Monday, May 31, 2010

Our weekend

Saturday~ Happy 29th birthday to me!! Jesse was on call this week/weekend so we celebrated at home. He got called out that morning but on his way home managed to go by WalMart and pick me up a Strawberry Shortcake Cake along with two cards. His card was very sweet and brought tears to my eyes. I have a great husband!! Then the one from the kids was a singing card and was funny! Hailee has carried it around non stop. So sweet. We pretty much just hung out enjoying the sun and the pool!
Sunday~ We did the same thing... POOL SIDE ALL DAY!
And today was one of those days were the sun was out then it wasn't then it rainned. Not a great swimming day, but that didn't stop the kids. They still got in. Of course Jesse has worked off and on today. Now we are inside relaxing and getting ready for our Tuesday... SOCCER TOURNEY!!


We have spent all weekend by the pool!! Such a GREAT weekend for that:) All the kids are enjoying the water, and love the warm weather. Bodie can't get enough pool time, he doesn't want out of it at all.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tourney, gymnastics, and POOL time

Hi All~ Hope you are having a great week and enjoying this warm weather!! On Monday the kids and I went to the park for our homeschool group. It was a warm day... We enjoyed a sack lunch and playing before heading home.
On Tuesday, the kids and I hung out at home getting some things done. We did get alot accomplished and they were big helpers!! Hailee had gymnastics that evening at 5:15, then we had our soccer tourney game at 6:30. Oh yeah and we WON!! 2-0!! So that means we play again tonight at 6:30. It is a tourney were if you loose your out so we are hoping to keep winning. So far we are UNDEFEATED! It was super warm at the game so as soon as we got home the kids jumped in the pool with daddy. Oh and Bodie LOVED it, and didn't want out for anything. Here are a few pictures that I will leave you with! Enjoy your week, I know we are:)

Bodie loves his stroller!
Hailee and Bodie at Austin's game cheering him on!!

Enjoying the water in the cup, except when he was done with the water he wanted to eat the cup.

Yep, he loves the pool.

Hanging out in the POOL!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Our little guy is getting so big! He is learning so much stuff and keeps us on our toes:) Bodie will be 8 Months soon~ hard to believe...

Bodie Kale~ We love you very much!!

Good Luck

Austin had a game on Saturday, and let me tell ya it was a little warm:) We enjoyed it though!! Our team won 1-0 with Austin making our only Goal! Way to go Austin!!

Coach Dad is always there to give Austin some tips!! STRATEGY!!
So this week will be our last of soccer for the season. Our tourney's start on Tuesday! Good Luck Greyhounds!!

Cupcakes and Trophies...

Hailee's soccer season came to an end on Saturday. She really enjoyed it but there is one thing that she looked forward to all year, can you guess what that might be?
Cupcakes and a Trophy of course!!

Good Job Hailee Brooke we are so proud of you... Mommy, Daddy, Austin and Bodie are your biggest FANS!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Saturday...

This is how we spent our Saturday...

Hailee's game
In line to shoot the ball in the goal!

Go Hailee Brooke!!

Bodie was on the side cheering his sissy on while getting kisses from Mamaw and Papaw

Bodie Kale enjoying the game

Hailee taking a break on daddy's lap

Go get them Blue Blazers!! Hailee is down and ready!

Go Austin!!

My team, Greyhounds!!

Talking "Game"

Austin and Peyton (his buddy)

Papaw, Austin and Hailee
Cheering for Austin!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and mom's to be! Being a mom is such a great gift! What are some of the things that make you love being a mom? Here are a few of mine: my kids laughter, hugs and kisses, "i love you mommy", "you're the best", their sweet smiles, all the little things that make them happy, knowing that they know you will always be there to help them, and my list could go on and on. I just feel like being a mom is a blessing!
There are some days that my kids drive me crazy but when I look at the big picture I wouldn't trade it for anything. Jesse and I are blessed with three great kids: Austin Michael, Hailee Brooke, and Bodie Kale!

We are also blessed to have wonderful mom's! Happy Mother's Day to our mom's Cindy and Vicki. You are always there for us when we need you, and we always know that we can count on you. Thanks for all you do for us and our kids. We hope you both have a very Happy Mother's Day! Hugs and Kisses!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Busy Week

This week has been a crazy busy week! Between Lindsey (my sister) having a baby, dentist appts, soccer games, gymnastics, and homeschooling well I am wore out.

On Monday we had homeschool group at our home. The kids had so much fun playing with the other kids. It was nice to have everyone over.

Tuesday, Cindy came and went to the dentist with me and the kids. Then we went and ate at Cracker Barrell, and a final stop to SAM's. I also waited all day to hear if Bentley was born, but he was being stubborn and had plans of his own... Austin had a soccer game at 530. (A tie 0-0). Then we went to the hospital to pick up Dakota so she could stay the night. Coltyn decided not to come.

Wednesday Morning, Bentley arrived in this world at 145! We had Gymnastics that evening then we headed to Bloomington. We went and ate at Rally's before going to the hospital. The kids were so excited to meet the baby and hold him! So sweet! Coltyn ended up coming home with us to spend the night. Dakota went home with my mom cause she had school the next day!

Thursday, I was super busy chasing kids. Coltyn can be a handful and is into everything:) Hailee and Coltyn played really good together, just a few minor arguements... That evening Lindsey, Brian, and Bentley came and got him before heading home. He wanted to stay with Aunt Sarah (made my day). Hailee had a game that evening.

And now it is Friday... I got caught up on lots of paper grading today, cleaning, and getting things back in order! Spent time outside with the kids before it started rainning, then we ran and got Subway for dinner. Good thing to cause Jesse just got called out to work.

Tomorrow is another busy day with soccer games in the morning, then a trip to Bloomington... Maybe sometime this weekend we will be able to kick back and relax!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome Bentley

My sister Lindsey and Brian welcomed their 3rd child into the world at 1:45 this morning. Bentley Robert McNabb weighed in at 9 lbs 1 ounce and was 21 1/2 inches long. Look at all that hair!! It is so long in the back that I think you could put a pony tail in it, seriously there is SO much hair!! Dakota and Coltyn are so proud of their baby brother:)

Hailee looked forward to holding him all day! She loves babies.

Austin also loves to hold babies:) So sweet!
And well Bodie laughed at Bentley the whole time. He wanted so badly to get his hands on the little guy to pull him close for a kiss. He is a little rough though. I am sure Bodie will be getting into trouble with Bentley before long!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Guess What??

Guess what Bodie has? He has two more teeth poking threw!! He has been very fussy at times, and now I know why. He has been enjoying those teething biscuits though, seriously he eats them and screams at you if you try to take them away!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not to much is going on here other than the usual. The kids are just enjoying playing outside with all the neighbor kids. They love playing basketball, soccer, riding Hailee's 4 wheeler, riding bikes, and swinging.

So that is what we are doing! We are trying to get our school finished, we have a total of 17 days left!! Austin is counting them down.
It rainned here last night so the soccer games were cancelled today, boo! Jesse ended up working most of the day so it was just the kids and I around the house. We didn't accomplish much of anything other than being lazy, watching tv, playing outside, and reading a book. Okay well I was reading a book~ one that I don't want to put down and it brings tears to my eyes. It is called I will carry you by Angie Smith. I recommend it.

Our Gymnast

Hailee loves gymnastics! She ask daily if she can go, she wishes her class was everyday instead of once a week... Here is a picture of our little gymnast in the leotard she picked out!