Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Am I hot like Daddy?

While getting ready today, I walked into my room to find Hailee dressed like this with her daddy's hat on. She asked, "Am I HOT like Daddy?"

Hailee loves to be like her brother, so she asked me if I could cut the sleeves out of her shirt so she could be like bubby. Here they are with sleeveless shirts :)

Park Day / Ice Cream in a Can

On Monday, the kids and I went to the park to meet with our homeschool group. One of the other mom's planned an activity which was really neat and the kids enjoyed. They learned how to make ice cream in a can! It took lots of rolling the can down the slide, and down the hills. Here are some pictures:

Austin rolling his can across the concrete!
Learning how to make Ice Cream

Enjoying ice cream with chopped candy bars:)

Hailee is the Chocolate Queen! She said it was YUMMY!!
When we got home, Jesse pulled in right behind us and both kids were excited to tell him about what they learned. Of course Hailee said, "we didn't bring you any but there is ice cream in the freezer." ha ha. Not long after being home he got called out to work. He called to let me know that they were taking our power out due to a tree. So we were here without power for about 15 minutes, not to long.
Not to much going on today so far. I think the kids and I are just going to relax around the house:)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

Thursday~ Austin and Hailee went to my sister Lindsey's for an overnight visit. Hailee has never been there overnight, but was determined that she was going if her brother was. I was a little worried, and called often to check on them both. Lindsey is so good to them, and they had so much fun at Lindsey's house.
Friday~ Well I was lost, Jesse was gone to work and well I had no kids. Seriously I didn't know what to do with myself. I ended up cleaning a bit, and had some computer time. Around 11:30, I recieved a phone call from my handsome husband to inform me to pack his bags for 2-3 days that he was getting sent to Cincinnati, Ohio. WHAT?? I guess something happened and they had about 40,000 power outages. So I gathered his clothes and got them packed. He came by picked them up and was on his way. I am so proud of him for all that he does and has accomplished. Although I miss him like crazy when he is gone, I am glad that he is out there helping get other families power on. With him being gone, and the kids being in Odon~ I decided to back a bag and head to Odon myself. When I got to mom's, the kids were there playing with their cousins. I was so thrilled to see Austin and Hailee :) The kids had fun swimming in grandpa and grandma's new pool!! The water was almost 90 degrees though.
Here are some pictures I took of the kids!

We spent the night at my mom and dad's that night.
Saturday~ When we got up the kids were ready to swim again. They are little fish I tell ya and you can't keep them out of the water. THEY LOVE IT! We stayed and visited for awhile before heading back to Martinsville. I figured they would sleep on the way home, but I was way wrong. I think they talked the whole time~ but I could tell that they enjoyed theirselves so I was happy. On our way home Jesse called to tell me that he would be home about 7, cause they got the job done and were released. Yay!! We beat him home, but when he got home he treated us to Ice Cream. YUMMY.
Sunday~ Jesse, Austin, Hailee, and I just hung out around the house. It was so nice to be home. Jesse did mow the yard, fixed our washer, then jumped in the pool with me and the kids.
We had a great day, hope you all did to!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


On Monday, my niece Dakota came up to stay with us for a few days. I had promised when school was out that she could come and boy was she ready. My mom, sister, and nephew Coltyn brought her up and stayed the day swimming with us in the pool.
Well today is Wednesday and she is still here! The kids have enjoyed playing with her, especially Hailee. There isn't many girls up in our divison for Hailee to play with so she is loving having another girl to play with. The kids have kept busy swimming since the weather has been so warm. We have spent everyday by the pool~ which has been nice! By the time we come in, eat supper, take baths, watch a little TV~ they are EXHAUSTED so bedtime has been pleasant. Here are a few pics that I have taken.

Jesse has been on call since Monday and continues til Monday. It has been one of those weeks where he is gone alot and when he comes home he is so tired.. I know working in the sun in these hot temps, with the long sleeves, gloves, pants, has him drained. So I am looking forward to next week when he can come home and enjoy the pool and family time with us :)
An update on the pregnancy~ things are going good! I feel the little guy kick all the time, and I love it. The kids have got to feel him to so that makes it more real for them. I have noticed at night, my feet have been swelling a bit so I put them up and it goes away. Also I have seriously major bad heartburn that runs up to my throat. WOW. I dont' think I have ever had heartburn so badly. Not complaining though~ just stating it. ha ha. So far things are good, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I go back to the dr. on July 14th, and have labs done and all that fun stuff so I will let you know more then.
Hope you are all having a great week!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Day...

We celebrated Father's day on Saturday with Jesse, so on Sunday he wanted to start working on a project because he is wanting to finish it. So Jesse spent most of his day working in the attic, under the house and out toward the mini barn. He is running electrical wire so he can have a hook up in the mini barn and out by the pool. I started out cleaning, but that didn't last to long cuase the kids were begging to get in the pool. Jesse would take breaks to join us when he was hot then he would get out and get back to work. I think he is almost done with it all, and I know that he is glad. The kids and I were in the pool when it started to rain up here. Talk about jumping out, ha ha.
We fixed supper for Jesse last night, and it was delicious. Aunt Marilyn Smith gave us a recipe for Santa Fe Chicken and we love it!! We had that with rolls~ YUM!!
After supper Jesse decided to get our crib down so that we could arrange things. So our baby boy's crib is up!! The cutest thing was Hailee though~ while putting the crib up she said "I am SO Happy" I asked why? She replied, " this means our baby is really going to come" , I said yes he will be here before you know it. She is begging to get in the crib and play. So cute. I know by the ticker on the side of the page I still have 98 days, but time really flies.
So that was our day~ hope you all had a great day!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Such an awesome dad...

Happy Father's Day Jesse
Austin, and Hailee are blessed with an incredible father. Jesse your an amazing dad, and husband. We are so glad that we have you in our lives. We hope you have a fabulous Father's Day!!
We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday, by taking Jesse to Bloomington. We started out at Lowes to let him do a little shopping on some of the things he was needing around the house. Then off to lunch at Cheeseburger In Paradise~it was so good!! Deep Fried Pickles~ YUM, Great Cheeseburgers!! After eating we went to Target to do a little more shopping~ we needed some goggles for the pool (Jesse did anyways). I love Target so I was looking for a little bit of everything (maternity clothes, hailee and austin clothes, baby items). Then it was off to the movies. We went and watched UP in 3D (yeah we got cool glasses, ha ha). We all thought it was such a cute movie!! Then it was time to head home. What an awesome day~ just spent hanging out!! By the time we got home, everyone was tired well except Austin~ just cause the neighbor boys were waiting in the drive way for his arrival. He played for awhile then decided to come in.
Jesse said he enjoyed it and had a great day so our mission was accomplished. Here are a few pics!

Austin and Jesse enjoying their food!!
Jesse~ World's Greatest DAD, we love him :)

Happy Father's Day DAD!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Great Dads

On Father's Day~ Jesse and I are so thankful to have such GREAT DAD's. They have both been there for us no matter what, which is much appreciated. So on this day we want to wish our dad's a very Happy Father's Day! We love you both more than words could possibly describe. Thank you both for being such great dads, father in laws, and grandpa's. Enjoy your Father's Day :) Sending Hugs your way!!

Happy Father's Day to Bill Swartzentruber and Leon Wise!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoe fetish

Lately, Hailee has really had a thing with shoes. Well she has a thing with clothes also, but absoluetly loves shoes. She is such a princess. Often , you will find her in my closet digging through my shoe box. So today I snapped a picture of her walking around in a pair of heels. Just wanted to share!!

Fun in the Sun...

Ugh, today when the kids and I awoke it was stormy and rainy. The kids were mad cause they love being outside... So what we thought was going to be a yucky day actually turned out to be a nice day. When the sun came out the kids and I headed outside. We started out in the front yard~riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, and eating popscicles. Here are a few pictures from them playing.

After playing in the front yard for awhile, we decided it was nice enough to swim and get a tan. We are so enjoying our pool this year. Here are the kids in the pool.

Austin and Hailee

Hailee is floating on her back, while Austin is in the back doing a handstand.

Austin relaxing on my float. Looks like he is comfortable huh?
When Jesse got home from work, he came straight in and changed clothes. That is right~ headed straight for the pool to join us. Austin loves when he gets in cause they always do flips and Jesse will throw him high in the water. Of course Jesse has to show us how things are done. ha ha. Anyways we had fun in the sun, and got a little bit sunburned.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Today was one of those days when you have a feeling that things aren't going to go very well. That was me as I woke up at 4:30A to care for a sick dog. Zeke has been sick since Friday, and I am so ready for him to be well again. I took him to the vet today, and he has a massive ear infection along with they are thinking he has swolled a toy or something. He is on alot of meds and being monitored. He was also put on a special diet for a few days (Austin thinks he is starving because he only got 1/2 can of food today). Yeah that was some vet bill.... I am suppose to call back tomorrow and if things aren't any better then there is a possibility that he will have to have surgery. So that is what we are dealing with on Zeke.
After leaving the vet, I just sat in my car and cried. Zeke was very bad and aggressive at his appt. He is usually a great dog so this upset me. The kids were very helpful, but I just felt down.. I know the saying is when it rains it pours and that is how I have felt lately. I called Jesse just to hear his supportive voice and for him to tell me things are okay. He always makes me feel better. It is so wonderful to have a great husband!!
My mom came up to visit and watch the kids while I went to the dr. It was nice to visit with her and Dakota even if it wasn't a long visit. Thanks mom!!
I ventured off to the OB dr. He said everything looked great!! My baby's heartbeat was 145 very strong!! I go back on July 14th!!
Here are some pics that I will leave you with.

My hottie tottie Hailee!!
My handsome man Austin

Loves Sidewalk Chalk

Dakota and Hailee doing bike races!! Hailee would get mad if she didn't win..

~ Soccer Stars~

Just wanted to share some pics of our little SOCCER STARS!! We are so proud of them both, they always amaze us:) Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Weekend/ Hailee's haircut

We have been enjoying the weekend around our house. Friday evening Jesse got called out around 4:30 and worked late, so the kids and I just hung out outside. Hailee took a bike ride while I walked beside her a few laps around our divison. Austin has so many neighbor friends that he keeps busy. By the time we came in, got cleaned up and ready for bed we were exhausted...

Saturday was a great day to. Jesse worked on stuff he wanted to get done outside. I cleaned the pool while the kids swam. Then we just stayed around the house. I love those weekends where you just kind of relax at home or get things done at home with no plans really. Nice family time!! Jesse did get called out a few times.

Sunday, well where to begin. Jesse got called out twice~ no he isn't on call but it has been that kinda weekend. Hailee decided that she was going to cut her own hair. Yeah, I wasn't to happy. She came to me carrying about an inch lock of hair. It isn't really noticeable~ thank goodness. She was crying after she did it and carried the hair to me saying, "I'M SORRY MOMMY." I couldn't yell or anything I just kept asking her where she cut it from, and it ends up that she cut her pony tail. WOW. I put it in an envelope to keep and wrote on it, Hailee's first time cutting her own hair. She promises not to do it again. Jesse gathered all the scissors and hid them.
After that we have just been outside, Austin and Hailee have been in and out of the pool. It keeps clouding up so maybe we will have a pop up shower. I just wish it would warm up so we could enjoy a nice swim day!!

Not alot happened here over the weekend, which is nice!! Hope everyone else has had a great weekend!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Dakota

Happy 6th Birthday Dakota McNabb

Today~ my niece Dakota turns 6!! We want to send her birthday wishes, hugs, and kisses!! Hope you have an AWESOME birthday! Love you bunches~ Uncle Jesse, Aunt Sarah, Austin, Hailee, and Zeke (dog).

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Grandpa & Grandma Hollis

Yesterday was my grandpa Roy and Grandma Dorothy Hollis's anniversary, so I want to wish them a happy one with many more years to follow. Love you both bunches!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pics of Hailee

We enjoyed some of our day outside today, when it wasn't raining. Austin played with the neighbor boys, and Hailee well there just isn't any girls her age so she gets stuck with me. I had my camera on me and she said, "Mom take some pics of me" and this is what we ended up with. Enjoy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We have spent the last few days relaxing in our pool. Yes the water is very cold~however the kids don't care at all. Austin loves to practice swimming around. Hailee is like a fish with her Floaties. Jesse even joined us yesterday~ he about froze, but he got in for awhile. As soon as Hailee woke up this morning she said lets go SWIM mom!! I had to tell her to look outside~RAINING. She is a little bummed out.
Speaking of rainy days... Why is it on rainy days you just want to curl up with a blanket and lay on the couch watching a movie? I have tons of housework to do, but I am seriously thinking about curling up:) We will see. Hope you are all enjoying this RAINY DAY!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Just wanting to wish my baby sister MOLLI a Happy 18th Birthday!! We went Sunday to my mom's to celebrate her and Dakota's birthday. (Dakota's is June 12th~ but we celebrated with family a little early). Here are a few pics of my lil sis Molli!!

Happy 18th Molli! We hope you have a great birthday, and remember we love you lots!

Monday, June 8, 2009


This post is actually for Bill (Jesse's dad) or as the kids call him Papaw Hillbilly!! You wanted a picture of the finished pool, so here it is.

Our pool is up and ready, after lots of time preparing for it. When Jesse got home this afternoon, we ventured out to the backyard. Hailee, Austin, and I decided we would go for our first swim~ and BURR the water was so COLD. The kids loved it though and didn't want to get out. Hailee's teeth were chattering but she was determined to stay in. They are looking forward to swimming lots over the summer, I just hope it warms up a bit. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Anniversary

Six years ago today, I married the man of my dreams! Everyday I love him more and more.
Happy 6th Anniversary Jesse!
Jesse and I got married on June 7, 2003 at the Odon Christian Church. Our wedding and reception was beautiful. It was truely a day that I dreamed of. Jesse not only started a family with me that day, but with my son Austin also. He has been a terrific step father to him from day one. Since then we have built our own little family. We have our son Austin (9), our daughter Hailee (3), and a son on the way due in September! We feel so blessed with an amazing family:)
Our engagement picture
A family photo
I don't know what to say other than Jesse completes me. He is such an amazing man, husband, and father. I look forward to waking up next to him daily and laying next to him at night. He is one that puts others before him self and never would think twice about helping someone in need. He has stood by myside through so many things and has been my rock. I feel blessed that God put him in my life and allowed us to have a our family. Jesse I look forward to spending many more wonderful years together!! Your amazing and I love you with all my heart.
Happy Anniversary!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pool/Soccer Trophies

Friday~ Jesse took the day off so that we could get some stuff done, like our pool. He got up and got two loads of sand. Here is a picture.

Finally after major leveling, we got the pool out and started to fill it up. Of course Hailee was so impatient with waiting for it to fill. She took off her shirt and jumped in. She didn't care that there wasn't lots of water she just wanted to splash around.
The water has ran all night and I am thinking it is just about full so the kids will be ready to enjoy swimming. I will take a picture when it is completely full. :)
Today was Austin's last soccer game. We lost this one, but played an awesome game. Our record is 5 wins 2 losses and 1 tie! Not to bad huh!! After the game we headed to the Inside Scoop to enjoy some ice cream cones and passing out the trophies. They got Trophies from the YMCA, but I went all out. I printed out certificates, got each a card, and ordered each one a medallion to wear around thier necks and engraved SPRING 09 on it. They were all super excited. Here is my team enjoying their cones.

Jesse, Austin, and Hailee relaxing and enjoying some Ice Cream! Hailee was the biggest fan/cheerleader so of course she got a necklace too!!
Family photo while at the Inside Scoop. We enjoyed coaching this year and hope to do it again in the fall, well maybe. We will have to see when the little guy makes his grand entrance!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The kids and I went outside today just to enjoy the weather. Austin, Hailee and I enjoyed basketball, sidewalk chalk, bikes, and scooters. Here are a few pics of the kids.

Hailee thinks she is so big, so she had to pose while on her brother's skateboard!!
Austin just got done playing ball, and yes he played in sandals?? ha ha
Tomorrow our plan is to set the pool, so hopefully we will accomplish it. Jesse took the day off so we can get it done. Hope all goes smooth :)