Saturday, December 29, 2012

Look who is 13

Its hard to believe 13 years ago, I welcomed a sweet lil guy into the world and chose the name Austin!  He is such a blessing to Jesse and I.  We are so proud of the person that Austin has become!  Happy 13th Birthday Austin Michael Swartzentruber~ We all love you very much!
Austin loves to play soccer- that is his sport!  His favorite colors are RED, and PURPLE.  His favorite food is STEAK (from grandpa Bills cows) with A1 sauce! :)  He likes IU basketball, and Colts football! He loves ANIMALS of all kinds, and wants to rescue all of them and keep them... YIKES! 
He is really proud that he made A/B honor roll this year with the Connections Schooling Program.  He was close to getting all A's!  This really makes Jesse and I proud!! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some pictures from Christmas Day :)

On Christmas Day we celebrate with my grandparents Hollis!  It is at my mom's house at noon! I tried to snap some pictures :)
 My family on Christmas Day!  And everyone has a smile, I LOVE IT!
 Jesse and I, we have so much to be thankful for!  We are truly blessed and we know it! 
                                                  My sister Lindsey and her family! 
                                                  Mom, Dad, and the baby Molli
                                                            My Hollis Grandparents!! 
My Uncle Gary with his son Derek, Makayla, Brooklyn, and Kendra

Christmas morning....

Did Santa come to your house?  He stopped by ours, and we had some pretty excited kids that were ready for presents at 6am....  :) 

We are set with Tablets, Xbox games, Orbeez Foot Spas, Spiderman web shooter, Socker Boppers, Jersey's, and so much more!!  Now where to put it all..... HMMM!  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!! 

Christmas at the Wises

Sunday we spent the day at my parents for Christmas!  Let me tell ya, that is a full house!  Mom made a nice dinner of Spagetti, Garlic Bread, and salad for all of us to enjoy :)  We got to celebrate with my grandpa Wise and grandma Wanda, and Wendell and his boys!!  It was such a nice time!! 

 Zaden also celebrated his birthday, and opened some birthday gifts!!  He was excited about this colts shirt he got!!

 This is one of my favorite pictures!!  Grandpa WC, Wendell and my dad :) 

 Hailee's first BB gun and its pink!!  She was Super excited!!

 Wendell and his boys
Grandpa WC and Wanda at Christmas dinner!  :) 

After dinner, and the kids opened their gifts.... Dirty Santa was ON!!  And let me tell you it really get intense!  I was going after a waffle maker but it got stole by GABRIEL!! lol. 

Christmas with Jesse's side

On Saturday morning we headed to Odon to Jesse's parents for Christmas!  The kids were so excited to get to celebrate Christmas with them and spend some quality time!!  Cindy prepared lunch (yum!) there was lots of good food!! Its always nice getting to sit down with all of them eat, and chat!  After lunch the kids got to open gifts!  Always exciting...   Here are a few pictures! 
                                                              Hayden (our niece)
                                                                 Colin (our nephew)
 Looking at the Calendar, every year we all get them a personalized calendar!!  I think this is their favorite part :)  Each month has pictures of the kiddos!! 
                                                      And of course a visit with Santa!! 
 Having to check out the cake pop maker!!  The two girls decided to do some baking :)
And Grandma Cindy helped them figure this out :) 

We ended the day laying on the couch watching the kids play with all their new toys before going to bed!!  We are so blessed!