Friday, May 27, 2011


With all these storms coming through, Jesse has been putting in long hours. Not sure how any of them guys do it, but they keep going to get everyone's power restored! They get sleep time, but by the time they get to bed its not alot of sleep and I am sure they are exhausted. Please keep all the families who had storm damage, lost their holmes, and all the workers and volunteers in your thoughts and prayers.

With Jesse being gone, its been just the kids and me. It's really kind of been a long week for us especially with all the rain. We are so ready for some sunshine so we can get outside and play. The kids have played with the neighbor kids (which is super nice that they have neighbors that can come play).

Bodie thinks he is really doing something BIG on a Wii game

He would bust out laughing out loud everytime :)
Austin and Peyton playing a game

Hailee Brooke all sweaty from playing

Me and Bodie Kale :)

We are looking forward to a long weekend! Hoping that Jesse will be home, get some rest, and we will get to spend time with him. Also hoping for sunshine!! We are ready for some pool weather:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st Trip to the Dentist

On Tuesday, I had to take all three kids to the dentist. Austin and Hailee had cleanings, but this was Bodie's 1st trip to the dentist. Here is a picture before we went into the office....

I was so thankful that Cindy met us at the dentist office in Bloomington. I didn't really know what to expect cause this was Hailee's first time going back by herself. Hailee already told me there was no way she was going by herself, but she suprised us and went back! And she did a great job. She has to go back though cause she has a cavity :(
Bodie was a wild man!! When he went back, he wanted to play in the room. He isn't one that likes to be held down, he doesn't like to open his mouth, and he doesn't want you to brush his teeth. He likes to carry a tooth brush and do it by himself, but doesn't want anyone else to do it. I struggle to get his teeth brushed good twice a day... So the dentist showed me several different ways to get into his mouth. I was really bummed though to find out he has a cavity. He has to go back in July to get it fixed, so that scares me cause they have to use a sleep blanket to hold him down... I know it needs to be fixed but this has me upset.

After the dentist, we enjoyed lunch at the Olive Garden:) This was Cindy's 1st time to eat there. My kids love the salad and breadsticks!! Here we are waiting on our food :)

And Bodie was bored of waiting so he pulled everything out of my purse.

We took some left over breadsticks home to Jesse so that he could enjoy them :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Shower

On Saturday, we hosted a COUPLES Baby Shower honoring Clayton and Lexie. They are going to have a little girl in July, and name her Lily! They were showered with lots of great gifts :) They got a really good start, and lots of PINK... Here are some pictures from the day...

Opening presents

Cake table~ we had Cake, cheesecake, and candy :)

The cake turned out nice :) Monkey girl

clayton, lexie with me and Jesse

Lindsey, Clayton, Lexie, Sarah, Jesse, Crystal and Molli

Clayton and Lexie~ parents to be

Mom with Lexie and all us girls

My Parents with Clayton and Lexie

Lexie's parents with Clayton and Lexie

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nice Weather

Ugh, my pictures are out of order so just bare with me...

What a warm day we had yesterday! The kids enjoyed the nice weather by playing outside, ice cream cones, and soccer practice.

Austin at practice
Bodie Kale when I say SMILE BODIE... This face is what I get :)

Hailee and Daddy played some softball

Yummy Waffle Cones. Hailee chose Mint Chip, and Austin chose Monster Cookie ice cream. Bodie missed out cause he was napping...

Our little man!

Daddy and Bodie

We are enjoying the nice weather, and we hope you are too!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


On Saturday we also stopped to visit with Jesse's parents. The kids wanted to see the two new puppies, and the new pony! Oh and Bodie enjoyed TRACTOR RIDES with Papaw...

On the way to the tractor

Walking the pony

Mamaw showing us the new pony

He loves it!

Of course the kids didn't want to leave... they hardly ever do. So mamaw said they could spent the night along with the Brown kids... EVEN BODIE! I have never left Bodie and they have asked several times so this time I said he could stay... So they stayed with the grandparents and cousins. They fished and had all kinds of fun :)

Jesse and I left and on our way home we stopped at SAMS CLUB, then he took me out to eat at the Olive Garden, yum! It was nice to enjoy the evening with my handsome husband. Thanks Bill and Cindy for letting us have some time to ourselves:)

Bentley's 1st Bday Party

After Austin's soccer game on Saturday (which he scored two amazing goals at), we headed to Odon to celebrate Bentley turning 1! His party was at the Odon Park so the kids enjoyed playing and getting muddy...

Bentley loved his cake, and we enjoyed watching him dive right in..

He had so much fun eating his yummy cake and opening all his presents!! :)

Planting Herbs

Our Homeschool Project for group this week was PLANTING HERBS! Each child got a flower pot and got to plant some seeds. They also got to make a tag to show what they planted. A fun project!!

Austin chose Oregano

Hailee chose Cilantro

And Bodie just decided to be cute and funny :)

They have checked on their herbs a few times a day. Hailee said, "MOM, When are these going to grow?" Try explaining that it takes awhile to her....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 Year Old...

Happy 1st Birthday Bentley!!

Can't believe it's already your first birthday... You have grown so much:) Hope you have a good birthday. We love you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Austin's first soccer game of Spring 2011

We finally got to play a soccer game on Saturday, and Austin was ready! He absolutely loves soccer and even talks about one day when he is a PRO soccer player :) He is really good, so I hope that he continues to stick with it.

He even had lots of people to cheer him on! :)

Jesse and Jason in deep conversation i am guessing...

Me, Mom, and Shae (her son has always been on my team so when I decided not to coach this season he was mad... he was on the team we played so we cheered for both Peyton and Austin!)

Bodie, Molli and Jessica (Molli's roomate that we love!)

Hailee Brooke cheers loud for her brother, even wearing her soccer hairbow!

And Bodie Kale :)

We lost our game but we played awesome! Austin even scored a goal which made him super happy!!