Sunday, October 28, 2012

1st grade Art Sculpture

Hailee had to do an ART sculpture for her Art Lesson...  She had to make her own clay using flour, water, salt, cream of tarter, and veggie oil...  She did a great job! Then she had to create a animal sculpture and she chose a PIG..  :) 

U14 Season

Saturday was our last season game for our U14 team!!  We have had a great season, with a great group of kids and supportive parents:)  We only lost one game during the season which is terrific!!  Now we move on to tournament time... WISH US LUCK!  Go DG GRAPHIC BLACK TEAM! 

Halloween gathering for MCHE

Our Homeschool group had a Halloween gathering on Thursday for the kiddos.  We love being apart of Morgan County Home Educators!  Such great families :)  The kids enjoyed good food/snacks, dressing up in costumes, crafts and games! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A visit from.....

We got to spend the weekend with these three!!  My brother Clayton, his wife Lexie, and his little girl Lily came up stayed the night and spent Sunday with us...  We loved quality time with them. 

Can't wait to have another weekend together soon!! 

Hailee Brooke Soccer 2012

We finished our fall soccer season with our U6 team, The Purple Panthers!!  What a great season we had, and a great group of kiddos...  I really enjoy coaching, and this age group is interesting...:) 
 Hailee Brooke was so excited to get this trophy and add it to her collection!  She loves her trophies:)
 We celebrated by having ice cream at the Inside Scoop!!  YUMMY!!