Thursday, January 3, 2013

Watch Out.... She's 7 now!

Watch Out....
This little sweetie is now 7!! 
Where does time go?  Feels like just yesterday, Jesse and I were holding this sweet little girl in our arms... 
Happy 7th Birthday Hailee Brooke Swartzentruber aka Brooketini! 
Hailee's favorite color is BLUE!! Her favorite food this week is Mac and cheese (it changes everytime you ask her).  She loves watching Full House on TV!!  Her favorite toy is baby dolls (yes she has millions of them).  She loves to play xbox with her brothers!!  Oh and she loves to SHOP!!  (everyone says she takes after Auntie April).   She loves her clothes and shoes with all accessories!! 
We are so proud of you Hailee for the sweet little lady you are!  Hope you have a happy birthday!  Love you very much!