jesse told me if I pick out the paint then he would paint our bedroom and bathroom for me :) So most of you know this but our house has been painted like 5 times in the four years that we have lived here. I know that is awful! Anyways so I picked out the paint and this weekend Jesse got it started and finished!! It looks amazing, and I love it. Here are some pictures of it.

The crib which is in our room cause we only have three rooms and Hailee and Austin's rooms just aren't big enough. Moving has def. been discussed but just isn't going to happen this minute, however by the time this little guy is out of his crib hopefully we will live in a bigger house! Hailee picked out the bedding, and Mamaw Cindy purchased it for baby boy over the weekend. WE LOVE IT!!
Our Bathroom

Our bathroom

From the door way looking into our room . 3 walls are this cobble brown color.

The accent wall is Sea Green (almost a jade teal color)
Thanks Jesse for doing such a GREAT job painting!! Love ya.
Hope you all enjoy the tour of our room/bathroom, ha ha.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Haircuts and stuff

On Thursday, Hailee and I had haircut appts. Yay!! We both love getting our hair done:) Hailee got her hair trimmed up, while I got my highlights and a cut. I also got my eyebrows waxed, and well Miss Hailee wanted hers done also so they did a pretend wax. To funny how she is addicted to the beauty shop!! We might have trouble on our hands. Austin went with us~ but was totally not wanting to be there. Must be a guy thing.
When we were leaving to go to the beauty shop we pulled out of our subdivison to see 3 Duke Energy trucks parked on the hill working on our poles. Hailee and Austin were so excited cause they got to see daddy (Jesse) in the bucket way up in the air. They couldn't get their windows down fast enough and was yelling "Hi Dad" waving their little arms. It was so cute and made their day!!
When we got home and Jesse got home from work, we decided to do the Rural King/Walmart thing instead of waiting. Our theory was maybe it wouldn't be as crowded cause people would wait til Friday or Saturday. Ha ha Ha I think everyone was thinking like we were. We stopped at Rural king first~had to have Rabbit food. Jesse ended up getting a new pair of boots that he has been eyeing and wanting for sometime now. Oh and we made a purchase of a can crusher. We save cans and monthly we go out and everyone smashes cans with their shoes until now!!
After Rural King we decided to stop at Wendy's for a sandwich before heading to WalMart. Everyone was hungry and well our bill is usually high when you go hungry. Then it was off to Walmart where it was packed. Wow. I think we were in there for an hour and 45 minutes and came out with a huge bill. Walmart stinks!! Of course Austin and Hailee had allowance money that I owed them so their purchases was a PSP game and Nintendo DS game. I have to say though it has kept them quiet.
Jesse's AC went out of his truck so he has been working on it, but no luck. I think the final thing is we are going to have to take it somewhere to get fixed. It is always something. Well I will take some pics today and post them later. We are enjoying the day at home~ Jesse is off and the kids are excited about that. No big plans for the 4th other than swimming, cooking out, and fireworks at the park!!